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  1. He added if Mom and Grandmom show up with him it is real. If they do not, it is unlikely
  2. Every DC is going to go after the guards in pass pro. Its hard to run complex pressure packages when it is 2nd 6 or 3rd and 3. Texas cant find themselves in a lot fo of 3rd and 8s like the Rice game. Until Quinn and the OL grown up, the best way to protect them is to stay ahead of the chains.
  3. That worked well for Tom Herman vs ISU or Sark vs TCU.
  4. This isa reflection of what many people have talked about in here. 3rd down conversions are generally a reflection of 1st and 2nd down success. Texas averaged 3rd and 8. 5 vs Rice. Numbers will get better, if Texas cleans up the pre-snap penalties, drops, missed passes, or finds a consistent run game. Getting behind the chains makes offense hard.
  5. You have 8 guys blocking. AD Mitchell is even blocking, that is kind of a give away that he doesn’t know X is getting the ball. Campbell is 5 yards downfield looking confused. 8 guys are blocking. Worthy is the only receiver on the play. It’s either a very simplistic RPO or a check that Sark put in for this game.
  6. This reminds me. Baber said that Robinson has caught 30 of the 36 passes throw his way. He averages 11+ yac and ~10 per catch. So he pretty much gets a first down every time Texas throws him the ball behind the line of scrimmage.
  7. It is usually more about concentration, than anything else. Lot of drops are guys thinking about the next move, instead of concentrating on the catch. Its like asking how can a hall of Fame WR like Terrell Owens make amazing highlight catches all the time and still be known for dropping the occasional easy pass. The big knock on Quinten Johnson comign out of college was his 11.8% drop rate and he still went in the 1st round. Some guys just dont have great hands.
  8. Why do people respond to comment and mention a single play? A play that Quinn made an excellent read on, he could of just handed it off. I am guessing you didnt notice that. Texas is averaging ~4 drops a game. The run game is inconsistent at best. Couple decent 4Qs, but let me know what you see early in games. Probably see multiple pre-snap penalties. He is one game removed from being the national darling after the Bama game.
  9. offense is kind of simple. If you stay on schedule you can be highly efficient. You face a lot of 3rd and 8s, you will probably look like shit.
  10. Unfortunately, you probably need to add per-snap penalties. I wish it was just one thing. Go through the misses this season and it is drop, poor read, poor throw, poor spacing/route, poor protection. Quinn has his issues, but overall he is not getting a lot of help. The litany of miscues makes it tough for the offense to get in rhythm.
  11. I watched that 1st one live and thought Mitchell needed to sit on the route. You throw that out in front and it is a potential pick 6. Probably should of just thrown this one through the endzone. Not so sure on the last one. Safety looks like he is in position to make a play on Sanders or Helm, spacing looks off.
  12. Sark did well running the ball vs ISU and KSU last year. You saw the extra OL and unbalanced sets. That was his answer. The issue vs Wyoming was they dared him to run and it took him awhile to accept the challenge. Sark has 1 arrow in his quiver vs the flyover, run the ball. The part he has not solved is how to throw on the flyover defense. Herman stubbled into it. He would try to run on ISU for 3Qs. Sometime in the 4Q, when he was down 2 scores, he would spread them out and let Sam throw. Texas would make a comeback and fall just short. Sark did the same thing vs TCU last year. They spread TCU late and started moving the ball. It’s much harder to disguise coverages, when you spread them out. That ability to disguise coverages and distort the count in the box kills Sarks RPO game and his window dressing. I’ll steal a line from Babers. The way to beat the flyover is to go extreme. Load up with big bodies and run it or spread them out
  13. They are giving up 4.43 per rush, which is 13th.
  14. The issue was he didn’t have to bring numbers last year. He got a lot of pressure bringing just 4. Texas really struggled vs simulated pressures (show 5-6 coming and bring 4). I can’t see him backing off of that.
  15. Aranda completely confused the OL last year with pass rush packages. I dont have much to lose, so I would t bet on him protecting the secondary
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