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  1. Starting out with the low hanging "fruit".
  2. Keep on proving me right.
  3. Oh big man(?) on Surly.
  4. Little dumbass jimmyjames. All he knows how to do is say stupid shit and neg.
  5. These has been posted before. This guy has added tons of stuff. Fun.
  6. I have a big sack of dogshit to deliver. Ain't got time for fucking donuts.
  7. So sweet to take up for your little moron friend.
  8. Thats bullshit. You are too stupid to have any "feelers".
  9. You are such a fucking idiot. Neg away dick sucker.
  10. This explains why there were two forms and how they were used. https://www.census.gov/dmd/www/pdf/d3239a.pdf
  11. It would be just like our government to have two census forms. Fucking losers.
  12. Here is the form. https://www.census.gov/history/pdf/2000_long_form.pdf
  13. I can believe that. Also makes sense why its coming out now as Barr is looking into the CIA, NSA, et. al.
  14. Citizenship question was on the 2000 census and was taken off for the 2010 census. Why is putting it back on such a big deal?
  15. I think they are called Winos
  16. Info on FBI's PCU. https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/public-corruption
  17. Considering the timing, perhaps Ole Joe is involved and this is how the Dems get rid of him. If the target was Trump this would have been sat on until after the conventions next summer and it would have been their "October Surprise".
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