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  1. Guess maybe everyone should be flattered that UT (and OU) have media rights that someone has decided are worth fighting for, whereas all the other schools that have left the Big 12 were just told not to let the draft in when they open the door to leave...
  2. From Houston, live in Houston, and while this is broadly true have come across some UH fans/alumni who are truly insufferable in thinking they are gods gift to college athletics. Had the "we want into the Big 12 but they skurred of us" drum beating back since at least the Case Keenum days, if not before. Was rather fun to get to sit in Robertson year after Keenum left and watch Fran and my new to FBS football TXST Bobcats take a big giant dump on the beginning of their 2012 season, which If I remember correctly some UH fan told me pregame they were looking forward to a NY6 Bowl berth that year...oops.
  3. He really must have hated being married to Gisele if he threw that away for 1 pretty crappy last season of football...
  4. So MLB has been stealing mail too??
  5. Just like the "Altuve was wearing a buzzer/vibrating bug plug" allegations coming out of Yankee land since 2019 then? Though the more I think about everything if MLB were "rigged" Yankees probably would have won a few more than 27 World Series rings and at least 1 since 2009... right?
  6. If we are going to do article read off, it also says multiple league sources confirmed that MLB knows and directs where all of the balls are sent to, and leads some credence to the theory that they made sure they sent the so called "goldilocks" balls to NYY games down the stretch so that even if Judge sucked like he did, could have the best possible chance to break the record.
  7. Maybe rigged is too strong a term but the professional leagues are definitely not dumb and there are plenty of examples of things getting nudged in one way or another to the benefit of the league as a whole. Good very recent example thats out there is MLB having a ball that is more easy to hit out of the park than the regular ball everyone else got getting used almost exclusively during Yankees games this past season when Judge was chasing the AL HR record.
  8. here here Though I would gladly settle for them just sucking on September 9th and laying a big fat turd in the Alamodome that particular Saturday
  9. This might be peak Cowboys fan. The 32" tv, the fake Dak jersey, the jorts...
  10. Could really be worse and have been born into the Texans...
  11. Your ISP already knows, what's the difference if the keyboard warriors at Reddit know too
  12. No one cares about the Texans that much, but someone taking a flare gun to the fabric roof on NRG would probably get Cals attention...
  13. They talked about it a few years ago whoever's in charge (ESPN) should revive the idea of a bowl in San Marcos. Maybe then when bowl eligible Texas State will actually get a bowl bid and not be left hanging...again.
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