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  1. now, now little butterfly... no need to use the R-word...
  2. I thought we always rooted for an asteroid in these situations.
  3. focusness assholes! let's do this! first ranch water in T-minus 45 minutes.
  4. Aren't those like... Tech numbers? Good Gawd.
  5. I mean, I love people watching... and I love bbq... family reunions offer both. And if you're lucky, banana pudding. How can you NOT go????
  6. if we're doing one-offs (which I'm highly in favor of)... howbout preparing for a hurricane with the plywood on the inside of the glass... that pic never gets old.
  7. List Eater deserves an honorable mention.
  8. ^ Kinda offensive to mongoloids...
  9. Bjork is going to be proven as inept as every other mouth breathing aggy exec the last few years... He's out there in front of the camera while (I assume) CDC is behind the scenes polishing knobs... idk.. I'm just guessing we'll get the bigger end of the wishbone. okay then... thanks Billie.
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