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  1. Port Arthur is the Houston area? Jesus, dude. and Brenham is a stretch. but what Texifornia and Dbeasy said.
  2. I call bullshit. ranches in Hico are much more asthetically pleasing.
  3. My sister is a badass female athlete shirt for the mf win
  4. Half those mouth breathers don't know the words.
  5. If your name is Appel, are you guaranteed a spot on an aggy team?
  6. Fuck aggy. All due respect to SRV...
  7. Fuck these dumbasses
  8. His name is Jake. He's making shit up
  9. Need to 8 run rule these ladies so the baseball game doesn't overlap
  10. Yeah, what's with the gap?
  11. tejas60

    Longhorn Network

    I'm an old ass redneck broke dick, but this is one of the few posts of yours I agree with. Now get off my fucking lawn, bitch.
  12. tejas60

    Longhorn Network

    Fuck em. They had their chance.
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