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  1. Ocean acidification, coral bleaching, massive over-fishing, dredging the sea floors. and plastic garbage all throughout the oceans. We are f*cking up the oceans big time, the ultimate life support system on Planet Earth Take a few moments and watch the TED Talk by Sylvia Earle, the legendary and pioneering oceanographer. Earle is pure greatness! Some incredible imagery in the video, a talk mixed with dread and hope for the future.
  2. About rafting in the Rio Grande: -- I first rafted Santa Elena Canyon in 1993 and 1996. Both times, the river had shallow parts where we had to drag the raft around boulders and over rocks. The river levels do fluctuate, but there is no doubt the river is more shallow or dried up for longer periods of time. The dams in New Mexico are a key source of the problem, as well as overpopulation, drought, and agricultural excess. -- As the Canyon got deeper ... and water got deeper ... you could hear the sandy water quietly grinding like sandpaper carving the canyon walls. It was unreal. Will never forget it. -- The "beaches" inside the Canyon (as it snaked along) were 100% pristine. And no doubt the Canyon Walls are spectacular, rising over 1000 feet. -- At night, you could see the flashes of lightning bugs galore... and hear bat wings flapping as they zoomed in for the late-night snacks. But, the most epic experience was seeing the Milky Way rise above the towering Canyon walls, shrouded in complete and total darkness. It was like a wide ribbon of glowing stars/stardust astride the Canyon walls, which were pitch black. Majestic, magnificent, mind-blowing. -- My girlfriend and I were just in complete and total awe. Overwhelmed at times. She even shed a tear or two. A truly sublime experience. -- For a good couple of hours, we just laid on the beach looking up and sipping some tequila. It was ever more mesmerizing as our eyes adjusted to the darkness. (I think it is called the "scotopic" part of human vision.) The Milky Way seemed like it was in 3D. -- Friends, if you have never rafted the Santa Elena Canyon, put it on your bucket list. And do an overnighter to see the Milky Way. You will never forget it.
  3. Guess what? You know a bunch of fascists or fascist enablers on this very board in IRL. And, if they're not smart enough to realize that, then they are not very smart. And they're in denial of the all-too-real implications of their regressive beliefs. Yes, the media and education systems are failing them, but they are also failing themselves and the rest of us. Time's up for giving such people a free pass or any excuses. F*ck that BS.
  4. In a sane America, Trump should have been in jail by the end of 2021 for: 1) His role in the insurrection and/or 2) His role in trying to overturn the Georgia election (it's recorded!) and/or 3) His role in enabling hundreds of thousands of Covid deaths. (Sure seems like involuntary manslaughter or criminal negligence, according to various definitions of the concepts). And yet, here we are, three years later and a Democrat Attorney General is twiddling his thumbs... in the face of a fascist takeover by an insurrectionist who enabled hundreds of thousands of deaths. No need to hurry....nothing at stake.
  5. The Christians have been "insecure about their demographics" for 2000 years! That's why they have colonized all over the planet and wiped out opposition when they have political power. But, the prime reason for being anti-abortion, anti-birth control, and wanting more babies in America boils down to one core reason: to control and dominate women. -- For patriarchal insecure men/women to control and feel superior to women, especially the "educated" independent women. -- To roll back "Women's Lib" ... to minimize/marginalize any independence (economic and/or intellectual) or free spirit among women. -- To narrow the range of choices for women to live their lives. -- And for general meanness and cruelty. (And hatred of their own selves and lives.) Bottom lime, they are rolling the clock back for women. 1864 Arizona is the way station on the way back 16th Century Medievalism. Margaret Atwood saw it coming in Reagan era with Handmaid's Tale.
