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  1. There were a lot of us after work folks saying the same thing at the same time once we got a handle on the day’s lack of news. Dudes freaking out over a police evader loose lips Twitter whore showing off his texting buddy UM and then the sky was falling. That guy don’t get shit for inside info.
  2. Yeah that’s basically it, maybe HSB in October maybe not, maybe HSB this week maybe not, meeting this week in LA maybe Columbus but the facts are there and highly credible and verified now. Assuming yes isn’t hard with staff picks and meetings and verified sources - so tell me how the information we have says no? Right now it’s just not there. It could be a maybe, but just or more likely it’s done.
  3. I’d go but it would most likely be in the spring. No way I’m catching covid in the last 3-4 months of this shit show after avoiding it for 8 months.
  4. That sounds like an actual frat boy circle jerk.
  5. Yeah after 4-6 hours of zoom calls the last thing I want to do is have another one called a virtual happy hour. No thanks.
  6. That gator time line article we discussed pages back. UM denied the rumors so did his wife.
  7. First lesbian billboard ad, in the UK was a major positive representation at a time when it was still dicey to be out. https://www.google.com/amp/s/i-d.vice.com/amp/en_au/article/nenb5w/the-kiss-15-years-on-meet-the-models-and-creators-behind-the-iconic-image
  8. And BMD were split so they had reason to jockey for position in the rumor mill. And JJ was alive.
  9. Kirk probably sent a text to UM and UM said not going to Texas. He did the same thing when going to tOSU these dumb nuts are gullible to the ninth degree. Barton ain’t getting the scoop before anyone else ain’t happening.
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