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  1. Yea, I figured that out Immamac. But then I posted a pretty neutral comment about how great it was to have a good football coach again, I think we all feel that way, and all i got was one F**K Y**, i don't see me making it back unless I roll over and follow the Party line, you guys really want that?
  2. If you want some entertainment, google "CNN election night 2016". I go back and watch it once in a while for laughs. They begin the evening with some polling suggesting 58% of respondents would be "Concerned or Scared" if Donald Trump were elected, then you watch their demeanor change throughout the night as the situation deteriorates, they are having to come up with stuff to say on the fly, because they never even considered the possibility of him winning, it culminates with Van Jones effectively calling half the American population racists, this even after they have elected and re-elected Barrack Hussein Obama, and finally Martha Raddatz nearly crying on-air when Trump is declared the winner, It was SNL worthy, I can't help but wonder what exactly they thought the man was going to do, the POTUS is actually very limited in his powers, Obama said being the President was like steering a huge ocean liner, all you can do is make a small correction and maybe it will change course ten years down the line, so it's probably foolish for either side to panic if their man is not elected, it won't be much different for us folk either way, It's mostly the career bureaucrats that are running everything anyway, but I still hope to see another meltdown on CNN this fall Haha!
  3. Colt takes one hit in the Alabama game, and a guy that has never been injury prone is paralysed like he received a Vulcan Pinch, this sends our NC winning coach into some kind of midlife crisis, and he starts telling the team things like "We've got macaroni and cheese for lunch today!" and ruined football for the next 12 years It's always seemed weird to me how you can almost pinpoint the exact moment we started sucking. What disappeared in that moment was leadership, and all of the stupid crap that Herman and the other buffoons tried to improve the "Culture" was just an embarrassing joke, It is so nice to have a competent, hungry coach again, and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.
  4. I thought this was Purgatory - "A place or state of temporary suffering or misery" It's pretty hot in here, I am starting to wonder if you guys sent me to the right place. If nobody ever makes it out of here then i have to question the whole Surly Horns idea. This "Purgatory" is just a way to claim that you don't remove people's accounts if they disagree with you - but that is exactly what you do. I said nothing that could be considered hate speach or "Shouted fire in a crowded theater" You just didn't agree with what I said. Don't you think there are other people on this site that are watching what they say, making sure it's within the limits of what is "Allowed" so they don't get their accounts removed? Especially the ones that have been on here for years, they have a lot invested and don't want to start over - probably some of the most insightful voices on here. You think you are winning all the debates with these ones? It probably feels that way, but it's pretty easy to do if the other side cannot speak. You already control most all of the media, do you really need a full monopoly on here as well? The only real value this site could possibly have, if any, would be if people with different views could discuss issues here in a in a format that you couldn't find on television or anywhere else. This could seriously be an important site. So disappointing
  5. You guys were right all along. Donald Trump is a criminal moron. Fox News is nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the Republican Party. Abortion, immigration, climate change, you guys were right about everything. I have come to my senses, I guess it just takes some of us a little longer. I have not been dressing in drag, but I have started wearing some unusaul underware. So, let's turn this state blue! I want to spread the word, and a good start would be giving me back my privileges here on Surly, what do you say?
  6. This was so dumb I couldn't help myself. Let me get this straight, you just removed one of the few dissenting voices from your site, I was burning your ears, and now you are giving me the sage advice to widen my sources of ideas and information? Haha, you guys are dangerously stupid.
  7. After thinking it over, you guys can keep your Safe Space. May karma come and bite you in the ass with a microaggression. I have a few people in real life I have to take shit from, you clowns are not on that short list. So, fuck off it's time to watch some football.
  8. Thank You Immamac, good thing football season is starting, I got bored and wandered over into the Cloak Room, Idle Hands
  9. Joe lives in Austin now, if you see him around walk up and tell him that
  10. This was on Tucker Carlson last night. Mark Zuckerberg tells Joe Rogan that Facebook algorithmically censored the Hunter Biden laptop story based on a general request from the FBI to restrict election misinformation. This was just a couple of weeks before the election, when the New York Post had just broken the story. The FBI had the laptop since 2019, so they of course knew it was real. They not only sat on it for a couple of years until the election was over, they actively helped spread the lie that it was Russian misinformation. This was apparently a big reason that Twitter completely censored the story and Facebook partially censored it. The FBI is now directly interfering in our free election process.
