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  1. I expected their coach to be an extra cunt and foul with four seconds left down by 8
  2. Director getting his VaTech Bitch Boys mixed up, it was Pedulla and not Murphy.
  3. What a punchable fuck this Murphy guy is. Holy shit, nice closer
  4. Beard can bitch at reporters all he wants for questioning offensive ineptitude, but it’s the truth.
  5. Ok, Mrs. Whiggins, which The Music Man cast member won the most Oscars? Too late!
  6. Between those two, I’d have to take Bogart due to the aforementioned The Caine Mutiny, one of the best portrayals of paranoia ever put on screen. And, I’m just not a Wayne fan. But honestly (and not to shit on the premise of the thread, because both were two of the greatest “stars” ever), but thank goodness for Brando, who came in and blew that affected style of acting out of the water, which then begat Pacino, Hoffman, Hackman, etc.
  7. The guy is a piece of shit, good riddance. The instant you say “I love you,” the fucking around ends. And you sure as fuck don’t say it to multiple women… hell, they used to have an understanding the lead was to never declare “love” for a suitor, and that was used as a shield to give culpable deniability (remember how the lead always used to proclaim their love at the final rose ceremony, and shout out, “ I’ve wanted to say that for so long!”?). Clayton and Susie have no future. And I’m Team Gabby, especially if she remembers to not let her face do that droopy thing it tends to do. She’s still cute as hell, has a phenomenal body and the best personality of just about anyone who’s ever appeared on the show. Clayton: “Can I walk you out?” Gabby: “No.”
  8. Houston Police are looking for a shooter responsible for wounding at least one person in the Greenway Plaza area, authorities said. The shooting happened around noon at a business in the 3800 block of Cummins Street, with the Houston Fire Department referring to it as an active shooter incident. Police officials dispatched a SWAT team to the scene as officers continued their search for the assailant. People are urged to avoid the area. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/crime/article/Active-shooter-reported-by-Greenway-Plaza-area-17006667.php?utm_campaign=premiumchron_breakingnews_20220316&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email
  9. I missed A’Marion Peterson leaving us out of his Top 5. Damn, he’s who I wanted.
  10. I think Zoe did great, and I’d also like to give her a smooch. And Longhorn Dismukes continues to become more of a factor, good for you, Andrew.
  11. I understand your point. I also wondered, “what’s the big deal?” I saw it several years ago, but still maybe 35-40 years after it came out. I think the main problem with a modern viewing (by a modern viewer) is what was ground breaking at the time (gritty shaky cinematography, quick edits [chase scene], the antihero hero, natural dialogue, natural sound) has been aped/co-opted by so many police procedurals, The French Connection now seems rather tame in comparison, or par for the course. The French Connection doesn’t seem so special anymore, because It’s been copied so much. It isn’t unique. Shitty people as the lead? You may not have had Andy Sipowicz or Walter White without Popeye Doyle… but any given episode of NYPD Blue or Breaking Bad has as much (or more) going on as TFC. And any generic network cop show has set pieces that compare with the action in the film. When I watched the movie, and the big reveal was (I ain’t spoilering a 51 year old movie) the drugs were in the fucking car panels? That’s now an Act I revelation to move the plot forward, maybe accomplished by the junior detective popping in the office and saying, “Boss, we gave the Lincoln a closer look, and found the heroin. What’s next?” I know it’s based on a true story, and that was how they cracked the case, it’s just not as dramatic and cinematic as we’ve come to expect in the last half century. It’s not the movie’s fault that it spawned imitators that made it seem less special. I wish I could have seen it in 1971.
  12. Needed this after a disastrous Friday puzzle Wordle 266 3/6*
  13. Jerry’s infidelity was legendary back in the early 90’s, and a few of us commented on how Gene was pretty hot, and wondered why he was chasing far inferior skanks. That was the first time I heard the, “Somewhere, somebody is fucking the hottest woman on the planet, and even he is tired of her shit” trope… it was Dale Hansen who said it. Gene allegedly read Jerry the riot act then, probably about ‘93 or ‘94 (it was literally the behind-the-scenes talk of training camp, and it had already moved to Austin) but it clearly didn’t take.
  14. Wordle 264 3/6* My second word was a pretty good guess.
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