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Shaggy Fantasy basketball

Goo Punch

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We need to get to 10 teams. The waiver wire would be ridiculous with only 8 teams. I'd perfer an all Surly league too, but looks like we're going to need Derka's buddy, so welcome aboard. A Sunday/Monday night draft works for me.


Also, I consider this league like a gang. I shun all that leave. They are dead to me.

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actually i think team live badass was michael knight.  rex was confirmed in in the quoted post, but hasn't posted since we've bumped this thread.  rc is clearly in, but wasn't in the quoted post.  we might only have 2 spots available.  i want nomaaa in regardless as i've played fantasy baseball with him and know he's a good fantasy owner. 

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here it is:













and just in case anyone hasn't played in this league very long or hasn't played in the shaggy baseball league, i've done a whole bunch of draft orders and this is the first time i've gotten this high of a pick. i videoed the draft order and sent it to BO just for full disclosure. hopefully my track record here speaks for itself, but just in case there were any doubts about it. good luck everyone, now go get to mocking. 

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1 hour ago, Capn81 said:

The 15th at 9pm works for me. I love my draft spot, Derka. No reason to check anything.

i love it too. as much as i love picking first i was really hoping to get pick 9 or 10. the value at those spots is outstanding. just look at some of the names ranked between 8-15 and know that you're going to get two of them. pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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Pick 10 here and I don't care, if you can keep me at the turn (move me to 12 and give the new guy 10) that would be much appreciated. What prep I've done involved that dynamic and I'm too damn lazy to change.

Also there was talk earlier about making this a dynasty league going forward. Did a decision get made on that?

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