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  1. That’s crazy. Life’s too short to wait another year, stop acting like your profession and act like mine. Screw it, just buy it and enjoy it. Or not. The
  2. I don’t know Dallas real estate but scarcity of something people want drives up value, so when you start looking at boxes to check, water views are at the top of the list. If the property is close enough to other attractions, is a new and relevant build then you’ll have a market for it. I’ve been in lake view real estate for a while now at it always out performs and is it’s own market. Interior lots have some relevance but we never use interior lots as comps when we can use view lots. Not sure that answers your questions but I’m very bullish on lake view and lake front lots near urban and subu
  3. Nope just ibuprofen at this point. I guess I could have asked for something but I didn’t. Today was a really good day, so I’ll see how it plays out. I’m happy to be the loser at dinner in CR. 🙂
  4. We’ve all been there. Well I haven’t but I know you all have.
  5. I’ll fly with ya. /viper ya I’m serious. these are club boats, I’m not buying anything other than maybe going fractional on a 27-30 foot cruiser so we can easily charter where the water is turquoise. The j-105 was just available. It was much more adept than the Benny.
  6. Definitely seemed tighter than 45 degrees... but what the heck do I know ?
  7. Had a leisure cruise on the 343 today. Hawt. That’s all I gots to say!
  8. Great day to sail!! J-105 racing boat... close hauled at maybe tighter than 30 degrees? Fun boat. Very relaxing - different instructor too. Whole fam came out. Going on the Benny 343 after lunch. Word. #FAAFO
  9. troph

    Getting old sucks

    Dude I’ve already got this stuck in my head and I didn’t even play the song I just read the title. Pos rep great song!
  10. That’s my plan too, only one current location but I may change that to several.
  11. You beat me to it. Those teams weren’t gorilla ballers, but they could mash the ball when it was really needed.
  12. Damn it feels good to see a Texas team say fuck you and take the game right away from the opponent. So good.
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