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  1. Anyone know accounts for monitoring traffic on I-45? I gotta get from N. Texas to Houston some time today in an Audi Q5. No problem actually driving on icy roads if they are open. Is I-45 gonna be open enough?
  2. woohorn

    Meet an inmate

    When is someone gonna post @txtow's contact info so I can send him a copy of the daughter/parking meter fine posts?
  3. Assuming cl fence is on the exact property line-what are the rules about ownership? Assume that an earlier owner of his property paid and installed fence-would it matter? Seems like he has as much right to the line as you do. Developers I know would wait until you are gone and replace it anyway. What are you gonna do about it really? I like to piss in the backyard way too much to have a chain link fence...
  4. How is a leopard a non-dangerous animal?
  5. I am licensed locksmith in Texas but I am starting to require cc deposit on future calls. Been getting lots of fake appointments lately. HMU if you good wit dat.
  6. Please tell me that Camp Legeune is NOT on the list. I can't hear that me enough!
  7. Granite going on 18 years in kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry without any treatment and no stains= treatment is overrated. The gout between countertops and backsplashes, however, could have used a few sealants tho.
  8. -9.5 on my book right now. U shur bout datz?
  9. Physical Pass. Meet in N. Dallas or W. Houston. $100 cash. Navy Blue LBJ Surface Parking Lot. Great for tailgating!
  10. I get your tone, but go back and check out those broads again. Even kids on the golf team are pulling nicer tail than that. Maybe morbid curiosity like a pig party?
  11. He loves showing that sharpie catch, doesn't he?
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