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  1. Absolutely 10,000%, I don’t think this can be overstated enough
  2. Condolences Wondering if Lubbock local county and city government has come to terms with that economic loss while Tech Tard fans and Bert Yormark and Joey McGuire crow about things running thru Lubbock…
  3. Kinda incredible that as many times as I’ve heard that song in my youth while out drinking and dancing up on mid tier chicks I’ve never seen that music video… it’s perfect for what it is honestly
  4. Whoever posted this bravo, got a good chuckle out of it rolling into the office today:
  5. Don't mind me, just here to watch the old people complain about ESPN+
  6. I'm sure Apple will be happy to sell you new HomePods with AI sometime in the near future...or sell you a new Apple TV that has the AI stuff onboard that old HomePods can talk to locally for AI requests... Think Apple is in too deep with HomePods to just let them die, they ain't Google
  7. For real the fact that he's a 51 yo Travis County ADA and thats the least insane part of this story is quite something...
  8. I made roughly minimum wage in the early-mid 2000’s as a bored teenager in high school and then as a college student part time just looking for some beer money. Absolutely think minimum wage should exist to protect against the race to the bottom of capitalism that would certainly try to drive wages for these kinds of entry level “basic” jobs to $0/hr if left to its own devices. That being said these people trying to tout a jump to $15 min wage for these kinds of jobs and pretending like that’s a livable wage in 2024 are idiots, that’s a fine min wage for snot nosed high school and college kids working part time for video game/beer money but you aren’t living on that anywhere in America today, maybe bum fuck nowhere rural Mississippi or Alabama but that’s about it. No I really don’t have a better idea so don’t ask, my belief is just it’s a good thing to have a min wage floor but don’t act like it’s a livable wage unless it actually is…
  9. It wasn't all that long ago that I first hand saw a sign outside a business in "Downtown" Livingston Texas that said "colored entrance in back" so definitely believe at least some of these still exist, deep east Texas especially.
  10. NSIAP: and that will be enough internet for today...
  11. Why FSU...Garnet and Gold such solid colors why mess it up??
  12. 14-year-old suspect in custody after Houston Farmers Market employee killed in shooting: Sources https://abc13.com/post/14-year-old-suspect-custody-after-houston-farmers/14922142/ Gonna be under the prison for the rest of his life (or getting that final needle jab in Huntsville sometime) over a damn golf cart...holy hell
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