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  1. And what, praytell, do you drive again Mr. Judgy McJudgerson. Any answer other than a hearse is a disappointment to the image of you I have in my head.
  2. On the other hand, this is now the third of the three legged tenant that All Americans can agree upon: - LiveNation/TicketMaster is evil - Chrissy Teagan (sp?) is the worst And now - Velma is horrible I feel like you could run an election campaign on those three issues and win 98%
  3. Olivia Heller How America’s pickups are changing The Ford F-150 has been America’s bestselling car for 41 years. Last year, an F-Series Truck was sold every 49 seconds, and pickups accounted for the top three bestselling cars nationwide. Interestingly — despite stunts like this one, where an F-150 tows a double-decker freight train filled with 42 other F-150s — data shows a third of pickup owners rarely or never use their truck for hauling, while two-thirds rarely or never use it for towing, per Axios. Instead, 87% of pickup owners frequently use their truck for shopping, and 70% say they do so for pleasure driving. To accommodate for this, today’s F-150s are 63% cab and 37% bed, a near-total opposite from early generations’ 36% cab, 64% bed design. So what? Since 1990, the average mass of US vehicles has increased 25%. Pickups are already a safety concern, with twice the pedestrian strike fatality rate as smaller vehicles. They’re getting heavier, too, as the industry electrifies them with enormous batteries. Ford’s F-150 Lightning, for instance, at ~6.5k pounds, weighs 35% more than its gasoline twin.
  4. Helobiois reminds me of the Curb episode of the pig parker “I’m sure you’ll have a great day— at everyone else’s expense”.
  5. Why did you respond like this? Is this a troll video and not the real thing?
  6. What are the resources at play and typically on the table from the Dem party to try and have good candidates play nice on timetables together? Can you legally offer any goodies or head coach-in-waiting type deals to keep a Schiff from running against a Porter? Anything at disposal that is more than just promises and has teeth? What has the party done in the past it anything?
  7. You are wishcasting that a politician will put their personal ambitions and careers second to the general political party’s best interest?
  8. Georgie: Evidence of the old glazzies. Nothing up their sleeves. No magic, little Alex. A job for two, who are now of job age. The police.
  9. Jerry is a lot of things and most of them negative, but you can't deny he's a fantastic salesman.
  10. I love it! One thing to think about before you taunt and rub your enemies nose in it is make sure it's not gonna bite you in the butt. I don't know how the legality or ethics of it works, but could he be in trouble for choosing a lower offer based on subjective things (race, color, creed, who is best friends) within real estate transactions? Or is that just with banks and realtors and not sellers?
  11. I get it-- we want to see how far a mad man can take it. It's like if the Joker was a congressman. @Captainant thanks for the call-out-- I didn't read that part.
  12. This is probably more common that just Santos. Maybe someone who works in/around The Hill can comment. But even when I was at Deloitte, you didn't need a receipt for anything under $50 so naturally every personal meal and everything was $40-49.99 range. That was common practice.
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