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  1. Kim/Jesse payoff was worth the wait.
  2. Kunt Bohls, FCB, and Cedric Golden miss him. And Charles. Charles and Casey overfed those chuckefucks with so much shit, it's a miracle they didn't explode.
  3. Surly is a place for assholes. Anne Heche may wish death on herself once the pain meds wear off. She's very lucky no one was killed.
  4. That's what the Vitamin J is for.
  5. The logic behind that 12 hour studying claim is hilarious not just for how much bullshit it was, but the fact that if he was truly studying 12 hours "in a day", then why did he still suck shit as a QB? Titter Tom could really pick 'em.
  6. Uh, because he's a multi-billionaire with massive corporate interests globally and lights culture war fires non-stop?
  7. He's the kinda guy that can't get around or out of the way of his own flaws, which are numerous. He's an insecure pussy with very limited ability to work successfully with people. Any people. Put him in any sort of leadership role and he's going to fail terribly. Maybe he figures it out or gets therapy or repents or whatever the fuck, and gets an opportunity to prove himself as a head coach again. He'd have a huge hill to climb. No one wants to touch the guy right now for coaching opportunities.
  8. There are truly arrogant assholes (Saban, Spurrier, Briles) and then there are fake arrogance, sad, insecure assholes (Herman).
  9. Chappell is going to be putting in 80 hour weeks. Young up-and-coming assistants are always going to have to grind.
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