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  1. So what’s the realistic timeline for firing? End of season?
  2. Right. I’m supposed to remove car costs for one city but not the other. And I’m supposed to ignore child care costs, taxes, utilities and grocery costs. And if I do all that I can make an ill informed statement that the cost of living in Houston is equal to NYC. And if I did all that, at least I wouldn’t have spent two days and several posts showing myself to be a condescending moron incapable of reason, and ignorant of real world experiences
  3. I’m in my 30’s. But please continue making an ass of yourself. Or take 5 seconds to review HUD data on fair market rents across each metro area for 2020 instead of rambling about co op owning
  4. Please stop defending the ridiculous premise that Houston has anywhere close to equal cost of living as New York. Cost of living includes transportation, child care, utilities, taxes, food/groceries, medical costs. You can’t simply state no one in NY pays for cars and car maintenance and then exclude it from transportation calculations. You also can’t ignore the other costs which are across the board higher. And housing costs are NOT equivalent. Seriously. You look like a moron.
  5. It’s more expensive at every end you ignorant boob
  6. Rules require Senators to be in their seats for the duration of the trial and 2 hrs in almost half the GOP is not even in the fucking room. What a joke
  7. The premise angers me. I legit needed to calm down
  8. Oh and not to mention child care costs are significantly cheaper for my friends in TX than anywhere on the East Coast
  9. This. I’m in DC and guarantee my cost of living is higher than Houston. Does the original link not consider suburbs at all? Bc I’m certain there are 3 bedroom homes within 45 min-1 hr of downtown that are 400,000 or less in Houston. An hour out of downtown NY and you’re still in fucking Queens where 400,000 can’t get you a 1 BR in Sunnyside. Suburbs in Jersey and Connecticut aren’t cheap either. Hoboken is probably 3x more expensive than Woodlands or Katy. Just absolutely dumb conversation. Next article: “Is Orlando really cheaper than SF?”
  10. Expert level trolling regarding the Ozuna signing
  11. Couldn’t get 4 votes for witnesses. This will not bode well for GOP in November. The next person hopefully suggesting Mitt Romney or Susan Collins will have a spine should be ridiculed mercilessly.
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