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  1. So you're never really on the thread.
  2. Why does every game week thread break down into a shitty music discussion (see Week 1 Rice)? Can't we have the sponsors pick what runaway train line we'll pick each week: Tv gameshows, 70s hair styles, worst country in the world, hottest woman you've ever met, best bar fight. There are hundreds of choices but here we are: Shitty Music and Cheese Puns - Welcome to Surly Game Week. Gouda thing it's Friday.
  3. Things I learned at Alabama Friday and Saturday Night: 1) Traveling as a group of 6 mostly chill, fairly thick skinned dudes keeps the peace and the drive by BS to a minimum. 2) Attractive women are plentiful in Tuscaloosa on game weekend. 3) Walking through Fraternity houses is a fun exercise - however, see #1 above. 4) If an attractive women does horns down to you, if you immediately laugh and do it back to them they are shocked, you become the coolest guy ever, and you get to hear their life story whether you want to or not. 5) Lots of Auburn fans hiding in the weeds all weekend. They all came out of hiding post game. 6) AL must have a high electricity bill, because the scoreboard was turned off while we were still in our seats. 7) Post game got very sketchy, very quickly on the streets outside the bars. 90min post game was no place to be walking around in orange.
  4. We are losing a one score game. Mudhole or bust. I'm there for it either way.
  5. You think Aggie would remember at least one hostile B12 stadium
  6. He needs to watch more Rodgers tape, burn the Mahomes tape.
  7. Must have run it on 3rd and short then, as I saw that formation at least 3 times.
  8. This right here. Rice had an actual 4th down play design. I know this cause they ran it at least three times and converted at least twice, on the exact same play out of the exact same formation. Bunch formation, qb under-center, three backs behind him. Worked for Tom Brady - should work for us.
  9. T - 26 A - 24 313yds Lots of TV timeouts
  10. Disney needs big SEC win after FLA gets boat raced in SLC
  11. This is an interesting point. They seemed rattled by the crowd intensity for part of the game but for the most part it seemed they were coached to "color outside the lines" a bit. They had some bonehead plays for sure (I'm looking at you Mr Defensive POY) However, they were holding in the defensive secondary on almost every play. Lot's of offensive line holding. Not quite as overt as OU maybe, but pretty consistent. They seemed mystified that those were penalties in Austin. The question is, will they be penalties in AL?
  12. Klatt is the Fox mouthpiece. He loved on us and hated on ATM every chance he got last couple years. We were the B12 bell cow. Now we are leaving, Fox gets new BIG12 contract/structure, and he's changed his tune. He's now on a "I'm from Missouri - show me" stance with Texas for 2023. Gonna be lots of 2 negatives, 1 positive above the program from him all year. Expect the gloves to come off with a heavy anti Texas campaign from him starting a year from now. (or right after Mich game)
  13. This is the worst game week thread in the history of Surly.
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