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  1. It wasn't that these good Ags were talking shit about a tragic event, the people who reported the incident made that up, the cops who threw them out assumed that was what happened without asking around, and the social media account of the local police went along with it because they were all part of the BOMC? The other explanation seems more plausible that these guys are dirt bags and should be shunned by all parties.
  2. I suppose that fact we haven't purchased billboards declaring welcome to Longhorn Country in Florida being he biggest difference?
  3. One of my favorite ATM fantasies is their consistent belief that they are at the center of our strategies, objectives and success measurements. They are not at the center. The are not on the periphery. They are not present at all.
  4. Still one of the greatest thread titles on Surly. Makes me laugh every time it gets bumped. Thanks @Beau Vine
  5. With all due respect, I consider Houston huge tracts of Texas swamp land
  6. Olivia and Isabella Mathers. Aussies.
  7. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/40140124/100-days-college-football-top-games-players-contenders 100 days out, ESPN takes a shot at what to watch in the upcoming season. Teams on the rise, key games, new coaches, lots of Texas, GA, OSU, AL. What I didn't see was a single mention of an AM player, coach, team or game of interest, other than when they play us. Little Brother is properly back in the corner with their shine box.
  8. Maybe he initiated the whole blackmail thing with her and this is his way of trying to cover his tracks in what is now a criminal matter. That would be on brand for Aggie.
  9. Saw the same 13 do a pretty good job of holding off a Cam Williams block in the flat only to whiff on the tackle, not sure if same play. The farther from the line he played the less impressive he looked. Seems like I've seen that before with our Safeties.
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