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  1. This is the smart money. And hard as hell to get down there from here. Shit
  2. We got screwed. Better strength of schedule and more top 25 wins than Michigan, and no sign stealing. Did not want to face the Horns and in a road game. Dammit.
  3. Very, very happy to be the final conference champion and have eternal conference scoreboard on every single team except UCLA (damn you, @Sbbruin!) But this is a bittersweet moment too, because this conference was a hell of a lot of fun. Goofy, crazy, siblings beating the hell out of each other, best road trips of any conference, some fun rivalries and the unfortunate habit of eating our own nearly every season. I loved it, knew all the conference teams and their fans (normally great with a couple of exceptions), went to games at every other school. It was ours, way out here on the West Coast/Best Coast, and although the fan bases were smaller than elsewhere, they loved the game, the rivalries, and the pageantry no less than anyone else. It filled my fall Saturdays for many years. I will miss it every season going forward. The conference only had one blueblood; perhaps that was part of its eventual demise. Tonight's UW win broke a tie for conference titles with UCLA - but still far behind USC. Now the enshittification of CFB brings my team to a conference we are very familiar with but that we will never fully be a part of. I will miss the Arizonas and Utahs and Oregon States and Cals. College football in this part of the country will never be the same. RIP, Pac-12. You'll be missed.
  4. Tarawa and Peleliu are the two battles that really struck me when as a kid I started getting into history and the war, particularly in the Pacific. Many years later, when I moved into my first house, I discovered that the elderly man across the street had been a radio operator on the Essex, and he told me harrowing stories of being patched into the Marine tankers' radios ashore on Betio and listening to the battle live. Betio today is one of the most densely populated places on Earth - the atoll is nearly completely covered with buildings - and, while standing on the beaches looking out at the infamous reefs is certainly moving, you'll likely be quite disappointed in the rest of it. Peleliu is much closer to what it was back then, and Palau in general is a lovely place.
  5. From the sunny Pacific Northwest (really), happy Dead Bird Day to all you magnificent bastards - Surly, Shaggy, or otherwise. May you all richly enjoy feasts, family, and football this weekend!
  6. Y'all are forgetting UW has another game before the CCG, and weird shit can happen in the Apple Cup. This is what the Cougs live for.
  7. If the Beavs beat the Ducks on Friday, odds are high that Arizona will play UW in the Pac-12 CCG (Zona would just need to beat ASU Saturday in that situation). Go Beavs!
  8. Come on now, he got rid of a whole bunch of dead wood and scrubs who went 1-8 in conference last year and replaced then with 50-some new guys who will go... 1-8 in conference.
  9. Wood = madeira. There you go.
  10. Oh sure, fire the guy before UW makes a visit to Iowa City next year. Thanks a lot.
  11. Yeah, me too. It ain't happening. I still think UT gets in with one loss. However, just to be sure, you should root for Oregon to lose again. Go ahead; it's fun and cathartic.
  12. The beatings will continue until morale improves. God, Russia just sucks.
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