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  1. Yeah that’s where Bernie starts to lose me. If you pay your employees both above a living wage and at or above market for their position then there is nothing immoral about standing last in line for profits and reaping them handsomely. I’ve gone without too many times in lean years or when customers slow play. Owners are not defacto bad simply because they’ve accumulated a lot of wealth. Risk taking deserves the possibility of high rewards.
  2. You know he had the exact opposite response in 2016, don’t you? You know he’s in the lead and is expected to walk in into the convention with the lead but not a majority, don’t you? Everyone on that stage said what was in their best interest. He’s a genuine guy but on this he wants to win, that’s all it was.
  3. His idea - to be fair - is go down the road and work on solar and wind power farms as an example.
  4. Just pay him the license fee, don’t confuse that with moral character and the resume to lead the free world. Come on dude.
  5. Read her policy pages. Dive in. She’s got the most comprehensive plan to attack wealth inequality. It’s impressive and it’s based on investing where we need it. She’s a proven track record on corruption and protecting consumers. She’s deliberate, intelligent, and her policy chops shows she will build a stellar team and rebuild the executive apparatus that trump has destroyed.
  6. She and she alone has convinced me the wealth tax is actually not only a good idea but consistent with our values. She did it tonight again. She has the most well thought out ideas and policy views. It’s maddening that people won’t pay attention.
  7. Pete taking on Kloby is a secondary story line. He’s going hard at her.
  8. Maybe but if you take her at what she’s saying she was the deepest in the policy weeds s well as making the hard attacks and the truth is that’s what’s needed against Trump. HRC was smug, it’s time to annihilate him. Even Bernie doesn’t attack enough. Her wealth tax discussion was the deepest anyone has gone tonight. She’s all over it. In a good way.
  9. My living room was loud with kids and people being loud what did she say??
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