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  1. I’m confused, can someone recap the story for me again
  2. Why don’t people with Twitter accounts just reply to every third or fourth tweet of his with varying combinations of his picture and story He seems like a real bitch so even once or twice might be enough
  3. Texas recruiting notes 2026: just delete everything after the colon and it will be just right. yeah, catchy. I like it. Now that’s a surgery I would avoid if at all possible
  4. I love that one of the more common things these guys say is some variation on "something's not right" and then the wild variations of followups to that initial statement. Like they keep saying "it kinda smells like shit in here" and come up with all these increasingly unlikely possible explanations but never check their shoes.
  5. But then the business owners would have to pay staff a wage they could live on instead of passing that responsibility and expense on to the customers
  6. Of course they would, but they probably won’t get the chance when Kentucky or some other school that is actually good at basketball and/or not in a shit tier backwater city offers him a job too
  7. 100% they do. They hired cal when his vacated final fours were much more recent and when paying players was still technically against the rules. If Texas takes Calipari off their hands I’d bet your life savings they will hire Beard. Maybe not mine, but yours for sure.
  8. Well seeing as how you already made the “bitterwhiteguy of calipari” joke I was going to make when I got to the end of this thread, all I got left is So what you’re saying is you’d be stunned. You’d be pissed. If it’s John Calipari?
  9. Trying to unpack Aggie logic is not recommended. I’m starting to see why Randolph Duke is the way he is
  10. I’m having some trouble understanding Olin’s contention that 7 points would make their record go from 5-7 to 10-2. I’m sitting here trying to figure out how 7 points could convert 5 losses into 5 wins. Even if all 5 losses were by 1 point each, that means that 5 points are required just to convert them into 5 ties. So how does the remaining 2 points get you from 5 ties to 5 wins? Are they able to use fractions of a point in their games somehow? Anyway, their closest loss this season was by 3 points so it still doesn’t make sense. I guess he actually means 7 points in each of the 5 games, which would actually be 35 points? They scored a total of 273 points during the season so in that case he’s asking them to increase their season scoring output by about 13%. In the 5 close losses they scored a total of 134 points, just under 27 points per game. So yeah if they had just scored 25% more points in those 5 losses they would have been 10-2 with losses to unranked Mississippi state and Florida. so close! (To a season that still wouldn’t have justified their preseason ranking)
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