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  1. I Understood that Reference.gif
  2. Come on. It’ll be either Paxton or Patrick.
  3. Odd considering Houston is as blue as Austin. fuck ogg.
  4. They don't have political commercials in Austin?
  5. He's saying that he hates the idea of kids from non-religious families hobnobbing as peers with his children being raised to worship god and ask no questions. Basically, NIMBY, but for religious schools. He doesn't want those filthy philistines flooding his christian school and potentially exposing his children to outside ideas.
  6. The OP said they were from SA, so I assume they're driving to Houston. No need for Uber, really, unless they plan on getting tanked with their children in tow. No judgement. I say that becuase Houston is a pretty driveable city. If you stay in the Museum District, and downtown, and anywhere north of NRG you should avoid most of the traffic that comes with the Rodeo. Without traffic you can get anywhere in/around the loop in about 15 minutes. There's a courtyard by Marriot on I-10 that is cheap AF, my wife and I stayed there during the freeze a few years back when our power was out for days. It's new, clean, and functional: https://www.google.com/travel/search?ts=CAESCAoCCAMKAggDGhwSGhIUCgcI6A8QAxgDEgcI6A8QAxgEGAEyAhAAKgcKBToDVVNE&qs=CAEyFENnc0l3OXlxcU0tYXA5M0VBUkFCOAo&utm_campaign=sharing&utm_medium=link_btn&utm_source=htls My point is, you don't really have to worry about being "Central" to everything, as long as there isn't traffic or construction, everything is driveable, and I assume you'll have your own car. Any of the downtown hotels is probably fine, and you can walk to the game. Everything else you just drive man.
  7. Sorry man. This sucks. And sadly everything in HISD will get worse, way worse.
  8. Uh, this particular poster 100% knows he’s peddling propaganda.
  9. There are ways around any rule, but at the end of the day at some point most wealthy eventually have to either have consistent income from businesses, or they have to sell assets to pay loans they took out to avoid having taxable income. I'm suggesting any kind of step in the right direction, but you seem to be obfuscating by implying any improvement is a waste of time.
  10. With wealth usually comes taxable income. This is absurd. I'm fine with just taxing the income they do recieve fairly and proportionally.
  11. Democrats aren't a monolith. That vote would never pass. And if it did, it wouldn't pass the Senate...so it's not really an issue. It's a made up hypothetical grievance you're nursing.
  12. I'm confused. You think the money is in the middle class and lower class, as upposed to the super wealthy? Listen, I'll start at a million. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2023/12/06/top-1-american-earners-more-wealth-middle-class/71769832007/#:~:text=The top 1% holds %2438.7,about 3% of the wealth. Key takeaway, the top 1% owns more than the entire middle class in regards to wealth. Sure, we can start at 1 million. The wealth is certainly in the top 1%..which starts at around 400k per year. Where does "everyone know" the money is, exactly, becuase I'm confused. Biden's tax plan would move corporate taxes from 21 to 28%, which is also where they have been at the past. These aren't hardworking American people getting fucked, it's companies paying their fair share to do business in the greatest economy in the world. I'd think you'd be all for that if it means reducing our out of control deficit. Which literalyl increased 40% under donald trump in just 4 years. Man, maybe those tax cuts weren't agreat idea?
  13. Something being called for by a couple posters on Surly is not a national platform, or something to be taken seriously. Just like the Green New Deal wasn't taken seriously by literally most of the democratic party. You're being disingenuous. Biden Salmon Tribes Agreement: https://apnews.com/article/salmon-dams-tribes-columbia-snake-river-biden-51408c120a2e2dc147e6b07fe01d3531 All the way down in the whole second paragraph: See the bolden CONGRESS. So basically, the thing you said you were concerned about was never part of the deal at all. You're being ill-informed or...disingenuous.
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