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  1. Used as intended - Wifi and streaming - Sonos doesn’t match on sound quality to a mid to high end system and against a high end set up it’s not even close. I’ve got a whole house paradigm set up and a WiFi Yamaha receiver, it’s closer than you’d think but still no match, and I’ve got a Cambridge reciever, built in DAC and quad speakers and running Spotify through that and it’s so much better it makes Sonos sound like crap. The DAC helps a lot and no WiFi either so maybe Sonos in a true A/B test might stand up but I highly doubt it. I use Sonos though because it’s quick and easy, but if I want to really listen and do nothing but hear music with full focus, Sonos doesn’t do it for me. But in the space it occupies, Sonos is the best. It’s convenient, easy and when you’ve got 4-6 of them spread out and when you especially add the stereo feature (2 per room) and match them up, it becomes a solid system for background, ambient and even party mode. We have 4 and will add 2-4 more I’m sure. We are building a house too and I will wire it though. It’s just to easy to wire and the potential for traditional audio system which will sound so much better to catch up on ease of use is too great not to.
  2. I mean when you say it like that. But you gotta admit if Harrison ford ten years younger was the lead it would have been completely believable.
  3. I take a different approach - I’ll eat a chicken sandwich or a bill miller breakfast taco with a rainbow visible somewhere or a pride shirt or something and just call it my Christian outreach.
  4. I’d place bill miller’s breakfast tacos ahead of chick fil a every day of the week.
  5. man this is such great news. I love, love, love your instagram feed. I like and comment regularly. so glad you get a reoccurring feature in such an amazing mag. I'll subscribe absolutely!
  6. sonos is great but the sound quality is inferior to a traditional system. we use sonos a lot but also have a two zone system with paradigm speakers. wifi and bluetooth are wonky. I've got a standalone two speaker set up for one room when I want to really enjoy the sound. I wish traditional stereo equipment set ups would be more reliable. I'd love a 4-5 zone traditional system that works seamlessly.
  7. You’ve upped your game big time. Better than going to the movies.
  8. Texas culture is just abysmal compared to OU. Makes me want to vomit violently
  9. There is a them, those that believe that some struggling Americans don’t have a place at the table to discuss how we make our country better.
  10. Y’all don’t get sarcasm yet shaggy basically invented it. Bunch of dumbnuts round here.
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