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  1. The play calling on both sides of the ball has been atrocious in the second half. We aren't spreading the field and Tech is teeing off on us
  2. there he is. Was only a matter of time
  3. I'm sure kurt bowels will get to the bottom of it for us on Monday
  4. I agree with you. I think it really all boils down to your first point about his insecurities. Every model has flaws because it is impossible to build the perfect model. If I could build the perfect model I would be worth more than Elon Musk. Shit, whenever my data scientists go through the results of their models, I have them start with why their model sucks. As long as it doesn't suck too bad then the results typically don't matter. It provides some insight that may move the needle a little bit and we go on justifying our salaries. On the other hand though I will give him a small bit of leeway (5% or so) though based on how the general public thinks about probabilities.
  5. My best guess is that he has some Bayesian model that takes in all of the post game stats and assigns a win probability without knowing what the final score is. Not particularly useful other than to drive a talking point
  6. Do you think someone like Anthony Hill is shut down regardless of the season aTm has?
  7. I mean at this point even if he wanted to transfer haven’t we already recruited over him with johntay?
  8. Is those NFL players with AC sprains can come back that quickly, there is a solid shot Quinn is back for the Tech game and we cruise through the early conference schedule
  9. Bravo sir. I was wondering how long it would take for that article to be quoted and you did not disappoint lol
  10. well at least the aggy circle jerk of tears thread will have some new content soon
  11. This dude is just trying to tweet through his feelings right now.
  12. Yeah Edgewater is located in College Park a suburb of Orlando. I moved to Orlando mid way through high school and their fans were known for throwing rocks at opposing teams. We did beat them to go to the state semi finals my junior year and we attempted to steal their goal post before the police shut it down.
  13. I can't imagine driving that thing on the limit in such a narrow street and then this happens:
  14. That experience was Peak Miami. Someone was playing a set in between every major intermission. There was always something to do. There were tons of food local food stalls that were better than expected. God it was so fucking hot though. Thankfully they had water stations everywhere. Like someone else said, ride share was fucked and the lines were insane. On Sunday we paid someone to park in their yard north of the stadium. It cost me $50 compared to he $300 on stubhub or ticketmaster. We got out after the race and after a 20 minute walk we got right on the highway with almost no traffic. I heard from tv watchers the race was boring but I sat at turn 1 and it felt like every lap there was something going on. I ended up paying $3000 for two, 3-day passes at turn 1 and I didn't regret it one bit. I did hear the people who paid for paddock passes were disappointed in the food quality, and that the cabanas were a giant waste of money so definitely a mixed bag in some places
  15. Too late to edit but you can if anyone was interested to hear the answer.
  16. Anyone know if you can resell a single day from a 3-day ticket pack? Looking into some last minute tickets to Miami and if I can make some money back then It would be worth it.
  17. Yeah they renamed it Master's of Science in Data Science now - most of the class designations still carry the old predictive analytics nomenclature in the class codes. I have 3 courses left until I finish so I will be done later this year. It's about half and half these days which classes utilize python and those that require R. The data engineering specialization is almost entirely done in Python. I was managing an engineering team but took a job at a start up that required I manage data engineers and data scientists. I needed to know more about what they do and communicate those results to leadership. I haven't taken a class with Bhatti yet but he is definitely still around. I won't ever really be a data scientist but so far I feel like I am learning enough to have intelligent conversations and ask the right questions of my employees and the models they are building. I love your first two points. That is the one great thing the program reinforces. Data Science should follow a scientific process and there is no perfect model that solves everything you are attempting to do. The start up I work for has decades of cleaned and high quality real estate data. It was all originally built for the founder so he could find off market deals. He realized he could slap a better UI on it, throw some marketing tools in and he has a platform for other real estate investors. Now he wants to build all sorts of analytics capabilities on it to make it more sophisticated and help buyers find deals faster and ultimately make more money. We just started exploring what we can do so who knows where it will end up.
  18. That tweet is going to age like milk
  19. Don’t underestimate aggy stupidity, my dude. Regardless of how rich the individual is.
  20. Did this get passed over to the other pay sites for them to sign as well?
  21. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32806349/texas-football-offensive-linemen-secure-nil-deal-get-50000-annually-aid-charitable-causes
  22. Is it just me or does Milwee look like a dime store Jordan Spieth with hairloss?
  23. Texas Recruiting Notes 2022 - Hide the money y'all! There's poor people 'round
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