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  1. No power here in Taylor since 10:30. Drove around some at lunchtime, every single house we saw had tree damage, saw oak trees split open like demogorgons. Now, drizzling heavy, watched three houses on our block lose 20 foot plus branches within two minutes, as Supertramp said, things are very very bad, they will get much much worse.
  2. Very underrated track, relatively unknown since it only came out on an EP and then on a couple of greatest hits comps.
  3. Pretty damn solid 1-2 punch to kick off that album as well...
  4. Already lost power 5 times here in Taylor. In about 20 minutes. Power's on now, 15 min so far, we'll see how long that lasts. At least ERCOT is right down the street, I can go bang on the front door or at least leave a sternly-worded letter...
  5. Yeah, back in high school (early 80s) there was a cover band in our area that played all the current hits, but they would always end their dances with either "China Grove" (that would be good add to the list too) or "Never Been Any Reason".
  6. Green Grass and High Tides - Outlaws Never Been Any Reason - Head East Don't Misunderstand Me - Rossington Collins Band Nicole - Point Blank
  7. In your OWN home? Is that the law says? Good. Good good.
  8. Saw the Eagles (I know man... Christmas present from our son to my wife, her bucket list band...) from the 200s, felt plenty close to the stage and sound was impeccable.
  9. OK, this guy is my new favorite twitter follow...
  10. I swear I saw another photo of this painting a few days ago, but you couldn't see much of the face, just mainly the finger pointing, because I remember wondering what the full painting looked like (can't find the other one right now...). If you look at this guy's twitter feed, I think it's a really subtle troll job, case in point:
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