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  1. Easiest path to the playoffs has to be the PAC.
  2. Chill dude. Just fucking with you.
  3. Yes, but we’re you even alive during the Cold War?
  4. When I started in Red Dawn, I already knew we had won. Reagan had me at the White House for lunch and told me so.
  5. But those are just facts. Stone cold facts.
  6. I hope he is doing blow off of the ass of what texas would consider the 37th best looking stripper. Then waking up tomorrow to find out that someone stole his F250 but his insurance will pay for a replacement and then some. Meanwhile, he hears that his cousin won his gang’s rumble in a rainy playground.
  7. Let’s talk about the best and worst Cold War movies. Baby boomers and Gen X unite! Let me start with some of the best worst (if you will)… Firefox Gotcha! And a favorite of mine and basically anyone that doesn’t suck: The Right Stuff
  8. Charge black lab with murder. I’m dead.
  9. The perfect weekend. Finally. Fuck ou. Fuck aggy. The win exactly the same amount of conference and national titles as we do this year. Happy thanksgiving!!
  10. This needs to be posted 100000 times.
  11. Texags is lit. Just filled a syringe with aggy tears. See y’all next week.
  12. I don’t believe in god. And he still hates me.
  13. Yes. But in true aggy tradition “there is always next year”.
  14. I obviously want the Mullets to win, but it ain’t happening.
  15. Fuck both these schools. Fuck aggy more.
  16. A few more from the other day. The last one is a bank statement from 1945 for $677,000.
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