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  1. Any idea where the AG whistleblower settlement stands now? Ledge still isn't funding it, correct? Paxton going on trial again without settlement?
  2. I guess I just want to know why theater had a night vision camera focused on her the entire time. I guess Paul Reubens lucked out...
  3. Statewide or is problem regional?
  4. Considering getting Citi AAdvantage Executive Card that awards 4X miles on "eligible" AA purchases. Anyone know whether that will include wife/kids tickets purchased with card even though they have their own AAdvantage numbers?
  5. You made the correct choice in your 50s. Radiologist told me retreatment option after radiation was basically chemical castration. Think I remember hearing a 10-20% chance of being completely cured after surgery with Gleason 7, but otherwise it will come back if you live long enough.
  6. Yeah. I think I heard 25% chance of needing pills and 25% chance of needing pumps or whatever-even in a case of early detection where there aren't external tumors/swelling. So 50% chance of natural boners. Still better than cancer, but that is why I ditched private practice urologist in favor of a SOTA teaching hospital.
  7. Consulted with radiologist but radiation sounds brutal. Huge risk it frys your rectum so they have to insert a protective gel/spacer into your taint that stays there for the months you are having radiation 5 days a week. Also can radiate after surgery when it (inevitably) recurs, but can't get prostatectomy after radiation as I understand it. Surgery scheduled at UT Southwestern in Dallas. I believe all prostatectomies are robotic now, but I expect a teaching hospital to have the latest and greatest gear.
  8. Haven't caught up on the whole thread, but I will to see who the prostate cancer crew are. I got a stage 1 prostate cancer diagnosis earlier this summer. Highest of the Gleason scores was 7. In my 50s and no symptoms other than elevated PSA, so it seems like they caught it early and it is immensely treatable right now. Scheduled surgery at UTSW for AFTER TX/ou, but recuperating during the holidays this Fall is going to suck.
  9. About to make a $14k non-business purchase and I wanted to get an American Airlines travel card, but haven't ever grabbed the in-flight offers they hock. It looks like the offer links are locked down pretty tight online/reddit for some reason. Can anyone flying AA now/soon help? Only fly AA and wanted to build up some status with their card. Any other card ideas though?
  10. What city you in? That price is probably too high.
  11. Not all good news for him, though. He will also report an equal amount as income for his taxes...
  12. Lightning says "Hi"! (hope I didn't make same joke 200 pages ago....)
  13. Has Snoop tagged Martha Stewart?
  14. What state? HOA? Are slabs limited because of impervious cover rules-slab probably gf'd. Complete new construction of shed shouldn't be gf'd (he should leave old frame and "remodel" - prob gf'd). BUT unless city requires building permits, they probably won't care. Think it is civil matter that will require you to sue neighbor. I would not be ashamed to mess with him if he is a dicc, esp. if absentee owner. Maybe CYHMWT is better subforum for this tho. GL!
  15. Guaranteed fight with wife every April 14th. She say she just gives them money to get them to stop calling but it just guarantees more calls each year (or month). No matter how worthy the cause/service is, I won't engage any phone or front door solicitation. I've settled on the Foundation, my Church, and St. Judes pretty exclusively and I hope they are worthy enough.
  16. Anyone have a contact for flood/water restoration in Spring Branch area of Houston? Air conditioner in attic of empty house leaked water causing a section of sheetrock to come down onto the carpet below. Servpro has a pretty bad reputation and I don't think this is a large enough job for them. Really appreciate any suggestions!
  17. Frank's pretty woman The gang goes to the Jersey Shore
  18. Why do real estate agents claim to keep "hip pocket" /unlisted "listings" off MLS?
  19. Thought speculation was that Alex tried to set cousin up and they struggled with a gun and Alex got grazed? Wasn't there evidence of $9,999 checks to cousin too?
  20. woohorn


    Who let Flavor Flav into the building? I saw Willie wasn't there. He OK these days?
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