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  1. It is pointless to debate any of the gun cult members. The Christian family photos with everyone (dad, mom, kids) holding AR-15s tells us everything we need to know about they interpret the Second Amendment and gun rights. Those weapons will never be used to resist tyranny. The AR-15s (et al) will be used to impose tyranny. Those guns will be pointed at the rest of non-Christian society. They are freaking advertising the future right in everyone's faces. They deeply crave an ultraviolent (see Burgess, Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange) society, with a bloodthirsty medieval mindset. When there is an army of Christians with AR-15s, all believing the unseen Sky Daddy has their back, they will be more than ready to impose ultraviolence across America and the planet—to fulfill the apocalyptic prophesies of Revelations. History is 100% clear on that.
  2. Mass shootings (enabled by gun worship) are not the only form of ultraviolence sanctioned by MAGA-GQP. Two other notable examples of MAGA-GQP ultraviolence: — January 6. A near perfect example. — Anti-mask, anti-vaxx movement. This is a more subtle form of ultraviolence. After all, anti-maskers/vaxxers were happy to go into public spaces and risk unleashing the deadly Covid virus on random citizens. Thus, causing/enabling the deaths of 1.1 million Americans, still 10x the death rate of the flu. If not for vaccines, the American death toll would have been many millions higher. The dominant pillars of MAGA-GQP philosophy are: ultraviolence—anti-science/logic—fascism/racism—nationalism—theocracy. (Apologies if this veered a bit off the thread topic, but it fit with previous posts).
  3. Thanks Roma. I appreciate that very much.
  4. A violent, militarized society, armed to the teeth, living in daily fear and existential dread — that's the MAGA-GQP goal. There's a name for it from science-fiction: ultraviolence. Burgess and Kubrick warned us in A Clockwork Orange. “Ultraviolence” is the senseless, excessive, and wholly unjustified violence that terrorizes a neighborhood, a city, a society, a nation. It terrorizes all ages and demographic groups. Schools, night clubs, movie theaters, military bases, college campuses, grocery stores, fast food joints, and many other locations — all subject to senseless, random, bloody mass shootings. That's a society more likely submit to fascists and religious fanatics. Ultraviolence. That's the MAGA-GQP plan for America. It's right before our eyes.
  5. That Texags thread shows the clear power of unchallenged Christian propaganda, from birth to college and beyond. The thread also shows the inability of secular/science education to counter the sacred scrolls and fact-free fables — which serve as an all-purpose template to blindly interpret all of reality, along with past, present, and future events. That's the template for 40-50% of Americans and it's effecting a massive intellectual collapse.
  6. With all due respect, this 25 million is not that nuanced. They want predictability for fascists and theocrats on on Supreme Court and federal courts. If they did not want that, they would not vote for Trump. If they just want lower taxes and ignore the fascist judicial appointments, then they are enabling fascism and, in fact, are okay with fascism/theocracy. Fact is, 40-50% of America is ready for a fascist/theocratic state. Time's up for denial.
  7. In America, religion is being weaponized as a violent purity movement. Make no mistake, it is medieval madness. Religion is a pre-scientific philosophy that appeals to a variety of inherent fears, insecurities, idiocies, and violent tendencies that go back to hunter-gatherer societies and especially to our primate/tribal origins — with fears of the other or the outsider. When the faithful think the Creator of the entire freaking universe (two trillion galaxies and counting) has their back and says they are the special ones on the fast track to spiritual and eternal destiny — then they will often do bad things to other people. Very bad things. In the name of purity! In Christian history, it's the Inquisition in Europe and the genocidal conquest of the Americas. With GQP-MAGA, it's a 21st century version of medievalism and purity through violence. The clock is ticking backward, history is in repeat mode.
  8. Oops! Huge typo: "I never have to offer bullshit rationalizations about a God who remains unseen, never cures diseases, ends famines or stops wars, and seems utterly uninterested in anything on Earth. ("God works in mysterious ways." Lulz) God's trying to work in mysterious ways and I busted his plan! Ha ha!
