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  1. Probably. But if there’s catastrophic death then all bets are off.
  2. He’s going to get voted out. He’s been irresponsible since tweeting the pic of his beer, and kids will die.
  3. So I’m an idiot. Can you translate the buy in figures?
  4. You can’t open schools or get people back to work without the controlling the virus. Schools and businesses will simply close as kids and workers get sick. The disruptions are foreseeable and unnecessary
  5. NSIAP- They should be the Senators. It’s got city history as an homage to the old baseball team, locally relevant, etc.
  6. Keep this up. Keep lowering expectations. He was actually in PA yesterday stumping and outlined an economic plan to help save our economy. Try not to be too disappointed when he can muster to string sentences together and shows a depth of understanding beyond anything the President has articulated in 4 years.
  7. The problem is that TX doesn’t have a choice. A balanced budget is in the state constitution by amendment, if I recall correctly. So because the state cannot run a deficit, there will be major major cuts to deal with the fallout from coronavirus
  8. Real talk - hopefully it’s not too late. Nobody should have to die in the convention center
  9. I’m sure that one person achieved negative tests, but there’s no way an inhaled steroid is the cure. Think about it- the entire medical and scientific world is desperate to produce a cure, and some asshole in Midland who saw some lady recover, regardless of whatever he prescribed, thinks *he* did it? The cynic in me believes he’s got a kickback scheme going with a sales rep and he’s trying to manipulate the market. Occam’s Razor says he’s just a moron
  10. I’d prefer it stay at the state level, so it’s pardon-proof.
  11. Yeah who would expect the President to meet with the CDC in a fucking pandemic?
  12. They will be turned over for the criminal probe. The House subpoena is a closer call but I think they get the records too. The public will see them before the election and I’m guessing NY goes after the state tax/insurance fraud issues.
  13. Tomorrow is going to be a big day. Last day of opinions. my guess is that Chief Justice Roberts has the opinion for the tax cases
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