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  1. I have a lot to say and will later as a former one but I will say this with heavy eyes ... one on one, evangelicals can be decent to lesbians gay and trans folk. It’s the mob mentality and when they are subject to observation by other evangelicals. Humans are messy and not easy to put in boxes but movements are much easier to characterize and understand. As a movement, evangelicals are extremely dangerous to folks not like them, as individuals not so much.
  2. New hoist for us was $11k installed, this summer. There were no used available when we looked. No way I’d keep a boat in the water, no way. Zebra mussels and routine damage from sitting in the water isn’t worth it.
  3. That’s funny. I thought that last night. I was finding awesome seams, foam, nice eddies all of it and thinking man this one is gonna hit. I got some bites and caught the one tiny but that’s it. Don’t care gonna find another spot and keep doing it. The casting and knots and all of that still matter and I do need a lot of practice.
  4. When did you start looking into her past? She was devoted to public service for personal ambition from the get go. Before he was anything. Again not arguing with you.
  5. we are actually ok with women who do that so long as they act like a first lady should. tea with dignitaries and a policy agenda like children nutrition or some thing like that. the moment we found out she wanted her turn using the Clinton name we were all like, hell nawh!! no you diddunt. no no no. I'm not pointing you out I'm saying we all did it. I voted for her but that urge not to was super strong. I just recognized it for what it was, misogyny. and anyone that says trump was the better of the two is a liar to themselves and to others.
  6. Are you kidding twice - you you don’t question her Christian bonafides ? She’s a lesbian orgy having demonic spirit that manifests as a woman to lure libitards into thinking she’s ok. She is the devil in human form. The reality is her unbridled ambition is wholly unacceptable to us. Every male president has unbridled ambition that if female would be revolting and repugnant. She’s had it since day one and she has been seen in a negative light from very early on. She’s made plenty of mistakes but nearly all of them stem from there. Any likability or other personality traits are what they are, non issues that we all consider for everyone. She might not be likable but she was hardly unqualified. Probably the most qualified candidate since GHWB.
  7. Pics or it didn’t happen. One of my favorite state parks.
  8. They are persecuted when the Supreme Court says you can’t fire the gays and trans people. And that’s evidence of the agenda, they want to take away our rights and when they strip our rights away they call us bigots at the same time. Immoral godless heathens trying to take over our Country!
  9. Here’s a modern day evangelical rant on Facebook: They conflate capitalism with religion and the United States with a type of Zion. They assume democrats are socialists that want to take away religious freedoms and are godless crusaders. They believe this is a war. They are afraid of sharia law because they want the Bible to be the law for all of us. Their views are militant and in order to justify them they need really dangerous foes. The Rapture is real and any conflict in the Middle East is confirmation of end times, so is the harvest moon btw. This need for a foe and the militant view of end times and a battle for the soul of a country begets conspiracy theories and it touches on Obama here but the gay agenda, the transgender agenda, the anti-Vax movement, textbook wars and the list goes on.
  10. I gotta get on the plan this weekend. The other reason we like the remote areas - we suck at planning ahead. Ugh.
  11. troph

    John Prine - RIP

    Thanks I’m not doing much on the streaming concerts - I should - but they haven’t caught my eye as much - I’ll definitely check it out. Bear creek is a good one to do it.
  12. Gave castell another chance. But done for the summer there. Officially moving on. Going to get some more gear too for some water hikes / narrows style and get away from public spots after this one. Went out from 6-9pm so no excuses. Three hooked, one caught. All early. Still tiny ones. Hmmm. Something’s right, but a lotta wrong to I guess. Man I was hoping for a good one. Learned the improved cinch knot because I was tired of losing flies. Above talking about curled line with the lure gone, yeah that’s me more often than it should be. So that’s a step in the right direction. Going to study some bass techniques this weekend on YouTube I think as well. That river is amazing though. As the sun dropped and the heat dissipated the summer symphony came alive... cicadas, frogs, the water rushing, butterflies and crimson dragon flies everywhere, fish jumping (a few not a lot). It really was quite the moment. I had a really good stretch then, probably 20 mins of epic in the groove casting with great drifts using small wet flies. Hectic week, agitated to hell and tired when we drove out there. Laughing and singing on the way back. Damn it’s a great way to start a weekend. Pic because well I post pics it’s what I do. And our pup is now a straight up river dog. Chased a lizard, picked up a dead fish skeleton, rolled in mud and chased a few butterflies in addition to wading through the river even when coming up to his neck. He might be the happiest with our new covid life. But damn he has the stink right now.
  13. troph

    John Prine - RIP

    She’s at the top of my list for just about everything. I heart her so much. Got to see her The Story concert where she played the album cover to cover a few years ago. One of my top five albums of all time. And I’d rather be alone alone than in a relationship with nothing to say. That would be a torturous beat down. I think she might feel the same, she gave something extra for that one - just contempt for that kind of situation in her voice. Would wife her in a second. Gf knows it too.
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