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  1. I picked up a couple in 15 for peanuts on Stubhub. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Prefer section 13-19. Apparently everyone I know wants to come this year and I need some extras.
  3. Needing a couple more for my folks. My LHF seats are in 15, so I prefer 13-19, but will listen to anything reasonable. Thanks and Hook Em!
  4. Flat fastball barely to the letters. Why not fucking swing, Doug??? Ball or not, fucking hit it JFC.
  5. We’re 3 pitchers deep in the 4th. We’re just going to act like that has ever worked out this season. K.
  6. We just don’t have it when it matters. We get up for fucking nobody. Ever. We are flat and literally die for innings a time. It’s a fucking disease on the 40.
  7. We can’t even let them fucking give us one. I’m losing the love for baseball, frankly. I can laugh at our shit-tastic other sports, but I’m really fucking sick of turning into a little league team when it matters.
  8. I mean, what the fuck else was going to happen after 392938266 pitches. God damn.
  9. Not sure when the last swing and miss was. Jesus fuck.
  10. That catch could have been made with a slide I feel like.
  11. Time to go get food and leave this shit be. Honestly pisses me the fuck off to look forward to this all day/week. Joke is on us.
  12. Lol I fucking swear. Texas sports. We never have it. Never have what it takes. Always seem ill prepared or to be lacking mentally. It’s fucking brutal.
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