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  1. Never read the book, but the movie started me on a Tom Clancy kick, from Red Storm Rising (1986) through Debt of Honor (1994). Just realized that coincided with our son (2nd child) being born, and that pretty much ended any free time I had for reading...
  2. Mas Fajitas, on Main St past Dairy Queen, used to be Hardee's years ago and then a Chinese restaurant after that...
  3. Sorry, it wasn't explicitly laid out, but Thomas Schnauz did say in an interview that they were the same person, so an implied easter egg I guess.
  4. A little easter egg - in Breaking Bad, when Saul was pitching the laser tag place as a possible money laundering front and also as a place to start making meth again, he mentions the owner "Danny". As revealed last night, "Danny" was Daniel Wormald, aka the Squat Cobbler.
  5. Went to one of the Tex-mex places here in Taylor and they had a new item, cheese enchiladas topped with carne guisada, it did not suck. No pics, will do better next time.
  6. Something that I just thought about - since Kim and Jimmy were married, even though it was years ago, and Francesca mentioned hearing clicks on her phone, I wonder if the feds are watching Kim and have her phones tapped as well? Maybe Jimmy hears the tell tale clicks, freaks out and hangs up? Probably not though, would not explain the wild gesticulations he was doing prior to smashing the phone. I will throw it out as a possibility however; the feds trace the call to Omaha, put out a dragnet, somehow catch Saul, and Kim comes in at the end to represent him. They show those cops approaching a house in the end teaser, but they could be approaching Gene's house, no the cancer guy. Misdirection. Also, I have a feeling Marion getting exposed to Youtube is going to lead to her somehow stumbling across something about Saul/Gene...
  7. Thomas Schanuz in an interview with Entertainment Weekly said we will hear exactly what that conversation was...
  8. The money doesn't matter at all. Read several articles today including an interview with Thomas Schnauz, plain and simple Jimmy/Saul/Gene is an addict, and pulling scams is his drug. He just can't NOT do it. He has to get over on everybody, no matter what the cost.
  9. Upgraded to a new computer and am copying everything from my old one(s), ran across a video I downloaded years ago of the 1989 concert in Venice. Great show, best parts screencapped below:
  10. I’m a child of the’70s-80’s, but did anyone actually watch Max Headroom? I just remember the Coke commercials and the Art of Noise video. I know there was a tv show, what the hell was it about? I guess I was busy chasing tail at the time…_
  11. Looks like yttv added a few channels including the Weather Channel. Only way I found out was because KVUE was gone from my guide so I went to go investigate, not sure why but it was at the bottom of the channel list, you will have to go manually add it back to your grid.
  12. You would think that, but who the hell knows with this show? They've got 3 timelines they can bounce around in, anything is up for grabs, although they've got roughly 3 hours left to do it...
  13. Couple of cool things I found on youtube. First, the whole sub-text of Gene wanting to be Saul again, sitting at home watching his old commercials... Compare the opening credits from season 1 to season 6 (and especially the one from this last episode where basically the tape broke/wore out) Secondly, remember that every teaser comes back in some way. This last episode we had the "Jeff pulling up in his cab and getting out" visual, along with the "After all that... a happy ending" and the "Don't get greedy..." sound bites, though not in the misdirection they used it in the teaser. So we have the new teaser from the other night, with the crossroads, but we also have the teaser of Kim reciting her law oath with the candle with Howard's blood on it. So from past history, we are going to get to see Kim reciting that oath. I think Jimmy/Saul comes clean in the end and Kim represents him. But maybe not... Also been pointed out how Marion is much more of a sharp cookie than Jeff, she may have something on Jimmy/Saul/Gene that complicates things. She mentions that Jeff had some rough times back in ABQ, but what if she lived there for a while also? She may be running a con on him that we haven't seen yet... Just spitballin'.
  14. Reminds me of some Arky hick what was friends with my parents back in the day, "Oh, ZZ Top, I love him!".
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