  9. I was lucky. Damn lucky. — Mom was from a very poor family in the Hill Country, a God-fearing, Bible-believing Texas lady, yet who had a massive distrust of preachers of all kinds. She thought they were mostly con men. — Dad was a military veteran, degree from UT on GI Bill, and completely agnostic and uninterested in religion. He was a "live and let live" dude. Thus, my family never went to church or watched TV preachers. We never said a prayer at Thanksgiving or Xmas. Religion was non-existent in our lives. We were a secular family with emphasis on education, honesty, hard work, respecting others, and a trust in science/medicine. Which means I was not subjected to the relentless religious brainwashing propaganda in my youth. Thus: — I never have to think the Bible offers profound truths about life, morality, or human existence. — I never have to cherry pick passages/verses from the Bible to support my worldview or moral positions. — I never have to believe religion is a force for good, when, in fact, it is tool for the 3Cs: colonize, conquer, convert. — I never have to ignore or make excuses for the genocidal atrocities enacted by Christians all across the three American continents. — I have have to offer bullshit rationalizations about a God who remains unseen, never cures diseases, ends famines or stops wars, and seems utterly uninterested in anything on Earth. ("God works in mysterious ways." Lulz) — And I never have to feel guilty about too much fun, sex, or tequila. Damn lucky, I was.
  10. Two quick points. 1. Religious Belief: The single greatest predictors — by far — of someone's religious beliefs are where they were born on Planet Earth and their parent's beliefs. It's not truth, evidence, or virtue. It's where you were born and your parents. End of story. 2. Weaponization: As I have posted elsewhere at Surly, religion was weaponized and unleashed upon Native/Indigenous Peoples across three continents (North, Central, and South Americas) to violently colonize, conquer, and convert those few left alive. It's always the 3Cs (colonize, conquer, convert) first, then "freedom" second. It's freedom within religion, not outside religion. GQP-MAGA and their gun worship are not an aberration, they fit the historical record.
  11. Apologies if my recent posts appeared as black on black screen. Brian Fantana alerted me that it might be because I was pasting text from a Word doc, which I was use for long posts. I had no idea. Sorry about that!
  12. Thanks for the Nietzsche/Sartre connection. Much appreciated! This points toward what I see as failure of secular philosophy. No doubt, that Existence being the ultimate locale — site for the observable universe (or multiverse, Big Bang) at 13.75 billion years old and stretching across 100 billion light years — creates a huge void in space and time and human thought. Nietzsche's poetics that humanity is on a rope over an abyss was followed by Sartre's view that the vast/eternal nature of Existence created a "vertigo" that challenges all previous belief systems. We, as a species and individually, must overcome the voids and vertigo and make the leap over the abyss to a sane philosophy for the future. So far, secular philosophy has failed to develop a popular philosophy/narrative for the leap — a unifying narrative that connects humanity to the universe from we emerged. We need a secular, evidence-based narrative that recognizes universal human rights (for every human being on Earth, regardless of gender, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, ability, etc.) and protects the planet as the home/support system for all life on Earth—along with providing meaning and a shared destiny in a seemingly meaningless universe. Sorry, Star Wars ain't it. Star Trek was on to something, but got derailed and overwhelmed. Two forces have filled that void. Church and Corporate Consumerism. Both tap into our primate tribalism and narcissism, with Corporate Consumerism selling endless lifestyles/identities for tribes and would-be individualists via brands and products. Church sells purity and eternity, a seductive and powerful claim, however bogus. Consumerism sells hedonism, pleasure, and exhibitionism, which are a lot of fun, but are eventually not good for the ecosystems. I admit I get a lot of fun, pleasure, and meaning in life from art, architecture, design, fashion, science, along with national parks and sleeping under the starry skies. Speaking of the starry skies, up there just beyond Earth, the Hubble and Webb telescopes are peering ever deeper into existence .. TLDR: Secular philosophy is weak, consumerism is fun but bad for the planet long-term, thus much more is needed for the human species to survive and flourish
  13. Thanks for the thoughtful-witty reply. My argument is not based in science. It is based in logic, as summarized in Points 1, 2, 3. Existence must precede Consciousness (Genesis 1:1). Contemporary cosmology supports this logical conclusion, but is not the foundation. Existence includes all forms of the universe, past, present, future—the multiverse, singularities, Big Bangs, etc. Even the “singularity” had to come from some previous aspect of Existence, as logic suggests. As stated in the last sentence of my post: "astronomers are beginning to realize the Big Bang happened in a pre-existing universe of some kind." (Yes, I am familiar with Lawrence Krauss's fallacy "The Universe Came From Nothing.") Cosmological sciences support/correlate with the logic test. Genesis 1:1 fails the logic test. Completely. Once we abandon logic and evidence as starting points, anything can follow, no matter how fact-free or illogical. Look at GQP/MAGA for proof of that.
