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  1. AND she looks good in orange....
  2. Musk is apparently denying that he is going to build a private airport in Bastrop...
  3. I'm guessing you are gonna say they are not the same as the odds of any other set of numbers being drawn? The "problem" I see is that he would have to share with 25,000 other winners...
  4. Hard to believe at least one vendor didn't stick an air tag in one of their bins tho...
  5. Don't believe the feds were arresting many terminally ill partakers, but I guess it will be a start (if passed)...
  6. Sears used to have a variety and was my go to. Where do ya'll go now-are Lowe's/HD the only option or is some place like Ed Kellum (Dallas) better for a Surly 1%er?
  7. So I shouldn't have moved 100% of my IRA into Dollar General $DG?
  8. Didn't watch actual hearing but think I've gotten the gist. I definitely don't get the pussy references in memes tho...
  9. The one I knew growing up died of the flu because I don't think they can do vaccines, or at least flu shots. Sucked.
  10. Serious q: is hpv really that bad if erryone in US gets it? From google: “HPV infections are very common. Nearly everyone will get HPV at some point in their lives. More than 42 million Americans are currently infected with HPV types that cause disease. About 13 million Americans, including teens, become infected each year.“
  11. CNN just said the "Police Chief" was on vacation. Idk if that was Rodriguez or Arredondo but might explain why Arredondo stayed in command...
  12. Aggy gettin a Buccees on campus so mays b school students can learn how to clean toilets? https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTdvxPfx7/?k=1
  13. Someone tweeted a pic of his corpse. You think the cops leaked it to send a message?
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