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  1. High school - we are still remote / private, son’s tight group, one has Covid, everyone but my son was exposed. Best friend is pulling her son out of school. He was back in person for all of 2 hours before they found out. Of that group all are now quarantining, 5 of them excluding my son because he hasn’t seen them in 2+ weeks.
  2. Uh, rules...!! Pics or GTFO.
  3. Folks, “pack the court” means amending federal law, namely amending the Judiciary Act of 1789. You need the House, Senate and the White House to do so.
  4. The last major drought did a major number. Multiple years with no water, junk trees started growing and half way matured. Those trees line the middle of the river and stick out now even with water there.
  5. Disaster waiting to happen. Not sure they’ll like their vrbo either. Water is low and the growth from the droughts is still everywhere where there is water. Needs to be dredged and frankly it could use a decent dam/spillway to improve the river front properties.
  6. And to the quality, we bought gently used for this reason. $30k of fun, stuff will break and get used up and I’ll assume we sell it for half that. So be it.
  7. Speaking of memories I can’t wait for Texas OU RVing on the beach to be honest.
  8. I hope she’s ok. Thinking about y’all, hang in there.
  9. I agree and a fear of a backlash even when the demographic changes are clearly in the Dems favor over the mid to long range.
  10. Jeff Foxworthy or Larry the Cable Guy is our president.
  11. So what’s the score card based on polling now? Dems +4...? 538 shows dems slightly favored to take control of the senate.
  12. Agreed and I suspect the Court as an institution is not to keen on extremes, hence some surprises from Roberts. I think the weight of the position has them each considering and reconsidering their positions and anyone with experience doing so knows that if you continually reevaluate your thinking, there is one thing that’s certain, your thinking on an issue will change or at least migrate some. Which side? I don’t know but static positions are the hallmark of lazy and entrenched thinking, something few Justices could be accused of.
  13. Oh snap. Forgot about that. I think he dropped his cigar or maybe I had a cigar. Too many wax cups by 9:30am to remember. Would do it again. Fun times.
  14. 45 and three weeks, close enough for government work.
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