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  1. Kid got a job at Smoothie King at 15 and it turned out great. It was a lot of work because they were always short staffed. They were always looking for people.
  2. Weed is stonk, right? Where y'all at on stuff like (in order is stonk-ness?) - $CNBS $IIPR $TSNDF $CURLF $GTBIF $CNTMF $JUSHF Are things like Schedule III, SafeBanking, PA use, Germany opening up, etc. already "baked" in?
  3. "boosters" or '23-'24 version on the mRNA vaccines? I assume it would be bigger news if the new vaccine wasn't working. "boosters" or '23-'24 version on the mRNA vaccines? I assume it would be bigger news if the new vaccine wasn't working.
  4. Gotta be a trap, right?
  5. Anyone willing to explain why Meatchicken is favored by 2.5?
  6. No. UTSW used multi-port.
  7. Yes- great to hear! Congratulations and good luck in further recovery!
  8. Two weeks after prostatectomy, Dr. prescribed tadalafil 5 mg (Cialis) daily until I want a boner-then to munch like 5 or 6. No E.D. or prostate symptoms before surgery. Y'all know if that is pretty routine recovery protocol?
  9. To be more helpful - all this started for me because at 56 I had a 4.79 PSA at physical in April with no prostate/ED symptoms and a passed digital rectal exam. Take advantage of any early warning signs you are given.
  10. Thx. I am 2 days behind Hate in the process so 48 hrs without catheter. Learning how to hold my piss again. Random nasty bruises showed up yesterday around my laparoscopy scars and my abs are still burn pretty bad from the surgery but I am otherwise feeling pretty normal. I lift brah, but can't imagine being able to get back into the gym for months. Haven't talked to surgeon but pathology report posted and is great-clean surgical margins, no extension outside the prostate, no change in tumor grade, and lots of nodes removed and all negative. Focusing on bladder control and gauging E.D. consequences. Almost reluctant to post any complaints when so many here are bravely battling, but that is the nature of prostate cancer/early detection these days. It really pays to keep up with annual physicals and PSA test follow-ups. If you get a chance to catch it early-take it and just work through the steps.
  11. Was the spot reviewable? I honestly don't know but uh had 1 time out left.
  12. I'll pm you since this isn't SSS
  13. UTSW. They ended up taking my lymph nodes and said they had to do some major nerve reconstruction, so it sounds like I really got the business compared to you.
  14. Wow that's great. I'm still taking 4 tramadol a day for the searing pain in my ab muscles from incisions.
  15. @Hate - have you taken a shit yet? My prostatectomy was Wednesday and I am backed up like a beast because of the opioids...
  16. Any idea where the AG whistleblower settlement stands now? Ledge still isn't funding it, correct? Paxton going on trial again without settlement?
  17. I guess I just want to know why theater had a night vision camera focused on her the entire time. I guess Paul Reubens lucked out...
  18. Statewide or is problem regional?
  19. Considering getting Citi AAdvantage Executive Card that awards 4X miles on "eligible" AA purchases. Anyone know whether that will include wife/kids tickets purchased with card even though they have their own AAdvantage numbers?
  20. You made the correct choice in your 50s. Radiologist told me retreatment option after radiation was basically chemical castration. Think I remember hearing a 10-20% chance of being completely cured after surgery with Gleason 7, but otherwise it will come back if you live long enough.
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