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  1. Dude's gonna be an actual rocket surgeon before he's through. Well done, young man.
  2. Eh, he’s a good kid. Unfortunate that a lot of the seniors on Elgin’s football team gave up on their coaches before the season even started, which lost #7 most of his experienced blockers up front. Poor kid was running for his life most of the season. That said, AC had himself a game against my Wildcats. Sure am glad he picked the good guys today - like most here, I think he has the potential to be something really special.
  3. Tough to see my daughter’s boyfriend (QB #7 for Elgin) get absolutely destroyed by AC in that HUDL. I told him before the game to always know where #99 was...but he still got concussed on one of those hard sacks and had to leave the game. 5* gonna 5*.
  4. This. Also confused as to why pundits seem to think that K. Murray is a first-round LB prospect as well. Dude is a good player, but going that early seems egregious. Seems like there's several LBs out there that would be better served going before him, but maybe I just need to take off my burnt orange glasses....
  5. Some of the players on that list are tough misses - Eno Benjamin, Rondale Moore, Grant Delpit. Hindsight's 20/20 and all....
  6. LIstened to the podcast this morning - a damned commendable job by our (former) fearless Shag leader. Hearing BL talk realtime about just a few of the nostalgic high points in site history hit me with the good feels in the pantalones. Very happy to still be in this little corner of the Longhorn interwebs with you degenerates. The king is dead; long live the king!
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