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  1. That's awesome. I actually started a FPS Football League at Origin and we had a number of engineers in it. So much damn fun. Knock out games during lunch. The draft was always the highlight. How far along in development were you before basketball got the ax?
  2. They had more than their fair share of chances in the first and second half, but Oblak had the game of his life.
  3. Of course you hit that. You were 2 yards offside. Jesus, people.
  4. What did I miss on the foul there with Salah running into the box? I didn't see anything.
  5. If Simeone makes 20m more than Pep, that might need an investigation.
  6. More than one dimensional today, which is nice. We're actually getting some shots taken outside, and around, the box. I always feel like we have a lot of opportunities for shots when dribbling back into the middle (Like Coutinho would do) but we usually keep moving it around.
  7. Already spinning in the air before Hendo even gets there. Such a shit style of play.
  8. And it took all of 2 mins for Costa to start shoving people.
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