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  1. Who says "almost 79%"... Also, 2012 was probably the last year the AAS earned a profit.
  2. Think it's true ivory? I didn't think you could source ivory anymore. Buy it for the grips alone.
  3. love muzzle loading shotguns. can shoot anything in them.
  4. Surly field trip? Beautiful revolver.
  5. Haven't even started conference play and our logo is already in the "future of the conference" discussion. Embrace the hate.
  6. Cynical me says it's about the money but I haven't really delved into any of the decision-making - the one criticism I've read is that the new rifle is a lot heavier. Excited to hear what others post. I have no info on the new 6.8mm cartridge.
  7. That started really fucking loud... just fyi to those with dogs and small children and heart conditions.
  8. No restaurant list is complete without mention of Dart Bowl, Players, Huts, and a lesser-known gem, the Filling Station where you could get deep fried tortilla wrapped hotdogs called tailpipes with cheesy fries - assuming you had line of site to a bathroom about 20 min after eating.
  9. is that a p365 (or which variation)?
  10. Damn, i was hoping for at least a massive explosion with I35 cars dodging hurled bricks and maybe winging 1 or 2 of the more modern high rises with some steel beams... Stripping her down like that seems cheap and tawdry.
  11. I really want this knife... any experience with Chris Reeves or Tanto blades? Sebenza 31 Box Elder Burl Tanto – Chris Reeve Knives
  12. I really wish I knew how you know this :). But yeah, you're probably right.
  13. His body is naturally inclined to resist drug toxicity.. the mofo is gonna outlive us all, Keith Richards style.
  14. Yeah, kinda sucks it's guaranteed... at least it's just 7 years in case shit hits the fan... I'm sure the negotiation went: Steve, we'll pay you $10mil a year for 7 years, with X% buy-out. Steve's agent comes back and says, Sark Enterprises demands $12 mil a year with those buyout terms. And UT comes back and says, let's just kill the buyout and stick with the $10mil.
  15. Only advice I'd give CJ is to say in 5 words what he typically says in 25... he's verbose and then seems to lose his train of thought. Just spit it out, sometimes less is more. It's a sign when Bobby's response is "gotcha.." and then moves on to the next topic. Having said that, he's not painful to listen to or anything.
  16. I see the love for Oregon continues...
  17. There used to be roll tied willie on 3rd and Congress every morning around 8am. Not sure if he's still there, i don't office downtown no more.
  18. I loved that place as a kid :)....
  19. Haha, nice. I shot my red rider so much the spring broke on it
  20. man.. takes me back. i could legit shoot flies off shit at 20 paces with mine. And those little green army men? Forget about it, I could knock them off from halfway across the yard.
  21. I bought a '21 heritage LC200 too. Had a guy at the Bucees outside of Houston ask me to name my price for it last year. Nice, share pics once it comes in! change your own oil?
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