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  1. Any actuaries here or in your network that do free lance contract and gig work? Looking for an actuary for a small project, hourly based, any level from junior to expert can do it, if any actuaries have any side hustles. Will pay a referral as well. Really just trying to avoid going direct with an Oliver Wyman or Milliman type engagement. My old friend @Vic Mackey, if memory serves worked at Milliman, so I'll start with you!
  2. Hard to believe that in 3 months and 1 hour and 24 minutes, it will be 9 years since I had my last drink and drug. I don't get on here much anymore and it doesn't look like this thread gets the traffic it once did, but I'm sure grateful for the thread and some of you guys still here when I was struggling the first few months. Just saw the news about MAC too, dang that always hurts to hear about. Also a good reminder of the what could have been and what likely will be if I don't take it one day at a time.
  3. Lurked for a while on everything labor market related and your post piqued my interest. Let me throw a hypothetical at you and see what you think. If you had the option to purchase salary insurance while currently employed but as a hedge to an upcoming disruption to the job markets? The way it would work is let's say you currently work in accounting, have a title of XYZ, and make $250k after 20+ years of experience, great results and good work ethic. Due to the onslaught of A.I. and automation and other technological shifts, you foresee a world where you are at risk of being laid off or demoted and that your $250k job of doing XYZ will be eroded to the point where maybe you can only command $200k moving forward. The downward pressure on the role is impacted sector-wide. You are in no man's land. Too young to retire and similarly too old to re-invent yourself and start the ladder climbing over to make the money you've been making and reasonably expected to make before the entire knowledge worker segment got devalued seemingly overnight by technology. With the increased investment in technological tools that are smarter and faster than they've ever been, companies can get away with paying a younger person a smaller piece of the pie than you were being paid. The corporation doesn't see you as a strategic value and thus your compensation is eroded accordingly. That's the doomsday scenario, but you were prescient enough to pay a low monthly premium while you had the $250k job that allows for a $50k one-time benefit to be paid out when/if the above scenario occurs, thus allowing you to maintain your lifestyle, debt obligations and savings without disruption for at least an extra year. Would this be something of interest to you? Not Life Insurance, but Living Insurance, and like Life Insurance a low cost hedge against future unknowns and fears that you buy when you are career-healthy and don't yet need it. Sorry for the field marketing request dump here but I've been working on something for a while and wanted to get you and the boards feedback as the demographic is largely 30-60 year old men with white collar jobs.
  4. Thinking of you and your family, old timer.
  5. Great story and reminds me of one I read
  6. Hi, longtime lurker with a networking question for help: Do we have any professional gurus in the captive, reinsurance or are actuaries? A small team has an idea we are wanting to get off the ground but need have some questions that go deeper than what google is providing. Any willing to exchange emails or a phone call to answer some questions? Thanks!
  7. Hey old friend, I owe you a long email. Glad to see you are alive, still.
  8. Hit my knees this AM and prayed because I've heard it said "It's hard to fall when you are on your knees". Hope you had a great day today TwiceHorn.
  9. Amen, I have recommended we support this. Seems like worthy of our time!
  10. Hi, I could use some help from the recovering braintrust and friends here. I'm on a committee and we are trying to come up groups that we could do volunteer hours for that would be in line with alcoholism and addiction (the impact of them). The ones that jumped to mind for me were local food banks (economic disruption as is part of the disease), Salvation Army, local housing mission. But I need something with a national footprint were I can point a national organization comprised of folks across America towards. Anyone have any good or bad experiences they can share about trying to do such a thing?
  11. I don't post much, but read a lot and have always been especially fond of you RD, so it stands to reason that I bought something once upon a time to support you. I got one of these personalized postcards with a cartoon in the mail after purchasing something once many years ago and it really was something special and neat that felt personalized...and felt good. I made a mental note and ended up buying something off etsy just because. Thought you'd appreciate some semi-anonymous feedback which is nothing more than a validation of the old adage about buying things being an emotional journey and people won't remember what you say or do, but how you make them feel. I should add, stumbling upon this post of yours and reading that it was cold-blooded, calculated Marketing is funny. Most of your customers are probably still under the illusion by not having heard you break the 4th wall like I did, but I still think it's great and respect the hustle, sir.
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