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  1. Starting to warm up to these, didn’t like the helmet when I first saw it but when Cal dropped a picture with a regular hat with the H logo on it looked a ton better.
  2. Man if only there was some kind of government agency who’s job it was to provide insight into what the weather might possibly be like over the next several days that would be really helpful right about now…
  3. people throw around the phrase “murderers row” a lot…but this…this is a murderers row OJ way better football player than human being, hope he is having fun with Saddam and Epstein for all eternity…
  4. Good game, good series. Wish our team would put as much effort into beating Sunbelt foes as they seem to put into beating UT in Austin, then we would be getting somewhere…
  5. Beard getting cucked out of the Arkansas job by Calipari is rather funny
  6. Will be fun once reality sets in and you get the Lubbock Chamber of Commerse trying to beg/bully mean ol Texas into coming to town for football once every few years again...
  7. The fact that we have gotten to this point is rather shocking...but yeah I miss Gov. Good Hair too...
  8. I mean they had to have enough money to bribe their way into a new seat at the “big boy” table first
  9. Let my athletic subscription lapse but this might get me back for a month edit: free details
  10. but for real will be hitting up the River State merch
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