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  1. I agree. Just like everyone knows that where you go to law school ultimately doesn’t matter at all.
  2. If you call Western Missouri Valley State Technical Institute “in the game.”
  3. If aTm steals banks after a year with Kyle Flood’s development and Addazio on staff, while he will be getting NIL at Texas, I will shit a golden CloseToJumping.
  4. They're trying to do both. As CTJ said, they're desperate. Perception of a class is important to everything as well, and their class is absolute shit on the heels of the "greatest class of all time." Unless they're getting 22 proven producers from the portal, you've still got to do both. But as we've seen, most of the top talent isn't in the portal, and if they do, they'll probably already have their destination announced. And not even Oregon can win all the portal bids, so aTm has to do both, and their current class is floundering. Owens is a chance to get some excitement going, and momentum. I don't follow the NFL, and I sure as fuck don't follow the Texans. But I fucking refuse to believe they were drafting players based on their religious fervor.
  5. Actually, they're underreporting, typically. But you do you, Mr. Insider.
  6. Private security, then. Dudes with those ear pieces tend to stand out, though.
  7. Well, I guess a typo folding into the philosophical stylings of the Self isn't the worst thread derail that has happened here. Fucking cheese.
  8. And you'll get to know his secret service, intimately. He was a few spots down from us at the UT v. Bama game. Homeboy had a fair amount of representation. Maybe that was just because it was a big event.
  9. I guess there's one way to out yourself as a Historic Heights snob. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houston_Heights Next you're going to tell me that EDGE isn't the same thing as a defensive end, or that soylent green isn't people.
  10. I'm mostly with you at the last one, but it's frustrating. That being said, demanding The Longhorns play multiple games in Houston at Reliant is certainly one way to demonstrate you're more interested in what Texas can do for you than what you can do for Texas.
  11. That's because you actually live in the Heights, and Greenspoint lives in one of his laughing gas containers.
  12. There's a fuck ton of Aggies in the Heights and Timbergrove/Oak Forest area. I'm shocked Greenspoint's "experience" is wrong. There's 2 on my street, and I inevitably see 3-4 aggie shirts every time I shop at the Heights HEB, which is about twice a week, because these twats can't help but announce their allegiance for the world to see on literally everything they own. Yard Flags, car adornments, and obviously most articles of their clothes. Is it like Katy and Cypress? No, of course not. Are there still a lot of them? Yeah.
  13. Please don't make this thread become bitching about which prisoners were swapped.
  14. When your self worth and image are inexorably tied to your football teams success, and you have a few billionaires still willing to play the game, you become an easy mark. Shit, it’s not rare for a company to seek a sound round of capital based solely on the idea that it’s the only chance an investor has to get his first round of money back. Fisher can accurately say “you may not like me, but you can pony up now on the chance I can fix this, or you can do nothing and guarantee this program is fucked for 5-10 years.” On its face, it’s a true statement.
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