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  1. Update after having the car for almost two months... I really, really love how it drives. It's fun, plenty of power, and sleek. I get compliments on it daily since they're so rare around these parts. The infotainment definitely leaves a bit to be desired, but no regrets at all on the purchase.
  2. Just because I made a bad decision six years ago doesn't change the fact that her campaign was AWFUL. Also, Bernie did get screwed, and she was given the debate questions in advance. Hilary did herself zero favors during that election cycle. As I said, in hindsight, her emails, while not a great judgment on her part, not even close to the overblown level it got to at that point in time.
  3. In hindsight, I consider myself in 2016 (late 20s, educated male) the typical voter who didn't follow politics much, just knew of the headlines I would see periodically. I grew up in a DEEP red household in Texas, but still didn't understand politics all that much. All I knew was that my family had always voted republican, and from what I saw on the news/online, Hilary seemed like a terrible person who had been handed everything (I remember she was given debate questions in advance, the Dems basically railroading Bernie and her winning the nomination, and yes... the reopening of the FBI investigation seemed like a much bigger deal at the time than it does now in hindsight). Trump offered something different (whether it be good or bad, it was at least going to be different), and as I said, I assumed that the checks and balances on executive power would actually function... not just be entirely ignored. What should be more surprising, and concerning to the GOP, is that since 2016, I've been fortunate enough to have big changes in my career for the better. Despite making considerably more than I was back then, I've continued to move further and further away from their platform, to the point where I cannot see myself voting R at any point in the future. My wife, nor my son in all likelihood, will ever vote that way either. I don't see how anyone can fault someone for admitting they were wrong in the past and learned from that mistake. Hell, the country and world as a whole would be a damn near utopia if that's how everyone was. Sadly, too many of us double and triple-down on these poor prior decisions simply because they are afraid of admitting they made a mistake.
  4. I voted for Trump in 2016. I was much younger and more naive (i.e. stupid) than I am now, BUT, in my defense, I understood our government to have many systems of checks and balances where he couldn't really do anything too bad. I was not a Hilary fan at all, had she just somewhat tried to be more likable... wow what a different place this world would be now. HOWEVER, it did not take me long at all to realize the error in my judgment, and those systems that were designed to protect any one person from trying to nosedive the country into the ground completely, 100% failed. I did not foresee that the two parties would become so polarized, that 1,000 things that Trump did over the next four years would have immediately disqualified anyone else from public office in our past. A tan suit used to be the worst thing a president could do... now he could openly brag about sexual assault, sleep with a porn star while his wife was pregnant (and then pay her off and get caught), and the GOP said... nothing. Crickets. No big deal, as long as their brand was behind the resolute desk. This doesn't even begin to go into the repulsiveness of what the GOP has become since 2016 in and of itself. A party of bigotry, hatred, and zero policy advancement other than "If the democrats like it, then we must hate it and vote against it". At this point, imagining voting for anything Republican only makes me chuckle to myself. Also, because of the absolute horridness of the GOP platform in the last six years, I am MUCH more active in discussing policy and politics with friends and family, and vote in local elections as well as midterms.
  5. I posted earlier this summer about purchasing a Kia EV6. LOVED the car, drove great, great range, great charge speed. Audio would cut out unexpectedly after a few weeks, and then after a couple months I had zero audio. Dealership "fixed" it and gave it back and it didn't even make noises for safety features like blind-spot assist/etc. Two months it sat at the dealership as they checked every wire connection and replaced the amp twice. Still nothing. Called me one morning "Hey, looks like we got it, sound is working fine. We're going to take it for a test drive during lunch and make sure the fix holds" A few hours later.... "Ya, it cut out again. We'll contact KIA and see what they want us to test next." So we ended up contacting Kia Consumer Affairs (Who I will say, despite the frustration at driving a POS rental instead of my brand new EV, did a tremendous job at trying to rectify the situation, working directly with the dealership to provide updates). Eventually, KIA offered to buy the car back as a Lemon. I scoured forums/reddit/etc, and couldn't find a single other consumer that had this issue. Many had amps go out, but replacing the amp was an easy fix. Sad... but they were unable to provide any sort of timeline estimate on when they would have it fixed. The next step they were going to try was to replace the entire wiring harness on the car, however a delivery date for a new wiring harness wasn't available, as they have zero supply. We are getting every dime we spent on the car, down payment/taxes/interest/loan payments/every dime. Unfortunately, supply issues are still abysmal, even down here in FL. I would have happily purchased another EV6 had I been able to find one. Instead, I took advantage of the used car market declining drastically in the recent months, and jumped on a steal of a price for a slightly used Jaguar I-Pace, another EV. Fits the wall charger in the garage, has the range I need, etc. Also... my goodness the interior quality of the car. Outside of the infotainment being a little lacking, the polish on the rest of the car is superb. Also, the exterior looks amazing as well (in my opinion). Bright side of the story - Even though KIA is purchasing the car back from us, guess who still gets to keep the Federal Tax Credit? THIS GUY.
  6. What I don't understand, is that my iPhone has more of my personal data and history than I probably can remember myself. It also is unable to be unlocked by the FBI without Apple's help. How in the world, in 2022, am I not able to vote through my phone using some sort of federal app?
