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  1. We have the same brains we had 80,000 years ago. We were blaming jews for the black plague a thousand years ago. We just don't change.
  2. Yes, Texas. Where we're rushing as fast as humanly possible to give away our freedoms.
  3. Lol. Republicans also hate Ogg.
  4. I see TTomTerrific discovered the Flat Earth Society. Jesus it's like Pimphand and Bernorange had a fuck trophy and raised it on InfoWars.
  5. If he’s elected president, probably F-35’s, Patriot missiles, and to withdraw all aid from Israel because he already thinks “the Jews” have been disloyal to him.
  6. When you’ve lost Rimbo, reassess your life.
  7. Jesus he’s an Omega Level grifter.
  8. I literally said in the post you quoted that no one would ask you to change your view, you non reading fuck.
  9. Yes. Becuase so much of our society these days makes fucking sense. All the more reason not to do anything stupid.
  10. Lol. It may have been Swahili for you to understand, but that never stopped you from going full Mark Twain Rarely Right, Always Confident, as you admit. And in this post you just admitted that you also COULD be wrong now. And no one's going to ask you to change your views. But it is PROBABLY reasonable, for a man who claims to have changed so much, to maybe just maybe tone down the "You are all fucking ignorant dipshits who don't know what the fuck you're talking about or witnessing becuase I voraciously read law blogs" bullshit attitude because you just admitted you could be fucking wrong. In light of that, "TURST DA RIMBO" isn't exactly a compelling fucking pitch, even to those of us who can't be your blog reading peers. Maybe try a new approach. Maybe to you. But cathartic for the rest of us.
  11. So you think she showed poor judgement, or not? Because I may have missed it, but I can't remember you actually taking a position on that matter. Is it disgraceful? Yeah, like much of what happens in America today that even TANGENTIALLY touches politics, it sucks. Is the flogging unnecessary and likely to be of no consequence to the Trump case? Yes. Is it all stupid? Yes. Did she open pandora's box herself? Also yes. I'm comfortable with all of those things.
  12. Shrug. I'm cheering for you to be right about this...we all are. But no one can predict the future, and there are more than a few troubling things happening at once in this society. I've read the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I'm sure a history buff such as yourself has as well, and the paralells are striking. So I think you should forgive anyone who doesn't see things the way you see them because, and I'm paraphrasing, YOU "read history books and the news and law blogs and polls." Oh, well in that case, you can't be wrong. You must be the only one. You were just as confident before. I hope you're right. If Trump wins I think you should commit to a Futureman style Fisting of yourself.
  13. Oh, I'm sorry. I must have misconstrued your intentions by making several posts saying she violated no legal or ethical proscriptions, citing a survey of legal and ethical experts saying she doesn't deserve any consequecnes, and the fact that you're going around responding to every poster who thinks she fucked up...why would anyone think you believe she did nothing wrong?
  14. I'm not saying she take a brake from Nookie. I'm saying take a break from THAT ONE SPECIFIC FUCKING NOOKIE. And maybe anyone else she employs or gives out government contracting jobs, etc.
  15. Nothing relating to Donald Trump and his lunatic fascists has anything to do with law or a fucking courthouse. Sew the wind, and reap the whirlwind. You're going far out on a limb here to defend her as having done nothing wrong, for whatever reason. But at the same time, actions have consequences. If I choose to go out and get fucking balls ass shithammered the night before I have a baord meeting, or a major sales call, I haven't don't anything wrong. I haven't done anything illegal. And maybe I nail the board meeting or sales pitch. But it's a stupid fucking thing to do, with consequences, because maybe folks smell the fucking liquor on me and decide to employ someone else or take their business elsewhere. Or just don't do something obviously stupid.
  16. I'm sure there's a Saudi bank that would be happy to loan it to him.
  17. She shouldn't have fucked someone she hired, much less with all of the stakes going on right now. I can cheer for her all I want, but it doesn't change the fact this is a massive unforced error. And it doesn't matter how great she was on the stand, because the damage to perception is done, and those that can use this as some kind of weapon now have it as ammunition. The best case is it's a huge distraction and a delay, and a cause for MAGA afterwards to scream conspiracy, witch hunt, Dems break their own laws, etc. Huge unforced error with the highest stakes imaginable so she could get some dick. Look at her, she can get plenty of other dick elsewhere.
  18. Does this mean he has to sell all his properties in NY immediately?
  19. I'll provide a real world example. Rimbo needs to believe Trump is going lose the way Rimbo needed to believe that Greg Davis was a good offensive coordinator becuase STATS! and that Charlie Strong was a great coach at Texas...right until he fucking wasn't. He then he came to see the inherent dangers and patterns everyone had been telling him about for years. This is how he behaves. I've grown to like the guy as a poster from someone I used to get into it with on what felt like a daily basis, but some of those blind spots continue to exist, as they do in all of us, becuase we're human and actual change is pretty fucking hard.
  20. Honestly, we need a new rep emoji, one for resigned sadness or some shit. Rage doesn't seem to cut it anymore.
  21. A party of 100 people, and you managed to feed, but more importantly provide alcohol to them, for less than $400? I'm praying that you had hundreds of dollars in wine and liquor at another store run. If not, you need new friends/colleagues/whatever.
  22. The father issues are the point of the movie, not the baseball. Perhaps the more accurate statement would be "There are better movies about unpacking heterosexual daddy issues that don't try to distract men fome wholesale confronting their fee fees by dabbling in baseball." It's a great movie. I guess. After Manchin said he'd consider Romney I was starting to wonder if that wouldn't hurt Donald more than Biden. But yeah, lets keep it simple.
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