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  1. Based on this recent draft, I am not going to question people over-ranking QBs.
  2. Blue's biggest issue will be the depth at RB next year. This was a really bad RB year and it helped Brooks. Next year you have guys like Judkins, Ollie Gordon, Treyvon Henderson, Etienne, PSU guys, Edwards, Tajh Brooks (tech). Things can change, but it is expected to be a loaded RB class with a lot of returning production. https://www.nflmockdraftdatabase.com/big-boards/2025/consensus-big-board-2025?pos=RB
  3. If memory is correct it was Cover 3 and he just got beat, which is really bad given it’s 3rd and 17. Situational football and all.
  4. Maybe I have things mixed up, but I thought Black got roasted by Wingo down the sideline in a 3rd and ~17. Also you have to given Holmes a little slack, Bond almost ripped his helmet off on his long TD. Without the blatant facemask, I am not sure that play ends the same
  5. https://www.on3.com/teams/michigan-wolverines/news/michigan-cornerback-dj-waller-enters-ncaa-transfer-portal/ Says a back-up CB that was expected to compete for the #2 CB spot. Based on him entering the portal, it’s probably fair to say the competition did not go well for him
  6. I think it is fair to say something is not clicking with the secondary. They have struggled consistently with switch concepts and things like leverage (spring game being the latest example). Rob B has been droning on about that stuff for basically 3 years. While I agree that the secondary was lacking in athleticism. This was not just a case of being out athleted. I believe it was Sark that came out talking about leverage in the secondary late in the season last year and we saw a change (right around the ISU game). I dont know who is responsible, but getting your secondary to understand the coverages and communicate is on the coaches. There is just far too many breakdowns happening to say it is simply a lack of speed.
  7. According to Bobby this sounds like a decent player wanted star NIL money and Sark said no. Perhaps Sark said "No, that money is slotted for Tacario Davis". Welcome to the new world of college football
  8. His talent is undeniable. I am not goign to say he has to start, but Sark needs to get him in the rotation. The delta between 1st string WRs and the rest was pretty wide last year. That does not appear to be the case this year. Wingo looks like he can be special. It will be interesting to see how big the rotation is at WR this year. I am pretty certain it will extend beyond basically 3 last year, will it hit 6?
  9. You have to add the 11 rushes for 71 yards and 2 TDs.
  10. Not a lot of LBs that have a chance to run with Blue. That is just a mismatch.
  11. It was a mixed bag. Kobe Black having a rough day. Filsame putting his helmet in his hands after taking a poor angle on Thatcher TD (which was funny). Those are can be chalked up to youth. Brooks blowing a coverage and Taafe having some rough moments are concerning
  12. Already buying my tickets to Canton to see Arch’s Hall of fame entrance. Vasek looked really good. Edge is going to be a strength.. Wingo is going to be really good. January flashed. Savea was active. Washington going to be a very good TE. Secondary struggled. I would blow off the poor communication, but saw to much of that last year.
  13. That was my 1st thought, but we havent seen what Bryant or Mitchell look like. Until we see the product on the field it is hard to really question. This is Surly, so I am sure if they struggle on field there will be plenty of comments about it.
  14. PFF grades on interior DL last year. #1 T Sweat (91.7). #2 B Murphy (91.1). #60 Alfred Collins (79.9). #270 Bill Norton (70.6). #312 Damonic Williams (69.4). #393 Trill Carter (67.2) #398 Vernon Broughton (67.1) #788 Jay Toia (56.4).
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