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  1. Just saw that, dammit. RIP sir. Unsung hero of many of my favorite bands, as mentioned above.
  2. I know somewhere on here it's been discussed, because someone brought up the Whittakers, that's how I found the channel. Wow. The wife and I spent a whole evening watching some of those. Sad thing is, we both have some relatives that are not that far off, on the poverty/low education level anyway, not the straight-line family tree... And like the Whittakers, they are perfectly happy. I really like that the guy doesn't judge at all, just wants to capture the human condition from all sides, and try to help out if he can. Something to be learned from that.
  3. 512 IPA for me, Shiner Cheer for the missus, this after a pitcher of Blood and Honey
  4. Ah, that makes sense now, lil fish just got a charity scholly to be a kicker at Samford, nsiap
  5. Checking Discogs it looks like it does
  6. Screenshot of the insert from the 7-inch single.
  7. AI is the greatest and worst thing to ever happen to music
  8. Very cool story about the clock on the back cover of the single...
  9. Went to see Genesis at the Astrodome on their We Can’t Dance tour, they held their tour rehearsals in that hangar. Also, grew up off of I-10 west of Sealy, whenever there would be a big UT football game they would sent the blimp out the Friday before and it would fly right over our house. That’s all I got.
  10. Because pizza and beer for supper wasn’t enough, just a final fuck you to the diet, well there’s always tomorrow
  11. Buddy Rich Oh, not for his drumming, for his ability to rip his band to shreds afterwards...
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