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  1. @blacklab sir, request to bring this handle back to my green rep (so as to not have to create a new tobacco animal) before the rogue squadron scrambled and neg-bombed. Sir.
  2. The hint is that people should employ the ignore button. It’s not 100 unique people negging and being banned. Its 3 or 4 people who can’t use the ignore button throwing an emotional tantrum because they are mentally children. One guy in particular who kicked this off because he’s embarrassed of his behavior (as he should be) on the Succession TV thread where he completely shamed himself in front of everyone for days by showing he couldn’t follow a TV narrative. I guess I shouldn’t have cross-posted and brought it up in a DT thread is the lesson there. It’s the difference between popular vote and electoral college.
  3. Lesson learned. It’s like the Hindu or Buddhist being reincarnated back on to earth and with each past life you had to learn a lesson. In the past I learned who the militants are and who to stay away from, I’ve learned to not be strident in the CR, and now I’ve learned to post my links without snark.
  4. All it takes is 2 or 3 motivated people to go back and neg bomb every post in recent history, irrespective of content or context, in an attempted flex. A tale as old as time around here, hence the reincarnation you allude to.
  5. I went ahead and domain parked ViperVape. See you on the dark side of the moon, my dear friend Fudge.
  6. Wrong. Think about this as a thought exercise: This whole argument was caused because I said, “wow, must be nice to be a billionaire” and posted a headline from NYT showing that Tesla has gained Elon Musk $48bn YTD. The implication being that he has unfair resources. He can (and is) tank a $44bn and still come out alright. From there a handful of people got upset because they think I love Elon, but there in particular @blacklab (no name, captain ant and chopper) are trying to censor/ban hammer me with an old fashioned neg bombing of posts irrespective of content.
  7. What part of what I said was wrong, though? Regarding the API for LLM modeling that is absolutely true. Read about it here: “Reddit will also cash in on AI companies that scrape its posts for data and recoup the ad revenue it loses when people use apps to bypass ads.” https://www.theverge.com/2023/4/18/23688463/reddit-developer-api-terms-change-monetization-ai
  8. Oof, reading Wikipedia entry I think I see how one could spy for 20 years. Sounds like the CIA/FBI can be pretty stupid: When the USSR disbanded in December 1991, Hanssen, possibly worried that he could be exposed during the ensuing political upheaval, ended communications with his handlers for a time.[31] The following year, after the Russian Federation assumed control of the defunct Soviet spy agencies, Hanssen made a risky approach to the GRU, with whom he had not been in contact in ten months. He went to the Russian embassy in person and physically approached a GRU officer in the parking garage. Hanssen, carrying a package of documents, identified himself by his Soviet code name, "Ramon Garcia", and described himself as a "disaffected FBI agent" who was offering his services as a spy. The Russian officer, who evidently did not recognize the code name, drove away. The Russians then filed an official protest with the State Department, believing Hanssen to be a triple agent. Despite having shown his face, disclosed his code name, and revealed his FBI affiliation, Hanssen escaped arrest when the FBI's investigation into the incident did not advance
  9. Case in point @SydneyCarton, you have a guy in @Chopper -- a guy who can't watch a television show without tying himself up in knots and confusion and being roundly ridiculed for it on the Succession thread-- going back and robo-negging 25 posts in an effort to punish my username.
  10. Just reading up on all this. He spied for over 20 years, at the risk of death penalty, which he ended up "only" getting 15 life sentences. You'd think he would have gotten an amazing package for this right? Comp would be great. Well, he did all this for...wait for it..... $1.4mm (and some diamonds). Or essentially $70k a year. The guy risked his life for an extra $70k a year on top of his take home as an FBI agent. That's $93,333 per life sentence. I just can't understand and conceptualize that sort of evil, much less stupidity. Also I can't understand how, operationally and administratively speaking, one could be a spy for that long as well. But it sounds like this was not a case of letting the spy continue when you know they are, because the FBI paid $7mm from the KGB for the lead that broke his identity.
