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  1. I hate the "our children are being indoctrinated" bullshit. I know it's shit, they know it's shit. Teachers barely have time to teach the regular stuff.
  2. Anwar Namtut


    I used to try to research the candidates and pick what I thought made the most sense. Not anymore - I don't even read about the candidates. Straight D down the line. Doesn't make a difference where I live, but at least I know I've done the right thing. I saw it quoted somewhere else here, but for as much as Rs claim to want smaller government, they sure as shit want to be up in our personal lives. Fuck them.
  3. More from Idaho: We don't need no stinking libraries. Sigh.
  4. All that rage and anger will kill ya.
  5. So much random stuff on that. "Do not glue mat to porous surfaces, such as pregnant women, pets and heavy machinery."
  6. Same - legal states are more than happy to take out of state tax dollars.
  7. I feel like I just watched an updated version of Rex Kwon Do. Only without him trying to be funny.
  8. The women Rs in this state do more to harm women than R men could dream. Nichols, Moon, Scott, Boyle, McGeachin. Probably not household names where you all are, but holy shit, these women are nuts.
  9. "I saw you as a way out of my parent's house."
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