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NFL Draft Pool ideas

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I am trying to think of a good way to put a small pool together among friends. Or hell we could do a second one here if there was interest. 

This was the initial, extremely poorly thought out, spur of the moment idea that popped into my head. 

Everyone does a first round mock based on the current teams and their slots 1-32 and submits it to central HQ. 

If you get the slot right, it's 5 points. If you get the team right in addition to the slot, it's an additional 5 points. If you mock a guy within 5 spots of his slot, you get points according to how many slots you are away from the actual selection spot. If you have Chase Young at 3 and he goes 3, you get 5 points. If he goes 2, you get 4 points. Etc. 

Thoughts on this setup? 

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I like the idea of getting 5 points if you slot the player correctly and then going down from there if you're close. My question is why are you giving points for picking the team right? Sure, there's going to be some trades, but those are near impossible to predict and most teams are going to stay where they are. If I was entering this, I would just leave every team where they're at. The problem is that's a lot of free points and it then waters down the points you get for slotting a player correctly, which is really what you should be trying to guess.

But overall, it's a good idea and I'm so desperate for gambling and sports, I might join in if you end up doing it.

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Maybe these rules from TopBet will work??



NFL DRAFT CONTEST 1 : FREE $5000 NFL Draft Contest

Entry Fee: FREE!

Entry Limit: One entry per person

Prize Pool: $5000

How to Play: Everyone (legal age, of course) is invited to take advantage of this FREE entry contest. But given that you’ve got one shot (for the FREE entry contest) you’ll want to make your first round draft picks carefully. All you need to do is pick a draft prospect for each of the 32 first-round draft slots. You’re competing against other entrants to see who makes the most accurate picks! Your correct and near-correct picks are provided with a score, with the breakdown as follows:

  • For each correct pick you make, you score 10 points
  • For each pick that misses by one slot, you score 5 points
  • For each pick that misses by 2 slots, you score 2 points

*Note: Your selected player for any slot must be drafted in the first 32 picks to earn a score for that slot.

Those who score in the top 12 win cash prizes from the $5000 prize pool. Here is the prize money breakdown:

1st place: $2500

2nd place: $1000

3rd place: $500

4th to 7th place: $125

8th to 12th place: $100

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Thanks guys. I like the top bet rules. I suppose you are right about teams.

My buddies don't appear to be interested in this anyway. Doesn't seem to be much here but if anyone changes their mind and wants to do this for small change like $20 per, let me know. Might be fun, the prop bets on bovada and betonline aren't really my cup of tea. "Over Under on number of cats shown on camera 1.5" 😄😄

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