  11. Last five years recruiting class rankings, Texas vs. Baylor (2018) Texas 3rd Baylor 29th (2019) Texas 3rd Baylor 36th (2020) Texas 8th Baylor 49th (2021) Texas 15th Baylor 41st (2022) Texas 5th Baylor 37th 2021 Texas Longhorns, finish 5-7, unranked, did not go to a bowl game, lost to Kansas at home, quit playing after first half of OU game, lost 6 games in a row, shit themselves, quit on their coaches and families, made lifelong fans want to stop watching football, humiliated themselves and their school, unranked in final AP poll 2021 Baylor Bears, finish 12-2, beat OSU to win Big 12 Championship, beat Ole Miss to win Sugar Bowl, 5th in final AP poll So much for class rankings This team quit last year, simple as that. For anyone that ever played football in the backyard that is hard to wrap your head around. Why quit? If for nothing else your personal dignity, have a little pride in yourself for f**ks sake. It drove Coach Davis so crazy he almost had a psychotic breakdown, and at the time it seemed like a reasonable take on the situation. Whoever is injured, who is playing edge, who lines up at QB - all just noise. This team could win with either guy if they showed up to play. Until this issue is addressed nothing else matters. This loser mentality is so deeply entrenched at this point it will take someone truly special to pull them out of it. I like Sarkesian, he's a great OC, and maybe a great HC, but it will be some heavy lifting getting this group to play. This team deserves no beneefit of the doubt. Still pretty much the same crew that laid down for Kansas, entitled, underachieving losers until proven differenty.
  12. You liberals don't generally have your own clearly thought out views on matters. All you do is recite whatever you have been told is the correct point of view from your professors and the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC. And that is why you resort to name calling, acusations, whatever it takes to try to intimidate the other side into shutting their mouths. It's a disingenuous way to win an argument. What are you so afraid of? if you have it all figured out why not just have a calm discussion? Express your point of view and allow others to do the same. Dazzle us. You want conservatives to just shut up. And to an extent that works, there are basically none commenting on this board for example. But that doesn't mean those people cease to exist. You think there are not a million conservatives on Surly? a sports site in Texas? Probably most of the folks on this board are consevative. They still exist, they just choose not to come here and engage with you for obvious reasons. Congratulations on making them shut up. But you are not convincing them of anything, you are not intimidating them, and you are not keeping them from voting. I really don't see the point.
  13. Well boys, it turns out the laptop is real. I realize you liberals are generally dishonest and hypocritical, and will proudly boast that you don't care about any of this, but for that small fraction of you with honesty, self-awarness and some knowledge of history this should be very concerning. And it puts a few questions to rest. (1) Is the president's son a drug abusing, whore monger, living off of his father's political position? Why, yes he is. (2) Is the media completely corrupt and essentially just a propaganda arm of the Democratic party? Apparently. (3) Has Joe Biden, Hunter biden, and Joe's brother (Basically the whole family) made careers out of influence peddling? Looks like it. (4) Did about 50 current and former intelligence figures knowingly lie and claim the laptop was "Russian Disinformation" to help defeat Trump? Yes, probably most of them knew it was real, Hunter never denied that any of it, some media outletts reported it accuratly (5) Did corporate and social media platforms intentionally black out the story to help defeat Trump? Yes The election was so close, especially in a handfull of swing states that this likely changed the election outcome. The fact that most liberals I speak with acknoledge this is all true but claim to not care is simply frightning. This is way bigger than Donald Trump. I personally believe that Trump is a baffoon, but we cannot have a functioning democracy without the media being at least somewhat impartial.
  14. It starts with him trying to humiliate her with a pie in the face - Three Stooges style. He needs to be put down. In the prison world he will just be an average sized guy. Enjoy your stay dumbass.
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