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  1. Actually the little local spot. I’m guessing he finally got something good and have it to me this time.
  2. Picked up a stagg jr batch 16. Looking to crack it open this weekend. First time to find one.
  3. We bought early in the pandemic. Chose an area set a budget. Feel free to dm me.
  4. Thinking of booking 4 days Tuesday arrival and flying home Saturday at Disneyland the first week of November. Will be going with the 5 year old boy and 2 year old girl. Is this crazy? Any tips? Looking to probably stay at The Grand Californian.
  5. I thought about getting this on Thursday. Ended up getting some stuff Ehrine and some bowman.
  6. This is the best thing so far. Probably the best part is not having to wait with all defendants in the hallway.
  7. Hit a couple of small stores on the way back from Court in more rural county this morning. Some good finds. They said the KC had been on the shelf since November.
  8. Yea if you were in the same court for more than one of these they were probably messing with you. I’ve had clients who have half a dozen sprinkled throughout the area. We can typically get them resolved through a deferred if not outright dismissed with some sort of alcohol awareness class. On the showing up part, occasionally the class C courts will clear records so it could be that but the only real way to “clear” the record is by filing an expunction after a dismissal.
  9. Did they call your insurance company to confirm no coverage. Around here the courts will confirm if you provide information about your provider.
  10. I sent him a message. I think there’s at least one bottle worth grabbing.
  11. God all I want is to find an Elmers.
  12. Anyone tried Mattinglys 1000 yard stare?
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