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  1. But... at least we get a debut for Duran Duran.
  2. Welp. Against the run of play... that'll do it.
  3. RamjetFDO


    Once there, make sure to get a pint of the special home-brewed Dickens Cider. Ask for it by name!
  4. Power out (PEC) in 78737 since midnight. And of course, the connected smoke detectors decided it was time to freak out at 3am. I have 10-12' ceilings, so that was fun in the dark. I found the culprit and they're silent now, but my Pippa girl has been in full-on panic/panting mode for the last hour. I'm trying to calm her down and cool her off, as she's overheating. Fun!
  5. Stay outside for too long, and you should just reverse that statement.
  6. Re: the circular red card. Apparently that's old school that's being phased back in to help refs know (by shape) the card they're pulling out without looking. https://www.sportbible.com/football/referee-circle-red-card-fa-cup-fan-reaction-246142-20230129
  7. That was everything an FA Cup match should've been. I'm disappointed, sure.. but that was fun.
  8. Heartbreak, indeed. This episode doesn't end here.
  9. Since they're Championship, I would presume they don't have other (CL, etc.) tournaments to worry about. I don't remember any commentary about anything other than their normal squad rotation... which makes this even better.
  10. Super Paul Mullin! Can't wait for this episode!
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