  7. I work in property management, and we’re based in SWFL. We had many homes in our portfolio on sanibel. Have nothing but aerial shots to go on for now. I’ve been to our office on the island numerous times, this is all surreal. Staff that have had their homes destroyed, we have lodged in some of our other rentals. One staff members last message to her mother was that she and the kids were getting into the attic because the water was so high. She’s ok now. We are also undergoing the painstaking task of checking every home for power and running water, as well as damage, so we know which are habitable to relocate families to. Then there are homes of ours we can’t even get to because of flooding and debris blocking roadways. My staff is running on fumes but we are essentially a microcosm of the humanitarian crisis down here, and families are depending on us. I told my wife last night that yesterday was the hardest day in my professional life, and today wasn’t much easier.
  8. Update after owning my Kia EV6 for a little over a week... Was my first EV, and I will never go back. This is the nicest, most comfortable drive I've ever had and it's not even close. Commuted 200 miles to a work conference, no issues on a single charge. Hotel had a charging station at the valet so when I left I was back at 100% and made the trip home comfortably. Plugged into the garage and by the following morning was back to 100%. It's hard to describe just how different the driving experience is in an EV over an ICE.
  9. Even with a higher car payment than my VW Tiguan, I get gas once a week on average, and down in FL it's $65-$70 each time at the pump. That, coupled with the $7,500 tax credit made upgrading to an EV actually cheaper in the long run, especially when you factor in maintenance on an ICE vs an EV. Did not go with the HUD/AR package. Though, had it been what was available, probably couldn't have said no. Going to be a LOOOOOOONG day at the office waiting for this to arrive
  10. Had been hesitating and going back and forth on the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6 (Same car for the most part). Finally got lucky with a dealer about an hour away from the house that had a Kia EV6 on the lot (I'd been calling every Saturday for the last month every Hyundai/Kia dealer within an hour of home, about 13 dealerships total), trim model I wanted as well. Told them I was on my way and showed up just over an hour later, only to walk in and have the sales manager tell me another couple had come in before I arrived and was already signing the paperwork on the car I'd called about and paid $15,000 over MSRP. I gave them the "This is ridiculous, I told you I was on my way and to call me if someone else came in, yet here I am and here we are" lines, and they apologized profusely and said they were supposed to get a truck with one on it the following day. As I'm venting to them, another couple walks in to try and buy the same car the other couple is already signing for. I'd never seen anything like this, but was not about to get into any kind of bidding war. I leave the dealership and 15 minutes down the road they call me to tell me that the truck arrived a day early and I can come back and look at the one that just rolled off the truck. It had plastic wrap everywhere, it was fresh off the truck in every way. Ended up paying only $2,500 over MSRP, which honestly felt like a win. There isn't a dealership in SWFL that's selling new cars at MSRP right now, electric or not. Car is going through final pre-arrival inspection at the dealership this morning and then they're delivering to my office later this afternoon. I will say... this car is FUN to drive. Perfect credit got us a 3.25% rate as well, for anyone curious what kind of rates are available out there.
  11. Trying to purchase an Ioniq 5, and can't find inventory anywhere, and then when I do find one, it's got a market appreciation cost built in for an additional $2,000 and then a mandatory "Dealer Protection" package for another $2,500 on top of that. I can't find a dealer to sell me one at MSRP. It's insane. Five years ago you walk into a dealership offering to pay MSRP and you'd get swarmed by salesmen from the next dealership over trying to get a chance at the guaranteed sale.
  12. Sigh... In-laws are staunch FOX/OAN watchers, older, white, evangelical... I mean they fit the COVID-denier stereotype to the T. Neither are vaccinated. Sunday my MIL was admitted to the hospital. No appetite, severe sore throat and cough. Tests positive for COVID. My FIL decides to take Hydroxychloroquine and literally one minute after taking it, his legs seize up and has trouble talking. Wife's sister who is with him thinks he has a stroke and calls paramedics. Ends up being admitted to same hospital as MIL. When asked about what happened, he admitted to the HCL dosage but adamantly denied that could have had anything to do with it at all. This is a very bright man, who's had a very successful career working with state and local governments as an engineer. My wife is understandably freaking out, worried about losing both parents (they were discharged yesterday, and told to keep an eye on their O2 readings), and I'm more furious than concerned. They had every chance in the world to get the vaccine, but refused. They also got Ivermectin from a friend, but didn't bring it with them on this current trip. I've seen it mentioned before, but there's no debating with these people anymore. They will self-rationalize anything they need to in order to avoid admitting they were wrong. The fact that my FIL had a stroke right after taking the damn drug, and then being convinced that the stroke was a complete coincidence with the timing of the drug... I WANT TO SCREAM.
  13. Living in FL right now is getting a little ridiculous. Two weeks ago, daycare was forced to close for a week due to a teacher testing positive. Thankfully, we had a family friend who offered to help out for the entire week. She was a huge help. She ends up testing positive on Friday when she started not feeling well… My brother has had it. My grandparents both had it. My mother had it. We’ve had multiple positives at work. My boss’ daughter just tested positive. All this in the three weeks. Is this what NY felt like last year? Because this is how I thought it would feel when shit hit the fan back then. This sucks, and is exhausting. My wife and I were talking yesterday about the fact that somehow, someway, we are still dealing with all of this nearly a year and a half after it began. We have both become much less enamored with where we reside and just how stupid people really are.
  14. People are bad at NLHE, they're worse at PLO8. I've made more, much much more in significantly fewer sessions, from limited cash games where I could find a decent PLO8 spread than I have from NLHE. Hmm, maybe I'm just bad at NLHE. But seriously, everything TXSooner said is true. People are bad, really really bad at Omaha in general, and worse at Hi-Lo.
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