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  1. Told my buddy I was looking for a bike and he gave me this. Said he hasn't ridden it in 4 years and hates bikes. I gotta give him something. I did a little research and was thinking 300. Fair? But then I noticed it appears the serial number has been scratched out. On the rear drop out, doesn't it? I'll have to ask him about that.
  2. Cool, but not as cool as the Barefoot Bandit, from Washington to the Bahamas, stealing planes left and right. This made me look that kid up. That shit was in 2010. I couldn't believe that. Seems much more recent.
  3. Virus nicknamed ‘Bunny Ebola’ spreading around Colorado rabbit population KDVR - DenverMay 21, 2020 A deadly virus nicknamed “Bunny Ebola” has made its way into Colorado and experts believe it’s starting to spread rapidly throughout the state. There's the whole article. In depth and investigative. But really, fucking rabbits have been out of control this summer. I've never seen them so active.
  4. I kinda quit using the DVR much too when I had cable because almost everything was on demand and I got sick of organizing shit. But YTTV's on demand sucks, so now I'll take advantage of the unlimited probably.
  5. Haha. Motherfucker. I just got that shit a month ago and don't even think they sent me an email saying the price was increasing. Still worth it to me for a while, but it's the only streaming live tv service I've used. I do pay for the 12$ Hulu service that I rarely use. Isn't all that stuff included with Hulu Live for 55? So I'd be cutting back 22$ per month switch to Hulu Live, correct? Still have never even seen that platform though.
  6. My mother has an iPhone and I don't know shit about them. She saw me use Google Lens to identify a plant in her yard and now she has to have that for her phone. Is this built in to the camera, or is there a free app that works well for this? iPhone Xr
  7. I borrowed a racquetball racquet from a buddy who gets bats and told me those work better with the shorter handle. I was all ready, then I found it under my backpack by the front door. I had locked it in a back bedroom, I thought, so maybe this is a different one. Haven't seen another one though.
  8. Thanks. I don't know shit about chipsets. I read a bunch of reviews and saw the SB on there, but not sure which one. I ended up going with a NETGEAR CM1000.- 32 x 8 DOCSIS 3.1. A bunch of those 3.1 were out of stock. Is that a new OS, or whatever docsis is considered? I saw it was backward compatible, but don't know any other differences.
  9. That's what I ended up doing. They said I had to get the docsis 3.1 so I should be covered. They probably lied to me because those are a lot more expensive than the 3.0 and wanted me to rent.
  10. So I'm gonna upgrade my internet and am wondering what speed and data amount for YTTV. The company has lifted data limits until the end of August, so I figure I can just get the cheaper one for now and upgrade to more data when they cap it again. The lowest plan is 60 Mbps down. Is that going to be ok until I need to upgrade the data amount? The higher data limits come with higher speeds as well, so the 60 Mbps would be for a couple months just to take advantage of the unlimited data for a couple months. When I do upgrade, my options will be 400, 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000 GB per month. I was thinking 2000 or 4000? I live alone and just stream TV and browse the web. Am I going down the right path here?
  11. So what about the combo modem/router they give you? That is like 12 bucks a month, but I am better off using my own router, just for quality purposes, correct? I'm wondering if I should just get my own modem too, but will they "troubleshoot" that if something goes wrong with the service and it's my equipment?
  12. That's in Iowa. I think it's a pretty common snake around here. I was in Texas for so many years that I thought it was a rattler, then I got closer and he was just having an afternoon sun nap and didn't care about me at all. Seems like they're pretty chill snakes, from what I remember growing up here.
  13. This bullsnake had no worries.
  14. You could start by explaining to me like a child, if what you're saying is there is a different virus that is less potent, or the same virus is now less potent? And what does that all mean?
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