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  1. I really like the fact he seems to be pushing on the side of #28, as if to communicate "Shit or get off the pot, I'm dialed in and ready to hit someone!"
  2. Izhmash


    Loaded hot is my suspicion. Fired 3 rounds and all three cracked the cases and blew gas out the sides of the Bolt action (where it isn’t supposed to go). Its unsafe…
  3. Izhmash


    What's the best way to dispose of some old ammo in Austin? Is it as easy as calling 311 and dropping some off at the police station? Has anyone ever done that? For example: I have some 308 ammo that is not safe to fire. I just got lazy and didn't send it back to the manufacturer a couple years back. Anyhow...could anyone safely disassemble / use the cases? I don't feel comfortable doing something like that. Or, is there a safe place to destroy / recycle it in Austin? I'm cleaning out / organizing my gun cleaning / ammo.... pretty sure I have some more shit (older 22lr, some 5.56, etc). If you had something you didn't want to shoot...what would you do with it?
  4. Hope it's ok to cross-post this. Looking to offload a good piece of gear that I felt this audience might appreciate. Want to make sure it goes to a good home. TacOps Drag Bag
  5. Any long gunners interested in some quality kit for their rifles? I bought this new from TacOps back in 2012 timeframe. It is definitely used, but in amazing shape. I don't have a need for this one anymore and it has been attracting dust for the past 4+ years. This is the short one (my tape puts it at 45" OAL). These things run a pretty hefty price tag new... how does $150 OBO sound? Can meet in North Austin (we live near the Domain). Prefer not to ship.
  6. Any Gen2 Tacos in Austin want a free set of Bilstein Struts (fully assembled) + rear Shocks? I removed them off my 2011 TRD Offroad in 2013 and they have been sitting in my garage ever since. They only have 13K miles on them. Also have original upper A-Arms if any interest in those. Free to a Taco Owner that will use them. I can meet in North Austin (we live near Domain). Message me. You cannot have the rear springs. I want to make some knives out of those
  7. Austin folks - anyone used Appliance Associates for Speed Queen purchases? Are they good peeps / recommended?
  8. Looking forward to this one. Gonna have 3 generations at the game. Looks like a pretty fun lineup of activities for the family....just enough to wear my boy out so I can enjoy watching Ewers have some fun on the 40.
  9. Somebody woke up cranky. What happened, fat chick broke your dick?
  10. I don’t give a shit about contests…but as soon as the cedar retreats, I am gonna join you fellas in culling pork. One of my favorite past times is walking the land in March/April to shed hunt and stalk pork.
  11. Here’s your grinder. No idea about the life…but the quality and control of the grind is second to none. I make pour overs, espressos, and aero press (another gadget I highly recommend for one offs). https://fellowproducts.com/products/ode-brew-grinder
  12. Your username is really paying dividends now. Well done, sir.
  13. I was thinking it might be that with all the rain last year, they had plenty of natural graze and didn't need to move around as much? Is that possible in your area?
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