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  1. The continued decentralization of Christianity is not a "good" thing from the perspective of the loony to non-loony ratio among believers. As the membership in mainline protestant churches decline, their power to prevent the proliferation of heresies such as Trump=messiah dissipates. It may not be long before even the social gospel churches have to turn to full-on fundamentalism to survive.
  2. It'd probably take a bodycount in the range of the Vegas massacre to get guns back on the front page.
  3. https://www.cnbc.com/2024/06/11/biden-trump-extend-tax-cuts-budget-deficit.html#:~:text=Trump wants to extend all,extensions for middle-class Americans. Both Biden and Trump's stated policy would be to extend the TCJA cuts to everyone earning under $400k. Above that threshold, there would be some differences. I'm guessing the WSJ is using some wild contortions to show how "61% of Americans" would be affected by tax increases on the folks in the top tax bracket. I saw some other hit pieces saying Biden is calling for the TCJA to sunset entirely. Of course they're lying, but we know that GQP shitheels don't care.
  4. Imagine how much better those numbers would be if our president wasn't really old.
  5. I saw that the man who punched Steve Buscemi was charged with felony assault. I'd say that's a positive development. What I know of Buscemi is he's not an asshole like a lot of our celebrities.
  6. On the one hand, being in a non-battleground state means I'm not inundated with campaign ads, and that is nice. On the other, I have no sense whether the Biden campaign is trying to put the positives in front of voters. It would be nice if he was actively messaging on the economy, bypassing the media who have seemingly no interest in doing anything other than covering everything Trump or occasionally saying Biden is old.
  7. Yes, but don't sweat the small stuff. He's going to move the seat of imperial government to Trump Tower and imprison or behead all of us writing ill of him on the internet.
  8. On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero, so one would think it would also go for GOP one-party rule. As for Dems ever winning statewide elections in Texas again:
  9. Imagine for a moment that everything about this is reversed. Biden is the corrupt, narcissistic, racist, facsist shitgibbon from New York, Trump is president. Biden is now 34 times convicted of these crimes, and let's also say it's in Texas. The solution to all our problems would be a sentence of 10 years on each count to be served consecutively (let's pretend the analogue offense is a 3rd Degree felony in Texas, to be honest I haven't cared to look). There would be no appellate bond, because, being a sentence of 10 years or more, he would be inelligible for one. You all know that if the shoe were on the GOP foot, that would be the result. I don't know if that kind of result is possible here, under New York law, but if it is, I hope Merchan at least consideres it.
  10. It’s not atypical. The rules of evidence and procedure keep a fair amount of information away from the jury. It’s hard to know whether you’ve thoroughly covered a topic to a layman’s satisfaction. Sustained objections will definitely peak interest, too, and that often leads to jury notes. In bench trials it can be obvious how hard it is to convey your message because the judge will take over questioning a witness, if something is unclear. Doesn’t happen to me too often, and when it does it’s always to clean up a finer point, but I’ve had opposing counsel’s case practically made my a judge taking over the examination a few times. Add in this bullshit about not having the charge, and I’d be surprised if we’re done with the jury notes.
  11. Yep. That we are hoping that one or more juries help us beat this fucker in November is very much a concern. Voters are stupid. Juries are just a small sampling of that stupidity.
  12. Juries are wild animals in and of themselves. I had a sexual assault case hang up because 1 juror misheard testimony regarding yoga pants. 11 to convict. The other 11 looked totally beaten down that they couldn't convince her that she'd misheard the testimony. A jury a colleague had for his trial somehow had an 18 year old on the panel who fell asleep constantly during the trial. He was the only one who didn't vote to convict. My partner had a jury hang up on a bank robbery solely because the prosecutor inavertently insulted a woman during jury selection, and felt it was the only way to "have her voice heard." I had one jury write on the jury form that they thought the charges were totally unjust, and the case should've been dismissed . . . directly below the signature of the presiding juror finding my client guilty. And a corporate attorney was the presiding jury. The judge was pissed. This jury can easily fuck this up, and it could be for a bizarre reason Stephen King couldn't dream up.
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