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  1. No meetings on the schedule this morning, let’s goooooooo
  2. Fuck you Dotard!! hahhhahahahahah
  3. Suarez! Vamos amigo!
  4. 135 in a 2002 ws6 ram air trans am 125 in a 2003 lightning 125 in 1998 z28 Ah to be 16-18 and doing stupid shit. I don’t miss that. Lol.
  5. This piece of shit is top 5 worst humans in the history of humanity.
  6. I just want this to fucking end. Just fucking end already. JUST FUCKING CEASE TO EXIST.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2jozrToIGT/?igsh=NjY3OWJvZWFla2dt Prolly best thread for me to post this in. SICCKKKKKKK.
  8. Pics of friend to help you determine if paying the extra money for her account is worth it?
  9. Formula 1 is a reality tv show/circus. Money talks and anything goes! Welcome to the clown show! I’m here for it!
  10. I’m sure he wasn’t just randomly sending dick pics to his employees. Sounds like a setup. Dumb as fuck regardless. If rumours are true about RB being split between his camp and the helmet fuck, then the helmet camp did whatever they needed to do to get rid of horny. This means adios Checo. Checo to MB for 2025 as number 2 to compliment Russel and spill all the red bull beans to Totto. Checos way of saying fuck you helmet!! Let’s roll!!!!
  11. lol, dumb ass me thinking no one gave a shit about Lewis to Ferrari in the 2023 thread. I’ve got 363 posts to read. Excellent.
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