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  1. In this case, he seems to be Surly's O'Banion and I'm the incoming freshman.
  2. No amazing point - just an observation that there might have been some better options than just being satisfied that he catches the punts. My number of posts has nothing to do with giving an opinion regarding on-field performance and how the Horns might get a competitive edge in an area that can turn a game around instantly.
  3. Reaching, huh? Thought the point of the thread is his drops. Does he have the most reliable hands for returning? We don't know because nobody else got a chance. It just makes one wonder how open the competition they claim really is open. According to Fox: Worthy - 15 returns, 9.7 yd avg. Nothing close to TD, red zone or momentum-changing that I recall. K Robinson - 1; 19 yds T Milton - 1; 15 yd Jameison - 2; 5 yd avg You might be on to something about reaching though, cuz Zay didn't do much of that either. I'll drop this topic now.
  4. Another thing that bothered the hell out of me was the insistence on him returning punts - when did he prove better than D'shawn Jamieson? He's never shown the daredevil spirit of the best returners, much less as a receiver. What about giving Red, Thompson or K-rob a shot? even Jwhitt seems more a return man. I don't recall once holding my breath thinking he'd break one. I could only rationalize that it was a personal stats chase or Sark promise to help get him here.
  5. What happened to Dave Aranda as a hot candidate for bigger gig?
  6. I recall Baylor almost kicking our ass with their running, last hope QB a few years back. Attack the edges with outside Zone or quick passes like I'm watching friggin Ohio U execute right now.
  7. Exactly, does Card or another QB set their feet and hit those two easy TDs?
  8. You made my point, most tackles aren't an individual effort but group. You have to be kidding about the history of bitching about caucasian members of the defense.
  9. Have you played linebacker...team tackling is the key. He's at the point of attack. Why are you guys so hellbent on blaming white Longhorn defenders? This obsession goes back to Dusty Renfro, etc. You probably dogged Aaron Humphries and Brian Robinson in their day.
  10. Uniform porn being universal, #1 font is different - one CDC's hinted at surprise?
  11. Pop quiz already? Well, my pronouns are it/those if it helps. Old/dude/G'town.
  12. Proud to make this my first post after years of hermitting and snickering alone.
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