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  1. Team 221… whatever it takes
  2. In retirement, my pops has started camping a hell of a lot more often albeit in his pull behind camper. A few months ago when I was with him I noticed the shitty excuse for a camp hatchet he had, so I’m going to get him a new one for Christmas. It will get a lot of use, so I’m not looking for something fancy, just quality. I have a Prandi that I really like, so I’m thinking either a Prandi or Ned Foss. Any thoughts between the two or other recs around that $50 price point? http:// Prandi German Style Hatchet - PRA0306TH https://a.co/d/6Bwd8V7 http:// NedFoss 15" Hatchet, Chopping Axes and Hatchets for Wood Splitting and Kindling, Forged Carbon Steel Bushcraft Axe Head Beech Wood Handle, Retro Leather Sheath https://a.co/d/28NxF5v
  3. Man my project has been FOREVER slow. Getting close to done though. Putting green just went in, structure done, appliances in, now we wait on low voltage lighting, AV equipment install, stone work touch up, landscaping and grading the yard, gutters and fixing a leak in the skimmer basket throats. Signed the contract a year ago, broke ground 7 months ago. So fucking slow.
  4. Bathrooms that are only for women, men, and people with erections
  5. Just found this thread while looking for gator ideas. Yeah, I just bought a gator to be delivered just before my 40th. Now I have to figure out how to cook him. I didn’t kill him, but this thread seemed like a good spot. Stock photo of what is coming. I did however take a good chunk of Sandies from lake Ray Roberts a few weeks ago and fried those bad boys up. They were delicious.
  6. Forgot to post this. Hit up Ray Roberts fishing for Sandies. Caught about 60 between the three of us, but didn’t get anything other than a cat for the first two hours. A cold front blew through the night before and it was windy and overcast.
  7. Well. I gave it the ol college try, but mine couldn’t survive. He did however leave his demon spluge in my flower bed, so maybe next year I will have a home grown demon.
  8. Ok, well now I'm looking for 10 tickets. Probably going to have to split up the group I bet.
  9. Looking to buy 4 for Baylor the day after Thanksgiving. I may have a few more in tow as well, so if you have more than 4, I may be interested in more.
  10. I really need to start keeping some zip ties in my truck for such occasions.
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