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  1. If you aren't a regular to I'd Pee In Her Butt forum, well, that guy already has plenty of porn, not sure he need this to jerk off too...
  2. Well, if any group of people understand the dynamic of poor white people looking down on blacks, it's those fucking losers. I would defer to their obvious expertise, but as usual they're projecting their feelings onto others.
  3. If that motherfucker had more than 215 followers he'd have been cancelled. But no one cares becuase he's irrelevent.
  4. Didn't this guy get exposed a year or two ago by trying to slide into the DMs of some teenage girl? That motherfucker doesn't have any money.
  5. Thanks to this thread and a group on Facebook, I took the baby steps of a griddle and got a griddle insert for my weber genesis 300 for Father's Day. No pics worth noting, went through the first round of seasoning yesterday with cooks of bacon, onions, and finally some burgers. Got it cleaned and stored in a bag inside, so hopefully rust won't be an issue to deal with living in Houston. Definitely looking forward to stopping by with some pics now and then, even though it's not a legit blackstone or camp chef or the like.
  6. I dunno, I'm pretty certain that organized religion seems like a haven for sexual abuse, and it doesn't seem to be making a dent.
  7. Still waiting on my bid. It depends on the labor really. Is your natural gas line entering your home by your breaker box, or is it far AF away like mine? Im getting a 14kw generator and expect it to be about 15. The generator costs 6k after taxes. A generator for your home is probably 8-9, since you’d need a 26kw or so.
  8. Credit has also gone way up. Everyone profiles credit differently. But as I mentioned in another thread, in another topic, companies in general are only interested in dealing with the least risk. Not saying you aren’t, but the whole industry has gone bonkers in Texas.
  9. It’s like turning down free advertising. You have to be present to have a chance to win.
  10. Why would REPs do that? It's free advertising and free traffic. It's free orders. Yes, there's about 10-12 companies that comprise all of the actual brands operating in Texas. I'm probably on the low side, but for residential, you get the point.
  11. I dont anticipate this will last long, the cheaper Nights thing. The rise in popularity of electric vehicles and the lack of solar generation on the grid at night, well, companies are getting wise and this isn't the profit maker it once was for them, so...
  12. Energy Ogre only has a few guys that will still work with them, thanks to market consolidation of REPs. Most big REPs view Energy Ogre as extorters, and they aren't interested in doing business with them. As a result, Energy Ogre deals are less great compared to what they used to be, and you're switched less. It used to be every 3-6 months. Now it's 6-12. It is what it us becuase... rates are never going back down, imo. Not after the changes made to demand pricing the last major go round. Natural Gas is as cheap as it's been in a decade. Natural Gas used to be the bellweather or electricity pricing. And yet here we are. Things have changed, don't expect them to change back.
  13. I refuse to accept a lot of things that reality keeps slapping me accross the face with, on a pretty much daily basis at this point in my life. Here's another one for the pile.
  14. While I understand and agree with much of your sentiment, but the Texan you're so proud of being, with the values, the morality, the kindness, the work ethic...that Texas died. We was a carpetbagger. Now he's just the same as everone else. If Texans weren't a dying breed, and they weren't being drown out by people moving here as well as changing their values, our state wouldn't look this way now. Tim Dunn is a Texans, that's for sure.
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