  11. I don't want to belabor this much longer but really quickly: James Joyce is cool $1,500 a month for Chick-Fil-A was because we were renovating our kitchen, I have a ton of kids, and it's the Lord's Chicken. Morgonn's satire out front shoulda told ya. You are fundamentally misunderstanding (like the Sydney before you) on what the Bard copy pasting motive was. Go re-read. Let's move on with the knowledge that few, if any, are interested in this sort of back and forth and we've already exhausted the patience of many of our peers here.
  12. Sorry, the crypto rag newsletter DealBook from the New York Times chatgpt desk link is below: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/15/business/dealbook/dealbook-dc-china-us-task-force.html
  13. Okay, I take it back. You are probably a really good lawyer because at least you have honor and some humility.
  14. This is simply not true. But because you believe it to be so, there isn't going to be much I can do to change how you feel. I would just leave it and leave you with this: I challenge you to consider that someone could earnestly post, in good faith, and simply have a differing point of view and perspective and think that, in a social medium where it is in the minority, to try and tastefully share that difference and that there is value in doing so. I think I'm getting better at the "tastefully" part (this whole page and exchange notwithstanding) and have more recently learned which overly emotional and hot button topics to avoid (My CR participation as all but stopped, in these efforts), to avoid the irrational wrath of the dumbest posters we call a part of this family.
  15. I'm not smart enough to get through the first paragraph without getting tongue-tied, so I'll just agree with you and buy you off with a pos rep and because I like your last sentence.
  16. There is a whole conversation and explanation to the multi-banned usernames (and continuous use of the same syntax in effort to be transparent) but it's a) not germane to this thread and b) probably not something you'd be able to conceive because you already have your mind made up. I'm a bad guy because I don't have a ton of rep due to having a bit of counter-cultural beliefs (to this board) which I sometimes share. And with the bold, of course, you do. That's because you like to lap at your confirmation bias like a cat with cream. It's what unintelligent people desire-- a feel good compendium of all things that conform to what you think or want to think. lol, "loser".
  17. Yes, I know. Self-inflicted wound in that respect, because it would have been easy to do. And I guess the "social capital" or "personal brand" I have is such that people assume the worst, despite my consistency in trying to be as objective as possible, so I have to remember to continue to over-rotate, which comes off as an "aw shucks" for a lot of you.
  18. We are resorting to rep bragging now! YES! The circle of shame is complete. Just please don't post a paycheck stub. That should be a bridge too far even for you, I hope.
  19. But again, the bold is only true in your mind. I gave you the link where I read it and where it was linked off of. You are just so adamant, despite having zero logic besides the emotional "I don't like crypto and I don't like hamster, so they must be related somehow" that I'm lying about it and read some random crypto e-mag instead of what is obviously more likely, which I am telling the truth. I truly think that if you were to try and grow instead of staying in your comfort zone that seems to be repetitious confirmation bias, you will see all aspects of your life get better and not be so dreary and depressed.
  20. Oh crap, I just now got it! Sydney did an early-90's, Richard Gere gay anal joke with my username! If I would have realized that I would have just sat down and taken the L and saved us all time because, wow, what a play. Ended this man's life. Roasted me. I mean, I think I'm NOWTHIS'ed after that one. Despite missing the post exactly before his, Brutus is an honorable man Sydney is a brilliant man.
  21. You simply can't be an effective lawyer. I just don't see how you expect anyone to believe that. To begin with, you are way too emotional. But beyond simply being able to read and follow a conversation (such as post 11315), across this and many other threads you are constantly just confirming your own thoughts and conclusions, irrespective of reality. Other websites that came up when you google searched the copy and paste: https://www.thestreet.com/cryptocurrency/news/dogecoin-elon-musk-insider-trading-twitter https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2023-06-05/elon-musk-had-fun-with-dogecoin#xj4y7vzkg Not to mention the actual complaint, which was posted. You complain about others chasing irrational and delusional positions because it makes them feel good, but you are the king of it. The mediocre and repetitious king of the small people.
  22. One area I've been most pleased with and think Biden is doing awesome with is foreign policy, especially China. Biden has been pretty tough on China which has been awesome to see, especially in light of and compared to corporations and business personalities (like last week ELMO Musk and Jaime Dimon further cuddling up to CCP).
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