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  1. $250 each. Get in price now $304 before fees on stubhub for when the defending champs come to town. Section 109. Let’s win that Big 12 title 🤘🏽
  2. Section 109, row S. $85 each. Second to last home game vs great ISU team. Thanks and Hook ‘Em!
  3. Have 4 for tomorrow’s game vs OU! Message me if interested
  4. They sold so not sure what you’re laughing about
  5. I got 2 in section 127, row 31 for 350 each!
  6. I have 2 in section 126, row 31!
  7. the four in 127 together have a badass view! please message me with an offer if you're interested! those are going for over $500 after fees on stubhub. thanks!
  8. i have 4 really nice seats in section 27!
  9. hey there! i have 3-4! would love to get rid of 4 instead of 3 though! and happy early birthday!
  10. Hey y'all! I have 4 together in section 127 (amazing view) and 1 solo in section 121! If you need someone to vouch for me, I have some peeps! message me if interested! thanks!
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