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  1. I find your ideas fascinating and would like to subscribe to your newsletter
  2. Nothing good ever results from stuff like this. it either gets blown into something it wasn't, or it was indeed as bad or worse than reported.
  3. not directed at you, because that statement has been a boring, unoriginal staple used in sports for at least 40 years now.. holy shit i cringe when i see or hear it. it's just a lazy ass cliche the only time i like reading or hearing cliches is when i'm watching bull durham
  4. It's a proposed bill pushed by a former athlete.. one of hundreds that get proposed every year. The same bill died and went no where last year. They are still morons, though.
  5. TCU loves them some former baylor / briles coaches: Kendal Briles OC - ex Baylor coach Gillespie DC - coached with Art Briles for 5-6 years at stephenville Kazadi S&C - former Baylor S&C coach for 7-8 with Art Briles at Baylor. I think he was with art at UH, too but don't quote me on that. Calrton Buckels cornerbacks - former Baylor cornerbacks coach (2011-2016)
  6. we can substitute and we can simplify. tail is often used in lieu of ass; = we're assgrabbing your ass we could also divide each side by ass. we're assgrabbing your ass ------------ ------ (assgrabbing / ass = grabbing; ass/ass = 1, or ass) ass ass two possible solutions: = we're assgrabbing your ass = we're grabbing your ass.
  7. I can see 6-6 or 7-5, which is what they could have easily been this year.
  8. those teams couldn't be more different in how they won games. baylor physically beat on people. the only reason scores were closer than a beating would suggest is because their offense was fucking pathetic (and still is). they also railroaded ole miss in the sugar bowl after winning the ccg tcu won a bunch of games this year, pulling wins out of their ass. good teams can come from behind and win - which tcu did. great teams don't need to come from behind often because falling behind isn't something they make a habit of doing.
  9. they were a 7-5 team that got every bounce and break imaginable this year. that all ended tonight.
  10. herb or the other moron suggesting they may be the flag bearer was funny. also - they didn't win the big 12
  11. i forgot how much of an idiot herbshit is. his dumb ass just said the big 12s and pac 12s don't belong with the big 10s of the world. I guess that idiot doesn't know the big 10 is 0-3 in its last 3 cfb playoff games
  12. surprised it took them this long to start talking about Deion
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