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  1. He has a live version of The Other Side Of Town that he intros with this "This song is about a man who over a long period of time, has developed this very special ability to travel in his mind, particularly when his wife starts going on just a little too long about something he hasn't done...........I read about this guy."
  2. So do I. Gonna start looking for a drunken redneck now. Mitch was a software engineer or something at ATT Wifi off of Ben White there maybe 5 years ago when I worked there. So I guess he stuck around town.
  3. Belongs here instead of covid thread. https://www.keyc.com/2020/03/29/dog-delivers-groceries-colo-neighbor-self-isolating-due-coronavirus/
  4. I don't know about that. I've never talked to her about my own problem or hers. I know she's made a lot of good friends from it all over the country and always finds them when out of town, so maybe it helped and then just became part of her social life. Maybe she worked the hell out of the steps and couldn't have stopped without it. Maybe both.
  5. My Aunt has been in AA for decades. While I think she probably overdid it more than most "normal" people, I've heard my mom say a couple times that she doesn't think she's probably an alcoholic, but needed some sort of support and fit in there. She didn't say it in a resentful way or anything (my mom is one of the "normal" drinkers), just an observation. But it's been good for her spiritually I think and she quit drinking altogether, so I don't see why anyone else would care. I'm wondering if this happens quite a bit with AA? Not the kind of person that @BearSchlongis talking about, but the people like my Aunt that are perhaps searching for something in way of support and end up there.
  6. MAC has a couple really cool personal stories of some of those guys over in some thread on the music board. I forget what it is, but it's worth a read, especially right now, if you want to dig it up. @MaybeACoordinator I'm just assuming it was you because of this story about Prine, but I don't really pay much attention to user names.
  7. Fuck. Not one of the best songwriters because he might die, one of the best songwriters period
  8. Haha. Fuck if I know. I just assumed that all internet funnies in picture or video were called memes. I'm not a millennial. You fuckin dick.
  9. The Anchorman memes can get a little overplayed, but damn this one is emblematic right now.
  10. The lady's husband died in there on Christmas Eve back in the 80's. I know the family. And yeah, the kitchen is a fucking nightmare. At least I can make the rest look good. That kitchen is beyond hope
  11. I'm renting this joint soon and I'm trying to figure out which room is where, based off the pictures of the inside and out. I can't seem to put it together and can't find a picture of the back of the house. So I'm renting the top floor of this duplex. The front entrance is mine, and the owner lives on the first level, with the entrance in the back. (yes, cue NowThis joke). So here is the front and both sides and then the interior pictures that I have. Keep in mind, there's a full bathroom in the unit that's not pictured. The front also faces East, if that helps for you sun dialers. I for some reason can not put this together. I also kind of want to know the approximate room sizes. The unit is 1232 sqft. and it basically looks square to me. Shouldn't this be easy? Problem with this approach is, I'm dumb. I'm only doing this because there are so many engineers and home builders on his forum that want something to do.
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