  14. Logic can disprove it. So saying God created the universe makes no sense to me. In fact, it is flagrant fallacy and contradiction. I know this post will not matter to any theists. But, I am tired of the sophomoric claims about science and God. A serious thread — weaponized religion — requires serious critical thinking. I claim no original thought here, just echoing what I read, discussed, and learned over time from about age 22 to early 30s. Sorry for long post, but this is about as brief as I can make it. ---------------------- Genesis 1:1 — “In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth.” The Bible and all theist claims are based on Genesis 1:1 That’s it. That’s the entire foundation of ALL theologies. Every PhD theologian/educator (about 5-6) I have discussed this with concedes the following, as do all serious discussions of religion and philosophy in books and articles I read back in the day. — God (or any Creator) must be pure Consciousness (or Spirit, etc). Otherwise, a God with any physical form would be part of the universe or empirical existence. So this means a Consciousness exists prior to all Existence (the universe, multiverse, or everything that exists, has existed or will exist in whatever form). So let’s make a simple diagram. Consciousness comes first >>> followed by Existence That’s the entire structure of Genesis 1:1. If Genesis 1:1 is false, impossible, or requires a fallacy or contradiction, then the rest of the Bible is just a collection of human-created myths, fables, and stories for a pre-scientific world, for a pre-secular consciousness. ---------------------- Refutation of Genesis 1:1. What follows is highly informed by my reading of Sartre’s Being and Nothingness, the seminal atheist/existentialist text of the 20th century, and other atheist/philosophy texts. 1. A Consciousness existing before Existence is impossible, a contradiction. A Consciousness that always existed is also a fallacy. If there is no Existence yet, what would the Consciousness be conscious of? Itself? Impossible. A Consciousness aware of only itself is a contradiction, an impossibility. 2. Consciousness can only be aware of itself in relation to Existence. A consciousness with nothing to be conscious of is a contradiction in terms. If there is nothing to be conscious of, then there is no way Consciousness can even know itself exists. Much less decide to create all of Existence and eons later choose to enlighten GQP-MAGA on a tiny planet amid two trillion galaxies. A logical diagram is this: Existence >>> Consciousness As Sartre famously said: “Existence precedes essence.” 3. Existence must come first, within which Consciousness emerged and evolved from the matter and elements of Existence. In fact, this is supported by ALL empirical evidence and contemporary science. Thus, the only logical and empirical conclusion to draw is God (in any form) does not exist. Never has, never will. 4. Finally, Existence has or needs no purpose, no teleology, and no Creator. Existence is what it is, in whatever form, everything existing in the past, present, or future. It is much more sane to counter that existence itself has always existed and is home to all universes, multiverses, big bangs, big crunches, and all galaxies and stars and planets that ever existed. That’s what logic says and that what cosmology is beginning to suggest, as astronomers are beginning to realize the Big Bang happened in a pre-existing universe of some kind. TLDR: Genesis 1:1 is a massive fallacy. Gods do not exist. The Bible is just a book of myths and fables.
  15. The Christians and theists who claim that America is a nation founded to be ruled by Christianity/religion always conveniently ignore the very first right in the First Amendment. The VERY FIRST RIGHT atop the Bill of Rights! 1. Congress shall make NO LAW establishing a religion.
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