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  1. Expecting that Bowness will not be asked back, will all the jobs this year Bowness can likely get another one if he wants it, but Dallas time should be over. I'm hoping Dallas goes after Leafs assistant Spencer Carbery if for no other reason that he transformed a bad Leafs power play team into this years best.
  2. Kanas City Airport (MCI). What an absolute shithole that place has been for so many years. I have no hope when they open the new terminal next year that it will fix anything the way MCI is currently being run. This past weekend flyout for graduations, nearest "Men's" room had no urinals... only 3 stalls... 2 working... line of 6 dudes (couple grunters on the clock)... so walked 7 gates to next nearest restroom (each servicing around 6-7 gates)... had one urinal and one stall. The urinal was "out of order" and looked like it had been for a long time and wasn't going to get fixed anytime soon. The only working stall was way less sanitary than a concert festival port-a-potty. I barely could stand it long enough to wizz. The wife needed to use the women's but opted to wait to use the plane restroom due to line and lack of cleaning. Luckily there is almost no food or drink in the place so at least the "intake" was minimized.
  3. Is that a single person cleaning asking for $70/hr?? If a crew then they shouldn't need more than 2hrs so would be a push.
  4. More than likely your wife pulled in from of another car causing it to swerve and hit a curb and she was checking to see if she needed to worry about it.
  5. There goes Sling TV's "exclusive" streaming of LHN....
  6. Companies shifting to compensation via stock and stock options was a huge driver. Pushing that compensation down to middle and lower management has only made things worse. Why should we expect business leaders to be any more loyal to a company than typical employee? They are playing the same game. Move up or move out. Next.
  7. Nill's contract is up after next season, I doubt he'll be around after that. Bowness will retire unless Stars find a way to recover real soon. I do think this roster is built for a different style of play (obviously not working as is) and hoping the next coach can maximize it.
  8. Agree but only for those under say $1M (some number) total assets. The "legal" abuse that goes on to allow wealthy people to accumulate more wealth in "retirement" aka for them - "I have so much I don't need it now wealth" accounts is obscene.
  9. No, I appreciate the honestly and had a guy about 10 years ago who I asked what he likes to do in his spare time and he honestly said "I like to look through job postings to see what's most in demand". Hiring as a computer programmer so could appreciate him wanting to stay current, but then he followed up with "... and in case I see something I might find more interesting or paying more". Again, I appreciated his honesty and wished him luck wherever he ended up being hired. It's one thing to think it another to say it.. in an interview.
  10. I can admire a generation willing to come to their first interview and letting me know work-life balance is very important to them so don't expect a minute more than required for this salaried position with bonus etc. I can also admire a generation willing to come to their first interview and letting me know the salary range being offered is below their expecations, noting they have no prior experience.
  11. lol... going private would just allow them to build their multi-millions dollar football stadiums that much easier... like the public schools football centers do.
  12. No way that number is even close to correct, just no way. A travel company coming out of a pandemic paying a guy a couple million a year is all of a sudden going to make him one of the largest non founder compensated CEOs of all time?? C'mon
  13. lol...I googled that, seems to be one off article, yeah CEO of Expedia isn't bringing home 296M in compensation, no way.
  14. Who's that? That's like one of the highest compensated CEOs on the planet, so I'm going to assume he/she's also the founder of the company (or Tim Cook).
  15. Reckless spending is a problem and as jimmy edited... Republicans are even more drunk on government spending (subsidies, bailouts included). Both parties love to throw the prior administration under the bus (fair) but the problem is both parties are driving the bus over a cliff they are just arguing how fast they should drive.
  16. Would hate for him to come here and create a situation where he doesn't get double teamed as often. I mean look how that worked out for those Ohio State receivers in this last draft.
  17. When government spending accounts for more then 1/3 of our GDP I don't think it can be overlooked. Just because it is a political talking point doesn't mean it doesn't matter.
  18. So government spending doesn't affect demand? Interesting
  19. Lol... yeah "Happy New Year" banner... the battery alone is worth $200+ new / $150+ refurbed
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