  6. What we must realize for MAGA-GQP-Creationists-Fundamentalists-Evangelicals is the following: -- The Ten Commandments overrules the Bill of Rights. -- The Bible overrules the Constitution. -- Sunday School overrules Law School. There is no rational or reasonable philosophy of law at issue. Just reinterpretations of the law to fit their scriptures and the theocratic ideology they are imposing on society. So do not expect sanity in any legal rulings forthcoming, as shown by Alito's medievalism in the Dobbs opinion overturning Roe. Of course, some Surly lawyers will tell us the processes of the legal system just take time to play out...
  7. Just dropped to offer a reminder: Texas is a Christian-fascist ruled state. The rulers are Christians doing what Christians have done for centuries--when they have political power. Impose domination, pain, cruelty, misery, terror, and death upon women, POC, LGTQIA, and all who are not Christians or believers in their God. History is clear on that. Let's not pretend otherwise. Time's up for Sunday School beliefs. Especially when women seeking reproductive care are fleeing for their lives and razor wire is at the Rio Grande.
  8. Thanks for this research. Yes, the BOR and BMD have aligned UT with the most racist part of America. Anyone who thinks the SEC moves was only about Big Boy Football and ESPN$$$$ is incredibly naive. Incredibly! I'll say it yet again, the SEC move was a post-BLM move to align the University of Texas with MAGA-fascism-Christian rule. Approved by Abbott to BOR to BMD, far above Del Conte and Hartzelll. End of Story.
  9. By the time MAGA-GQP are through rewriting history, the historical markers and textbooks will say: -- Christian Texans won the Battle of the Alamo and then the went on to wipeout the woke socialist army of Santa Ana at San Jacinto. -- No humans inhabited the lands of "Texas" until God instructed Christians and capitalists to create the Republic of Texas and make sure no people of color or socialists tried to steal any of the Lone State State. -- Bible passages instructed where to drill the Spindletop and the Permian Basin was created by God for Texans 6,000 years ago. -- Jesus told LBJ to make sure NASA put Mission Control in Houston so no commie pinkos could infiltrate it for the Soviets. The task will be epic, but Abbott, Paxton, MAGA, and the Real Texans will save True Texas history!
  10. Agree. They hate it, and try to deny it ... but then eventually embrace it. Generally agree. It might not phase 95% of them, but it might work on a few. Two points on using fascism/theocracy: 1. More importantly, I think if MAGA-GQP is accurately labeled what they are (fascists and theocrats), then perhaps the apathetic middle-of-the road voter will be alarmed/concerned enough to vote D to fend off fascism and Biblical rule ... with all the violence and cruelty that will surely follow. It's worth a try. 2. Philosophically, it seems that if our society cannot identify the problem (fascism and theocracy), then we are doomed. -- It's a like a doctor telling you that you have a growing infection, proscribes antibiotics, when the real condition is you have a spreading cancer that remains unidentified and untreated. Just as the unidentified cancer will kill you, the unidentified and unchecked fascism/theocracy will destroy secular civil society.
  11. Thanks for the link atomheartbevo! It's no longer remotely accurate to say "more conservative." The push is to move Texas to more fascism and theocracy. Why in the hell does almost no one in the media call MAGA-GQP what it actually is? Fascist and theocratic, according to any dictionary not tossed out of a Texas school library. Just another example of failing educational systems, moral cowardice, supposedly being "objective," all the while bending the knee to Christianity for fear of angering MAGA/GQP/Christian readers and viewers and losing ratings/clicks/profits.
