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  1. Count me in on the team that doesn't want our transfer portal thread to have to reference aggy. We have two other threads here at all times for that.
  2. I was wanting us to tamper with Sheppard during last off season and bring him in. He had a solid year this year (47, 684, 8 ) but not as good as last year when he went for 60, 766, and 9. A lot of that has to do with weaker QB play. He could be a very solid Mitchell replacement.
  3. Was good friends with this guy's older brother in college. He's going to be very solid.
  4. Agreed completely on the MM take. Don't know how anyone was calling for him after the spring game. I guess we start him again next week because it's away, or else we may have seen Arch start if this game was at DKR.
  5. Jeff Choate will be at Jasper this weekend to see Tyanthony Smith
  6. Top WR targets in this class (with Ryan Williams reclassifying) should be Moore, Andrew Marsh and Marcus Harris. Taz Williams is very underrated too. I'd love a haul with those 3 or 4.
  7. I'm pretty young myself, but seeing kids named after LeBron are high school aged and being recruited is crazy. Jesus.
  8. John Rhys Plumlee is out for "a few weeks" according to Malzahn, so I don't know if UCF will be making it into the polls.
  9. I think they roll with Milroe or Holstein for this year, and Sayin wins the job as a true freshman next year.
  10. Liepold signed a looong extension this offseason. Looks like the buyout is $6M "Kansas football coach Lance Leipold has signed a new contract that will keep him at KU through the 2029 season, the Jayhawk athletic department announced Tuesday. According to the contract details, Leipold’s contract begins at $5.0 million for the 2023 season and increases by $100,000 every year through 2029. It averages out to $5.3 million and tops out at $5.6 million in 2029. Here are the buyout figures for the deal: If Leipold terminates the deal on or before April 30, 2023 it’s $12.5 million. The buyout drops to $6 million on May 1, 2023 and to $5 million on May 1, 2024."
  11. https://vaporapparel.com/collections/quinn-ewers
  12. Antonio Gates Jr. is there, but plays WR. Add some weight to him and play him at TE.
  13. Ryan Williams as a reclassified 2024 is a better prospect than current Micah Hudson, imo. Getting him to flip and reclassify would be enormous,
  14. They were so convinced after week 1 that this year was different with "Petrino calling the offense." lol
  15. Ah yes, everyone is aware of our neutral site game annually against Kansas in Lawrence, KS. Definitely not a road game.
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