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  1. I realize it’s probably been covered, but this is all moving at the speed of light the last 24 hours. Will we be able to delay the suspension for Derek Williams or is that myth?
  2. I’m keeping receipts about how bad the Pokes are, for when they beat the ags in Houston. Please let it be.
  3. Please let them hire a first time HC. Please!!
  4. We smash them. Played the same damn team last night. They are TTU.
  5. In the process of letting my folks have my two, looking for a leftover single for myself. I mostly intend to land next to them, so very much price dependent. Last second is fine.
  6. Ticket market for this game is fairly shocking to me. I realize that T+1 game hasn’t been at night in years, but TTU is absolute garbage and it’s T+1.
  7. Is he Lavar Ball, poor, or just a dick? Not sure I’ve ever even see the guy on camera, ever.
  8. Since you’re new here, how about you make section and price known in plain sight? Save us all some time.
  9. Just think in terms of the Case McCoy, guaranteed PI under throw tactic.
  10. The “remember me” in the back of the Bama endzone is still my favorite AD shit ever.
  11. Yea sure, this is a fucking blast. The hundreds agreeing it’s a fucking beating must be wrong and the 3 just happy to be here sheep are always right. Cool story.
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