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  1. People said that about OJ too, right?
  2. Recasting Morty would be like recasting Stewie Griffin. Or Sling Blade.
  3. Barr has a book out and he's continuing his rehab tour. At some point, he's going to die and he clearly cares about his legacy. Total self-serving sack of shit, and will continue to rehab his image until he kicks. Like Henry Kissinger. Maher - meh, the dude's a centrist, although he claims he's a classic liberal. When your best pals are Eddie Vedder, Woody Harrelson, and Sean Penn, it all seems like obfuscation.
  4. Chuck's place is definitely a must see.
  5. The Black's in NB is much better than the Black's in SM. I'm no longer a fan of Hays County BBQ in SM - last three visits have been very meh.
  6. We’re not winning the Big 12. Need 11-7. 12-6 would be nice.
  7. He should have been T’d up for taunting our bench after that 3.
  8. She knows his shit, too. Is it shit that matters in terms of his employability? Who knows. She plugged her golden goose full of buckshot, so we’ll probably never know.
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