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  1. I fail to understand how the coaching situation at Paetow is going to effect Hicks final decision? I know his dad is interim coach, but if his dad is dictating where his kid is going due to some bullshit going on with his job, then he is the shittiest parent ever. Why does Paetow admin care if he is at A&M, OU or UT?
  2. It would get tested in court, but they do have the power to pull federal funding for any of the schools who don't meet the guidelines. Not sure how popular pulling Science grants would be for universities who didn't follow athletic rules.
  3. Vasek to Sooners https://twitter.com/ColtonVasek/status/1554195306761314304?s=20&t=ooOwUUdx3PsiyQCnDVIclQ
  4. I believe they are asking for their name because they want to google more pics of said girl, not to feel like they know them.
  5. Don't underestimate Aggie. They probably plan on launching a new program this year where they make a ring for every SEC win.
  6. Also, does he realize that Narativ and Naritiv are pronounced differently? The first is pronounced like Narrative, the second? Who the fuck knows?
  7. It's still going to not end well, but https://thenaritiv.com/
  8. I just like to imagine him smiling down on all of us cooking up an amazing Godfather's pizza.
  9. I think there is a possibilty of a violation here and most likely is, but what is provable? Aggy didn't have a NIL collective when they got the #1 class, so are any of these considered boosters? If it's a company that is sponsoring his NIL contract, is there anything to prevent them saying to not play any games until his college career to prevent injury? I doubt it. Also, I've been told on this site that none of these were NIL deals, seems to me maybe some were. If there isn't a NIL contract here, seems like Aggy is really screwing themselves as White can just blow the whistle if they don't pay him. I will also add that playing in a Pennsylvania high school all star game doesn't increase any market value for a company especially one based in Texas. If he blows out his knee and misses his freshman year it hurts it.
  10. NCAA rules are can't use as an inducement (really hard to prove unless someone fucks up), schools can't offer, and has to be Fair Market Value (impossible to govern). There is nothing about getting paid as a high schooler. Puma signed a multi million dollar deal with a basketball player in NC. If this player played in public school then he would no longer be able to play based on NC laws, but since he is in private it didn't effect him at all.
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