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  1. So how does this work, when someone wants to multi sport? Does Pierce get involved at all, or does a place like Texas baseball just automatically make the list for any kid involved in such a scenario? How is this normally received in a baseball locker room? Someone that is likely absent a lot due to the two sports having Spring activity, etc.
  2. That pullover fucks. I need that asap. Wonder if that’s a Sark only special.
  3. I’ve been trying like hell to remember the movie or show this is from.
  4. Great. Now I get to shift my attention from "will he portal" to "will he land in Austin?" I kinda just want it all to end and just watch some fucking baseball for a few months.
  5. Perhaps the gesture is customary since in Fart Worth, but here’s Patterson at Matt Pittman’s BBQ school last night. I hope he sticks around.
  6. Is there video of the exchange? I didn’t notice while being in the stands.
  7. Alright, what are the spots for tomorrow? I will be in town by noon and plan to waste no time getting properly toasted before kickoff. Lets hear it..
  8. RO and Bijan have been at the hotel all week, and will 100% be on the sidelines. DMO, who knows, but Ro will likely be vocal on the sidelines and present.
  9. This. It has probably already happened, and may even be a continuing series of meetings…but BSC, Beard, CDC, and Hartzell, are in the principals office heading this whole MF thing out as it happened. Lawyers not present.
  10. Moore sounds kind of sloppy, I am kind of tired of paying attention to this one.
  11. Bed sheets, curtains, all of it 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️. There was just as much orange in my room as well though.
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