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  1. Counterpoint: There's a poster on this site who lives off grid in Alaska, and I bet he'd let me dump the ashes in his outhouse before winter free of charge. I'd still do the fireworks, though.
  2. I've already set aside about 10k for a fireworks display on the day of his funeral.
  3. This is impressive, even by the high standard of absurdity you and others have set on this board. You managed to directly contradict yourself in back to back sentences, in a post that was exactly two sentences.
  4. I mean, I care now. Knowing that fat lap band snapping fuck is tangentially near me will absolutely have an effect on my dining decisions, as well as my fucking grocery shopping decisions. I didn't realize I needed to be stockpiling Ham, even in this economy, but alas here we fucking are... I'm guessing he moved to Katy.
  5. I'm not dogging anything. It just happens to be where that fat fuck lives.
  6. Ketchum has more insight into who Jack In The Box is "recruiting" to join their local team in Cedar Park than he does about anything recruiting related. Like, orders of magnitude more insight. Keep that in mind.
  7. Why is that no in quotation marks? Does he actually in fact want a part of those kids?
  8. Barking Pig is no longer? Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your post, but the owner had been positing about the renovations she’s been doing and being ready to open this past week with a new menu and such. Maybe your friend was confused but I believe they only closed temporarily.
  9. Craig's his primary bag man, and you're shocked Jimbo can't part from him? Do you want him to part from last year's recruiting class, too?
  10. I've got some pickling cucumbers, and I'm thinking of making a batch. I also have an ancho chili vinegar, and I'm considering using that, or at least part of it, in place of white vinegar for creating the pickling liquid. My concern is that basically wastes this vinegar, however, if the cooking process basically neutralizes the flavor or any "heat." Thoughts from the pickle masters?
  11. Now do the population of China versus Russia, and the population of Taiwan versus Ukraine, and finally the sheer size of Taiwan versus the size of Ukraine. Ukraine has double the population over 10x the landmass. You think Russia can throw bodies at a problem?
  12. I personally enjoyed the sports book at Circa, and generally the casino overall, and would book those seats again in a heartbeat. Not sure that's in the cards this year, but I thought it was worth the time and the trip.
  13. “Now show me the rest of the defense and the offense.” like our embarrassment of riches on offense and much improved DL and Secondary recruiting in the last 2 cycles? Hmm.
  14. Just caught up on the last 6 pages and it feels like I just lost a fucking bet with someone. Very BO&W post just reinforced the onset of him in a dark corner and rocking himself, repeating “have to drop the bags” repeatedly. It’s like watching a toddler old throw a tantrum while everyone else tried their best to ignore them,
  15. Their bag money won’t be certain until after Hill says yes or no.
  16. “Our recruiting event which was planned well over a month in advance and specifically scheduled for a Thursday for various reasons was thrown together haphazardly AND GUYS WHAT IS HAPPENING WE ARE ARE FAAAAAAAILING!” isnt a take I expected to see today, but here we fucking are…watching a guy with 8+ years of higher education and a medical degree who’s been following recruiting for years just throwing himself into a pool of hot sewage, scrubbing under his arms, doing the backstroke, and casually spitting liquid into the air with total aplomb. Fuck.
  17. This reads like you’re asking him to finish jerking you off.
  18. He posts here as Iconoclast Texan Macklemore
  19. I don't understand. I get that hail is a different event...but how can tehre be that much hail, that looks more like snow, and none of the cars appear fucked up?
  20. It's @South Austin's mom. Which would potentially be a boon for them except she's going to wear a Karen Key Largo mask the entire weekend.
  21. Gerry said that Mathews had Alabama running behind his top 3. Alabama was the big offer we thought could change Mathews trajectory. If they're still running outside his top 3, have to think that he's going to be a Texas commit here in the next couple weeks. Sydir continues to be a positive recruiter. I'm shocked aTm could have profiled a kid who spurned the so incorrectly...
  22. Yeah, that wasn't really the point of my post, sir.
  23. Of course, in creepy AF ad tracking software fashion, naturally this snopes article was offered up to me on FB after I spent some time on this thread today discussing this topic... Looks like we all got drug into the disinformation whirlpool by @pacman Do better, sir. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/veterans-spouses-teaching-certificates/ False About this rating Context A new law in Florida will allow U.S. military veterans to obtain a temporary teaching certificate without a bachelor’s degree, as long as they meet other education requirements. However, contrary to erroneous reports, military spouses are not eligible for the “Educator Certification Pathways for Veterans” program.
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