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  1. It doesnt appear we’ve grown out of our road game tendencies so far
  2. Does this mean that time is no longer a flat circle jerk?
  3. The play calling on both sides of the ball has been atrocious in the second half. We aren't spreading the field and Tech is teeing off on us
  4. there he is. Was only a matter of time
  5. I'm sure kurt bowels will get to the bottom of it for us on Monday
  6. I agree with you. I think it really all boils down to your first point about his insecurities. Every model has flaws because it is impossible to build the perfect model. If I could build the perfect model I would be worth more than Elon Musk. Shit, whenever my data scientists go through the results of their models, I have them start with why their model sucks. As long as it doesn't suck too bad then the results typically don't matter. It provides some insight that may move the needle a little bit and we go on justifying our salaries. On the other hand though I will give him a small bit of leeway (5% or so) though based on how the general public thinks about probabilities.
  7. My best guess is that he has some Bayesian model that takes in all of the post game stats and assigns a win probability without knowing what the final score is. Not particularly useful other than to drive a talking point
  8. Do you think someone like Anthony Hill is shut down regardless of the season aTm has?
  9. I mean at this point even if he wanted to transfer haven’t we already recruited over him with johntay?
  10. Is those NFL players with AC sprains can come back that quickly, there is a solid shot Quinn is back for the Tech game and we cruise through the early conference schedule
  11. Bravo sir. I was wondering how long it would take for that article to be quoted and you did not disappoint lol
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