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  1. Finished the recruit. I like how quickly things move.
  2. I need to pick Fauda back up. I watched 1 season and got side tracked. But legit.
  3. 4 episodes in on The Recruit. Pretty good so far.
  4. It’ll be some online access type bullshit library. Servers will crash often since he’ll never pay the maintenance fees. He’ll charge $75 per click to view screenshots of stupid shit he would screen shot or “clippings” of stolen documents. Fuck this guy!
  5. Shit hole, fuck you Qatar.
  6. His brother just posted saying he believes he was killed. Grant was wearing rainbow shirts (in support of his gay brother) and was getting death threats. Fuck Qatar!!!! https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cl-JMepju1-/?igshid=YWJhMjlhZTc= Edit. I didn’t read article, I now see the brother stuff is in there.
  7. “Unprecedented cures”… He can’t do shit to what’s coming to him other than foment violence and more hammer attacks on the people “attacking him”.
  8. More threats, cool. Motherfucker will become more unhinged as indictments and prison loom and eventually flee to that rat hole Russia. He’ll leave a pile of shit maga terrorists behind with calls for violence. He’ll guide them through his bullshit social media channels and Vlad will be laughing his ass off as terrorist acts increase in the US perpetrated by those maga loon fucks. Congrats dumb fuck GOPers.
  9. Wow this sounds wild! I’m always amazed at the endurance of those Moto/Quad riders. Tons of good stuff on YouTube filmed with GoPros and good cameras on peoples phones etc:
  10. So a coupla’ of unarmed gay folks had more balls than an entire platoon of armed “bad asses” from Uvalde… Holy shit, the blue line should start looking at the LGBTQ community on how to grow balls and save lives.
  11. LA CONCHA DE SU REPUTA MADRE!!!! It’s not gonna workout for Perez.
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