  12. With all due respect to the apparent conservatives (and others) on this board who seem surprised by Trump fascism/theocracy and think MAGA will wane in power .... You have had your eyes closed and only saw what you wanted to see the past few decades with the GOP. Trump's death ain't stopping anything. A slow down, maybe for a bit ... the Perot cult showed that. But MAGA-GQP (or whatever new tribal name emerges) ain't going away. That's because it's been building for 40-50 FUCKING years: Reagan-Falwell, Bush 1, Perot/United We Stand, Bush 2, Tea Party, MAGA-Q, Trump. Someone will come next. A fascist theocracy is already here in America. Evangelicals, fundamentalists, creationists, nationalists, and many other Christians are on-board. They own the Supreme Court for decades, own many lower court judges. They got Roe overturned. They are empowered. Reproductive rights is just the beginning. They are coming after women and POC on multiple fronts and also immigrants/LGBTQIA. They are wrecking secular school systems. Going after universities, tenure, diversity. Have the backing of most police, and perhaps many in the military. Attacking science, doctors, nurses, medical experts. Installing fascists and theocrats in positions of power. Thanks W and all your faith-based idiocy. They will come after scientists and atheists and non-believers, it's only a matter of time. The only question is how much will the fascism/theocracy grow in power. Will enough voters in swing states vote D to limit its growth. MAGA-GQP are not merely an existential threat to America democracy, they are a threat to the world civilization. With their insane Revelation-inspired apocalyptic worldviews, one of those lunatics in control of nukes is a threat to the entire planet.
  13. Come on, I never said "Austin has gone MAGA and fascist." Here's what I posted: "it's seriously mind-blowing to see Austin become a hub for major MAGA fascists and fascism." By major MAGA fascists, I meant big name fascists, celeb fascists, or fascist moves. And then I listed some examples. Of course, the fascists-MAGA celebs dig the benefits of the Austin cultural scene, precisely as they trash and troll the "liberals" and "socialists." It's doublethink, which they proudly embrace as their mode of thinking. A poster above mentioned Austin voters went 72-27 in favor of Biden. So do we know if Austin used to voted 80-90% Democrat or has always been around 70%? No doubt, Austin will be mostly liberal for quite a while in the future. However, I predict more MAGA-GQP stars will move to Austin, inspired by Jones, Musk, Rogan, Abbott et al, and others (plus tax breaks, pro-business gov't), etc. Ain't nobody moving to Austin because of Beto (and I like Beto). That's how fascism works, spread like a malignant virus, then infect the centers of cultural and political power, even without a majority. Nothing would make MAGA-GQP fascists happier than seeing liberal tears flowing in Austin and its bastion of secular liberalism -- our world-renowned university from which we proudly hold degrees!
  14. This is 100% spot on. It's absolutely infuriating. But, with all due respect, your post does not identify what Trump is: Donald Trump is a f*cking fascist! Anyone who supports Trump is a fascist or enabling fascism and theocracy. MAGA-GQP is a Christian-fascist party seeking a dictatorship under Biblical rule. Of course, some people (including some in Surly) use fascism and theocracy to describe what's going down in America. But, our mainstream media and society are largely in denial, still warped by the propaganda of "American Exceptionalism" and the failure of secular educational systems. Hence all the terms used in denial: extremists, far right, hard right, conservatives, authoritarians, Christian nationalists, MAGAts, Trumpers, morons, cultists, grifters, chuds, idiots, clowns, incompetents, this timeline, we're in a simulation ... and the list goes on and on. Anything but the hard truth. Fascism includes racism, patriotism, nationalism, fervor, violence, hatred of targeted groups, etc. And zillions of evangelicals-fundamentalists are yelling for a Biblical dictatorship -- theocracy. Here's some news for anyone still in denial, like Merrick Garland. 45-50% of the voters in this nation are absolutely ready for fascism and theocracy. And many are ready to steal the election, if needed. Bottom line, come November, it's possible this nation will have crossed the point of no return .... and then it's FAFO on a massive scale for decades.
  15. Have not lived in Austin since finishing UT in 1990s. But It's seriously mind-blowing to see Austin become a hub for major MAGA fascists and fascism. -- Alex Jones, Abbott and cronies, Musk, Rogan, and others, like Gabbard who seems to be going MAGA now. -- Probably some rich Tech Bros, too (though they might not admit it). -- "Civitas" think tank on UT campus is a academic smokescreen for fascism/theocratic policies. -- The move to SEC is MAGA alignment from BMD and BOR. Just amazing.
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