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  1. Kraken beat Kings 9-8 in OT (despite not scoring in 3rd period); highest scoring OT game in NHL history. Squid have won 6 straight. Much more fun than last season so far....
  2. They really should just say "Ya know what, Mexico? We're sick of that 'puto' shit. Fuck on off back home."
  3. 3.45 am, sitting at the gate at Spokane Airport - ready to get home. Was planning on driving but today's weather in the passes is supposed to be 2 feet of snow, 50 mph winds. To hell with that. Weather was fine, mostly clear and around freezing. Usually it's worse. That was one of the crazier games I've seen in this series and I've attended 30 or so. Penix and the receivers were on all night. Sorry he'll only be here this year but what a fun one. Not sure if he's the real deal since Penix had such a monster season, but DeBoer wins everywhere he's been and a 10+ win season in his first year here is fine with me.
  4. Dammit, that was UW's last tiny chance to make the CCG.* * Unless Utah loses to Colorado lololololololololol
  5. I would have thought a 0-0 draw was best, followed by 1-0 Iran. Guess we'll see.
  6. Damn straight. Wanting to understand the lyrics and the culture was a big impetus to me (tropicalia and MBP as well). So... I cheer for Brasil and all my normal friends say to hell with that - more mayhem plz! Isso também.
  7. I find the same thing trying to understand Spanish... I'm better than I was but still there are enough differences to really mess me up. I'm by no means fluent or even close, so I'll defer to the Brasileiros here, but what I was attempting to say was "besides that, what else was there to do during the pandemic?"
  8. Hell, ass is still sore from last year!
  9. Por causa adoro a música e a cultura do Brasil (e por extensão Portugal, Cabo Verde, etc.) Considerando a relocalização para Portugal um dia. Além disso, o que mais havia a fazer durante a pandemia?
  10. Happy Dead Bird Day from the upper corner to the lot of you degenerate bastids. Thankful to have good friends, family - and this place to get away from all that crap. Football and futebol today, then on the road tomorrow to Saturday's Apple Cup. May you all enjoy this day and may next Thanksgiving find you with even more to be thankful for.
  11. Can't stand Neymar and I normally pull for the underdogs in any case, but while learning Portuguese I found out what an amazing country Brasil is... plus Serbia is full of gotdam vatniks. Normally I'll pull for the upset but not today.
  12. Picked up some Portugal team swag while living in Tavira this summer. Força Portugal!
  13. Up here we call that "football weather." It's always fun when the LA or AZ teams come up in October/November. (Actually it sucks, but we didn't really have it this season.)
  14. flatdawgs

    USMNT 2022

    Give this man a beer!
  15. flatdawgs

    USMNT 2022

    Portugal? Sagres and Super Bock are marginally better than Bud, so they might drink it if it's free, but Portugal is a wine country. Much of the rest of the world would rightfully revolt, and they should be supported in that action should it ever come to that. I'd still rather have a Quilmes or Brahma than a Bud, but I could see Argentina/Brasil looking the other way especially if it were free.
  16. Shit, to preserve the infinitesimal chance that UW makes the CCG, I have to pull for Oregon and USC today. FML. (Narrator: It ain't happening, so to hell with that.)
  17. Lulz. With two weeks left, the 12-team Pac could still finish in a 5-way tie with a not unlikely series of results. There's literally a large flow chart out there with a myriad of if-then possibilities; it's hard to even know whom to root for. 16 teams? That should be fun.
  18. flatdawgs


    Ahhhh as brasileiras. Beleza. I'd love to visit Floripa next visit, no question. I attended a Flamengo - Fluminense match at the Maracanã in 2015 and don't recall beer anywhere, although there was a messed-up teen who occasionally stumbled over to the fence between the sections to flip off the opposing fans. He was so trashed that even the cops were laughing as they brought him back to his buddies - wasn't even worth kicking him out.
  19. "Well, Mattia - what do you think we should do?"
  20. Thanks - the Bruins put us to the sword but the ASU game was infuriating. DeBoer getting a statement win in his first season - outstanding. Apple Cup in Pullman is going to be a challenge. Looking forward to you guys taking care of SC again.
  21. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ahahahahahaha happy happy joy joy WOOF (SB, my brother lives in Eugene and made the same decision you did - what the hell, might as well go to Autzen. Think he had a pretty good time.)
  22. It was Lake, not Kwiatkowski. Listened to him say it on the post-game show driving out of Pullman.
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