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  1. Ahoy! Sling Orange + Sports Extra (I can watch LHN via Sling) ESPN+ via Disney, Hulu, ESPN package I can't watch the LHN via ESPN+ via AppleTV or via the web. Error: "Playback could not be started. You do not have full subscriptions to view the requested content. Please upgrade your programming then log back in to view content." The error started a couple of weeks ago and is now bugging the shit out of me. The resolution is better on ESPN+ than via Sling. Ideas?
  2. Typically a DAMN fine live show.
  3. Plant and Krauss at Moody Amphitheater tonight.
  4. MMJ in Taos was pretty freaking awesome.
  5. Headed to Taos next week. I let you know if I decide to return.
  6. Yep. Caught the 'vid whilst on vacation. Mrs. Eljefeweizen was at a super spreader conference. Twice vaxxed, once boosted. Congestion, fatigue, brain fog. Tested positive for 2.5 weeks.
  7. I've spent quite a bit of time in pretty much exactly that area, in Taos proper, and out on the mesa. It really strikes my fancy, but I need to be thoughtful about the next move. So much in this thread has really spoken to me. I've lived in Texas since I was three, grew up in Tyler, did undergrad in DFW, came to Austin for grad school 30+ years ago, got a couple of sweet gigs, and never left. Texas has treated me well (white, middle-aged male--I'll be able to pass as a commander in Gilead for a short period of time before I wind up on the wall), but I can't stand the climate (weather or political). I'm a political scientist by training, Democrats aren't winning statewide offices in the near future. I don't want to spend my remaining time in a place that is so ugly in so many ways. I've got some family here and so does Mrs. Eljefeweizen, but we could fly or drive and see them on short notice.
  8. Northern NM? Taos? In full disclosure, I'm an old, and just need some pretty surroundings, a decent beer scene, and legal weed.
  9. I'll likely be a Commander for a bit, but I won't be able to maintain the ruse and will wind up on the wall.
  10. Jack White tomorrow night at the Moody Center. It's a "no phones" performance!
  11. I see a lot of time, effort, and money just freed up for me. I bet you can get single day passes on the "day of" for a fiver.
  12. The Who (The Two?) were in fine form Tuesday at the Moody Center. NOTE: Not my video.
  13. Trinity garage. Mrs. Homebrew has an N+ permit. There's some sort of transponder that gives her access to the garages (and she has on old plastic placard thingy she waves at the parking folks, cleverly hiding the expired date).
  14. MMJ was in damn fine form Friday night. I was pretty "meh" about my first visit to the Moody Amphitheater (Gary Clark Jr) but I enjoyed it last night. Better beer selection didn't hurt. Parking was no issue--Mrs. Homebrew is retired staff and those parking benefits are pretty damn sweet.
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