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  1. Yeah, the ASU loss was a fluke, but UCLA beat our asses. UW looks a bit better so far this season. What the Dawgs did to Michigan State today should be illegal - it was complete domination. Of course nobody saw it since it was streaming on freaking Peacock. Welcome to our new home.
  2. This just makes me sad. Cannibalism will take over - there's no one or two teams clearly better than the rest - but the P12 may be the best conference top to bottom this year. It's just a damn shame what's happened to what was always an enjoyable and sometimes a great conference to watch. I'm just hoping UCLA will be UW's last conference loss.
  3. For me, that's like y'all rooting for OU. Avatar lemur's hat out front shoulda told ya.
  4. This is blasphemy. Can't do it. Nope nope nope nope.
  5. Denaturalize. Deport. (Defenestrate - that can be left up to our Ukrainian friends should they so desire.)
  6. His doppelganger was here prior to the Alamo Bowl. We all know Texas is UT and Tulsa backwards is "A Slut." Sorry.
  7. My fall Saturday home for more years than I care to count. I've been fortunate enough to have attended games in a lot of cool places, but Husky Stadium is just something else. It should be illegal to have night games in a setting like that.
  8. That guy's the Taoiseach. Some respect, please.
  9. It's being preempted throughout the PNW for a preseason NFL game... and the post-game show. Apparently we'll get the last hour. Furk.
  10. I'll point out here that Palau is under a Compact of Free Association with the United States, under which the US is responsible for all Palauan international defense issues (although we are not allowed to declare war on their behalf). That could be a interesting twist. (For those of you who are history buffs - okay, all of you - one of the Palauan islands is Peleliu, which any Marine will know.)
  11. We just needed a pimp cane. That would have fixed everything.
  12. Much as I enjoy seeing it, UW is too high. The schedule is a beating with @USC, Oregon, Utah, @Oregon State, along with an OOC jaunt to Michigan State and opening the season hosting Boise State. (That said, as a season ticket holder I like a schedule with Boise State, Utah, Oregon, and the Apple Cup in Husky Stadium.) So far DeBoer looks to have what it takes as a head coach, but it's only his 2nd season as a HC at this level, so we'll see. Still looking forward to it!
  13. Hate to say it, but Portugal deserved better. Glad we advanced, but having residency in Portugal too I'm a bit disappointed they couldn't have gone through as well. They played solid in all three matches. Hope there are some changes going into the knockouts or Sweden is going to feast on this team.
  14. Hoping to get down there again in the next year or so - sounds like my kind of people. As always, this thread delivers. Hope to meet a lot of you in Kyiv one day soon, helping to clean up huylo Putin's mess.
  15. Lol! Vá se foder indeed, Wagner shits. Pemba? Oh hell no. I've wanted to visit Ilha de Moçambique forever but shit was going down in the Nampula area as well, so that was right out. And Priggy? Vai tomar no cu, filho da puta.
  16. Yeah, I have a bit of a soft spot for Moçambique (despite my Portuguese being not much more than passable), but no way I'd go north. Drove around the mountains of Lesotho, no worries. Fuck around north of Beira? Not finding out. (Frankly, per an earlier comment, the West should give a damn about Mali, the CAR, the rest of Africa, and to a large extent Latin America, because not doing so just leaves it for China/Russia - who aren't necessarily popular - a Zambian friend told me they sure as hell knew what colonialism looked like a decade ago when the Chinese were buying up most of the mines in the Copper Belt - but sure as hell are throwing their weight around.)
  17. Having a coach named DeBoer seems to be a good thing.
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