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  1. I got my 4th draw invite yesterday, so it looks like they're still working their way through the list (last draw was early-mid April). I haven't yet had Covid according to any of my previous draws- I guess we'll see if that has changed (I've certainly been exposed plenty). I had the booster in early November 2021 (regular booster, not a full 3rd shot) and in April my S antibodies were still out of range.
  2. I watched it last night- holy shit, what a crazy fucking story.
  3. Last I heard he's still alive and well.
  4. I don't have kids so I might not be the best judge of it but I think it'd be fine for a 17 year old... not for a 14 year old though- I think it might be a bit much for that age. There's no nudity or sex, but there's a bit of brutality (in case that matters). Great movie, but I found it to be VERY intense.
  5. I saw it yesterday- great movie, super intense.
  6. Oh damn, yeah, and the "I don't think I want dessert" upon regaining consciousness.
  7. I left Houston for Austin nearly 20 years ago, but am gonna revisit the 2018 mentions of Mama's Cafe on this thread - especially the Huevos Hofbrau- R.I.P.
  8. KaiserSoze

    Getting old sucks

    Lately this has become way too common of an occurrence and I fucking hate it. I'm just shy of 50 and recently mentioned it to a friend of mine who is a handful of years older than me. The first part of his response was, "Prepare for it to get exponentially worse". Good times
  9. In my 26 years of career work (18 in software and 8 in film) I don't recall ever hearing a racial slur from a coworker. That would be a whole lot of WTF and certainly a problem everywhere I've worked since college. O&G sounds like a backwater.
  10. Well first man that comes along that can read Latin is invited to rob us as far as I’m concerned. I’d like the chance to shoot at a educated man once in my life.
  11. Yes, but you have to enable it through the parental controls. It's called Below Deck: South Austin's Mom
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